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Unexpected Girls Updates

Back in September I did a post about the American reality TV show Unexpected. You can read it here:

There have been two seasons (or series as we also call it in the UK) so far. There will be a 3rd one  featuring mums Lexus, Mckayla and Chloe (Chloe joined in Series 2). Emiley who joined in Season 2, says she isn't returning (see below) so. Laura (who also joined in S2) will also not be back (see below for more on that). Original cast member Lexus shared a casting call on her Instagram page in November, so it seems the company is looking for new girls due to give birth from March to June 2019. Check out the post here;

The gossip site Starcasm also reports that Unexpected's producers are casting for a new programme:

 Note: Starcasm sometimes slows my computer down.

No word as yet when the new series will start, but probably later this year sometime. While we wait, I thought it would be good to do an update on the girls from the show. :)

Mckayla Adkins

During S2 we saw Mckalya announce to her grandparents Tim and Cindy that she was pregnant with her second child with boyfriend Caelan Morrison. They already have son Timmy. She gave birth to a daughter on 29th January named Gracelynn Ann. Mckayala and Caelan broke up just before she was born and Mckayla moved back in with her grandparents with Timmy. The break up wasn't an amicable one and Mckayla has also fallen out with Caelan's mum Shelly. Read more here: 

Mckayla also made a video about the break-up:

You can watch the video about Gracelynn's birth here:

Emiley Noack

Emily joined the show in Series 2. Viewers saw her up and down relationship with her boyfriend Diego Reyes and her struggles with her mum Bridget feeling excluded after daughter Aria Beckett was born. (I remember that Emiley wanted to call her Aria and Diego said he would call her by her middle name Beckett!).

Emiley and Diego have now broken up and she's a single mum to Aria, who turned 1 this month. She has announced that she won't be on Season 3 because the other people around her don't want to film.*

Follow Emiley at her YouTube channel:

Lexus Scheller

During S3 Lexus and her boyfriend Shayden Massey got back together. They previously split up after Lexus cheated with female friend Lilly. Their relationship still seemed a bit rocky, and Lexus' mum Kelsey also thought the couple weren't doing the best they could for daughter Scarlet,1.

Lexus and Shayden are still together and Lexus wrote on her Facebook page that they'd celebrated their 3rd Valentine's Day.

Chloe Mendoza

Chloe and boyfriend Max's storyline was perhaps one of the most turbulent ones on Unexpected.  Her mum Jessica and stepdad Nate really disliked Max and there were often disagreements due to Max wanting to be including in some things Chloe's parents felt he didn't need to be, such as her baby shower. Last June Max was arrested for allegedly stealing money and credit cards from his friend's grandmother, which naturally didn't raise Jessica and Nate's opinion of him! Jessica in particular didn't seem to treat Max very well, but we didn't know the whole story and Jessica later claimed that Max hurt Chloe.

Here's a clip about the baby shower:

Chloe gave birth to daughter Ava on the show.  Her family filed an injunction against Max last year, (her mother Jessica claimed her "put his hands on Chloe") preventing him from being in contact with any of them, apart from text messages to Chloe about Ava, now 7 months). It was lifted in January and Chloe has been confirmed for S3. Visit this post for an update on Chloe and Max:

Laura Barron

Laura was the third new girl to join the cast for Season 3 (along with Emiley and Chloe). She has baby Lucas, whose dad is her  then boyfriend Tylor Strawmyer. On the programme we saw  how Laura's relationship with her younger sister Anna was affected by her becoming a teen mother, and it was also revealed that Tylor had cheated on her in the past. But Laura and Tylor were focusing on being a family and we saw Tylor discussing marriage with Laura's dad.

Last summer Tylor and Laura got married and he joined the Navy (despite considering a career as a male stripper, which he later said was a joke!).

In December Laura revealed that she was only cast member not to be asked back for S3, which must have been hurtful). She thought that perhaps it was because there wasn't enough drama in her life for a storyline. Check out this post for more:

Lilly Bennett

Lilly appeared on S1 and gave birth to daughter Aaliyah with her boyfriend James Kennedy. I don't think she and James are together anymore. She has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself and Aaliyah, who turned 1 last September, and about life as a teen mum:

Hope you enjoyed the post! :) Are you a fan of Unexpected?

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What TV shows are you watching at the moment? (Anything but reality in particular). :) I'm currently watching new Sister Wives and Seeking Sister Wife. I think it's a pity the Brineys aren't on S2 of SSW (first wife April left the family last year). I enjoyed watching them and the Snowdens the most. 

*Update 24/2/20- Video now private.


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