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Best Of 2016

In the latest Weekly Music Video post I mentioned that I was doing a  Best Of 2016 post. So here it is! These are my favourite posts on the blog for this year. :) Music C-pop I don't listen to C-pop as much as J-pop and K-pop but this year I did listen to some new artists and featured two of them on the blog: Jolin Tsai vs Jay Chou: Eurovison This year's Eurovison Song Contest post: J-pop Not so much J-pop in 2016 but I plan to listen to more next year. Here's a post on some J-pop artists: K-pop I've liked K-pop for a few years now but I got more into it this year, especially when Arirang TV started being shown in the UK in October! I posted quite a few K-pop Weekly Music Videos (see below for some of them). In addit

Weekly Music Video

Today's video  (actually audio) is We Should Be Together by Pia Mia . It's her latest single and is out now. I really like this song. :) It's only an audio at the moment but if there's a video in the future I'll post that as well. Hope you had a good Christmas! (Or other festival depending on what you celebrate). :) This is the last Weekly Music Video for 2016 but I'll be back next week with the first one for 2017! Also I'll do a Best Of 2016 post later this week featuring my favourite blog posts from this year, so look out for that.

Christmas Round-up

In October I did a Hallowe'en round-up post. Since today is Christmas Eve I thought it would be cool to do a Christmas round-up. :) Note: Post contains spoilers. Books The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis (Narnia) This is the 2nd book in the fantasy children's series The Chronicles of Narnia. Originally published in 1950, it's become a kid's classic. The series is about the magical land of Narnia which is actually meant to be Heaven. It's ruled over by the great lion Aslan (who is like Jesus). But if you're not religious (like me) it's still an entertaining story. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is about siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie who are evacuated from London to the country during the Blitz . They go to stay with Professor Kirke who lives alone apart from his housekeeper Mrs. Macready. While looking round the house the youngest girl Lucy discovers an entrance to Narnia in the back of a wardrobe. She comes

Weekly Music Video

It's Christmas Day on Sunday, so here's a Christmas themed video. :) It's when Christmas Comes by Mariah Carey and featuring American singer John Legend . It was released in 2011 and you can also find it on Mariah's 2010 album Merry Christmas II You, although without John's vocals. Mariah's ex-husband Nick Cannon appears in the video, along with their twins Moroccan and Monroe as babies. :)  For more Mariah check out my post on her new TV show Mariah's World:

Mariah's World

As I'm sure you've heard me mention before, Mariah Carey is my favourite singer! :) Her new reality show Mariah's World just started showing in the UK and it's been interesting to learn a bit more about her. I was surprised that she was doing a reality show/documentary actually because she seems like quite a private person. There are all the diva rumours but I don't know much about her day to day life. Mariah's World follows Mariah preparing for the European leg of her world tour Sweet Sweet Fantasy and also getting ready for her wedding to Australian businessman and investor James Packer (now her ex-fiancé). Her twins with ex-husband rapper and actor Nick Cannon , Morrocan and Monroe also make an appearance. Other people featuring are her new manager Stella Bulochnikov and choreographer/dancer Anthony Burrell , who you'll know already if you're a Dance Moms fan. (Abby's arch rival Cathy brought him in to choreograph for her team Candy Apples).

Weekly Music Video

Sorry there was no 2nd post last week, as I mentioned before I wasn't well . I had some kind of flu thing but I'm feeling better now. :) This is Drip by Chinese rapper and singer Meng Jia . She's a former member of Korean/Chinese girl group miss A . Jia (Chinese names are written the other way round to Western names, so Meng is her surname) left in May after her contact expired and launched her solo career last month. She is also an actress and model. Drip is her debut solo single. She's singing in Chinese, although I'm unsure which dialect. Maybe Mandarin? This is the official music video. There's also a dance video, check it out here: For more on Jia visit these links: Official Instagram: Article about her leaving miss A:

Weekly Music Video

Sorry for the late post, I wasn't feeling well at all yesterday. :) Today's video is All That Matters by Justin Bieber . It's one of my favourite Justin songs and is from his 2013 digital only compilation album Journals. This was one of his first songs to have a more "grown-up" style. I don't own the full album but have several songs from it, including this one.

Ariana Grande Christmas Songs

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas! But I say that every year, lol. Since it is now the Christmas season I thought I'd share a couple of songs from Ariana Grande's Christmas & Chill EP. It was released last December but I didn't come across it until March this year, which was a bit late, lol. Now it's come round again so I've bought two songs (December and True Love) and plan to have the rest as a Christmas present. Here's December, one of my favourites: And this is True Love, my other fave: To hear the rest visit Ariana's Spotify or YouTube: Ariana Spotify If you'd like more Ariana check out Santa Tell Me (another Christmas song): And here are some songs and videos from her latest album Dangerous Woman: http://star