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Dance Videos

I thought it was time for another dance themed post so here are a couple of videos.:)

First of all this is a video from the World Bellydance Festival 2014. It's from the Closing Gala Night and is of a performance by Jamila, the founder of Bellydance Extraordinaire (BE), who run the festival. The style she's dancing is called Modern Baladi.

The 2015 competition takes places in Singapore from 28th May-2nd June and registration is open now. For more information visit the website:

And here's a video of the troupe Dance Precisions dancing to Ojos Asi by Shakira. My belly dance group BD4U have a dance to this. :) Dance Precisions aren't actually doing belly dance but they have belly dance themed costumes. :) I'm not sure what category this is.

Update 29/4/17: I had to replace the original video because it had been removed but this should be the same one.

Dance Precisions is a dance studio based in Anheim, Califorrnia in America. Fo…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is R U Crazy? by British singer Conor Maynard. Conor is from Brighton. :) He was discovered by American singer/songwriter Ne-Yo after he posted a video of himself covering Ne-Yo's song Beautiful Monster on YouTube. He signed to Parlophone Records and released his first single Can't Say No in April 2012, followed by his debut album Contrast in July 2012.

Since then Conor has released 3 more singles from Contrast, Vegas Girl, Turn Around featuring Ne-Yo and Animal featuring British rapper Wiley. He is currently working on his second album. R U Crazy? came out in October 2013 and will be on the second album. Conor also took part in the England 2014 World Cup song earlier this year.

1000 Songs 695-723

Here's the latest update of the 1000 Songs In A Year Challenge. :)

695. Bart Baker- Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea Booty parody
696. Key of Awesome- Katy Perry Dark Horse parody
697. Key of Awesome- Ariana Grande Problem parody
698. ZHOUMI feat. Chanyeol/TAO of EXO- Rewind (K-Pop/C-Pop)
699. Gwen Stefani- Baby Don't Lie

700. Becky Hill- Losing
701. Selena Gomez- The Heart Wants What It Wants
702. 2NE1- I AM THE BEST (K-pop)


703.  It's Entertainment- Johnny Johnny
704. The Shaukeens- Manali Trance
705. Ungli- Dance Basanti
706. Mujhse Fraandship Karooge- Baatein Shuru

707. Years & Years- Desire
708. Paigey Cakey feat. Abel Miller- Trust Me

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is for Do Me More by Namie Amuro. It's from her 3rd Best Of compilation album BEST FICTION which was released in 2008. Do Me More was one of two new songs (the other is Sexy Girl) which were recorded for the album.

BEST FICTION is a good album. Do Me More is one of my favourite songs on it. :) This is a bit of a weird video though! lol. It has a fairytale theme, sort of Alice in Wonderland/Snow White.

Update 14/9/18: Avex videos are now blocked from being shown on third party applications. If you click on the videos you can watch them fine on YouTube. :)

Namie's 60s 70s 80s song collection also appears on BEST FICTION. You can watch the videos for them here:

P.S. I've been having trouble with videos not loading again but refreshing them seems to work at the moment, so if you have problems then try that. :)

Takeshi's Castle Thailand

As I've mentioned on here before, I like watching the Japanese gameshow Takeshi's Castle. It ended in 1990 but I recently came across a video on YouTube for Takeshi's Castle Thailand. It''s a new version of the show called Hod, Mun, Ha (Cruel, Thrilling Fun) based on the Japanese format. The storyline is that Shogun Takeshi has kidnapped Princess Woonsun. Her lover General Shahkrit gets an army together to storm the castle (the contestants who accomplish this by completing Takeshi's games) and free Woonsun. Like the original, by the end of the game there are only a few contestants left.

This is an episode from September 2014. They currently show this on Channel 7 in Thailand every Sunday. I don't think it's on in the UK at the moment but hopefully it will be in the future because I personally prefer watching longer videos on TC, since it's more comfortable than sitting at the computer, lol. (If you have a laptop I expect it's better!).

Update 2/…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande featuring The Weeknd. Ariana (full name Ariana Grande-Butera) is an American singer and actress who prior to releasing music was best known for starring as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon TV show Victorious and its spinoff Sam & Cat. She also performed in the Broadway musical 13 in 2008. Due to her voice (her vocal range is a 4 octave light lyric soprano) and music style she has been compared to Mariah Carey.

Ariana released her debut single The Way featuring rapper Mac Miller in March 2013 and her debut album Yours Truly in August 2013. Her other singles include Right There featuring  rapper Big Sean (who she is currently dating), Problem featuring  rapper Iggy Azalea, Break Free featuring music producer/DJ Zedd and Bang Bang with singer Jessie J and rapper Nicki Minaj. She also did a duet with Nathan Sykes from The Wanted called Almost Is Never Enough. Last December Ariana brought out an EP for Christmas called Christmas Kiss…

1000 Songs 677-694

Latest update. :)

677. Iggy Azalea feat. MO- Beg For It

678. Fall Out Boy- Centuries
679. Wilkinson feat. Talay Riley- Dirty Love

Music videos from Martin Lowes' Top 20 New Girls On The Block- 2014! on Planet Pop

680. Becky G- Shower
681. Krishane feat. Melissa Steele- Drunk & Incapable
682. Charli XCX- Superlove
683. Ella Eyre- Comeback

684. One Direction- Steal My Girl

685. Calvin Harris feat. Tinashe- Dollar Signs

686. Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne- Real Love
687. Eminem feat. Sia- Guts Over Fear
688. Lil' Wayne feat. 2 Chainz- Rich As*

*This links to the explicit version Rich As F***.

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Gone Not Around Any Longer by SISTAR19. They are a subgroup of the Korean girlband SISTAR, formed by lead singer Hyolynn (real name Kim Hyo Jung), and rapper Bora (full name Yoon Bora) in 2011. Soyou (real name Kang Ji Hyun)and Dasom (full name Kim Dasom) make up the rest of SISTAR.*

To date SISTAR19 have released two singles, their debut Ma Boy in May 2011 and Gone Not Around Any Longer (with a B-side called A Girl In Love) in January 2013 and a single album (like an EP) Gone Not Around Any Longer, which consists of 5 songs including the title track and Ma Boy. I'm not sure if they're active anymore. Maybe they're just concentrating on SISTAR for now.

*Korean names are written with the surname first.

Visit the site for the main group SISTAR here (Korean language):

 Which do you prefer, SISTAR or SISTAR19? Or both? :)

P.S. Happy Bonfire Night to those in the UK and in other countries who celebrate! :)