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Weekly Music Video

This week the video is Çatı Katı by Turkish singer Gökhan Türkmen. I can't find information on him in English but according to the Turkish Wikipedia (Vikipedi) and his official Facebook page he has released 3 albums, Biraz Ayrılık (2012)Büyük İnsan (2013) and En Baştan (2014) and an EP, Ara (2012). (Click the link onGökhan's name for his Vikipedi entry).

Çatı Katı was uploaded on 7th February, so I'm guessing it was released round about then. En Baştan came out on 13th February.

Update 30/4/19: Had to replace the video.

For more on Gökhan visit these links:

Official site (Turkish language):

Official FB (Turkish but there's a translate option):

Dance Videos

Recently I came across a dance video on YouTube (in my recommendations) of a girl called Kaycee Rice. I found this other video of Kaycee dancing with her partner Gabe De Guzman. It's called Monster and it's an interesting dance, it seemed a bit strange to me at first (lol) but it's good.

Kaycee and Gabe are in the 11 year old age category  in this video and the dance style is hip hop. Kaycee became an internet sensation at 10 when the video of her doing a solo called Werk (the one I was recommended) was posted on Twitter by singer Katy Perry. You can read the article and watch the video here:

Kaycee is from Simi Valley in California and dances at Studio 13 Dance, which is owned by her mum Laura Rice. She does a variety of dance styles including hip hop, lyrical and jazz. Some of Kaycee's routines were choreographed by Tricia Mi…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Boss by American singer Tinashe. Her full name is Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe and she's also a dancer, actress and model. Her dad is Zimbabwean and her mum is American and her name means "God is with us" in the Zimbabwean language Shona.

Tinashe started modelling and acting at only 3 years old. Her acting credits include Cora Unashamed and Two and a Half Men. As a teenager she was a member of girl group The Stunners, which was created by the American singer and actress Vitamin C.  The group released a few singles before splitting in 2011.

At 18 Tinashe created her own home studio and made 3 mixtapes In Case We Die (2012), Reverie (2012) and Black Water (2013) which she released through her website. Tinashe's first official single from In Case We Die was My High. She has released 7 singles from her mixtapes altogether, including Boss, Ecstasy and Vulnerable featuring rapper Travi$ Scott.

Tinashe signed to RCA Records in July 2012 and in Januar…

1000 Songs 504- 531

The latest instalment! I'm over halfway through now. :)

The Weeknd

504. Birthday Suit
505. Get Yours
506. Lust Spell
507. Intrinsic Worth

Tinashe- Reverie mixtape

508. Fear Not
509. Yours
510. Slow
511.Another Me
512. Come When I Call
513. Illusions
514. Reverie
515. I'm Selfish
516. Ecstasy
517. Who Am I Working For
518. Let You Love Me (Xxyyxx Remix)

Listen to it here and follow the link to download it at

Weekly Music Video

Here is a new song by Turkish Belgian singer Hadise. It's called Nerdesin Aşkım? (which translates as "Where Are You, My Love?" according to Facebook translation!) and is from her new album Tavsiye (Advice). Both the single and album are out now.

Listen to the album here:

Top 10 Songs

I've been thinking of doing a post of my my Top 10 favourite songs for ages and I finally got round to it! lol. It wasn't really an easy task to narrow it down because I like a lot of songs but I decided on the list in the end. So here they are. :)

Update 12/9/18: Had to replace a couple of these videos because they'd been deleted.

1. Mariah Carey- Honey

This is my favourite Mariah song. :) It was the first single from her 1997 album Butterfly. I included Honey in my Top 10 Mariah Songs post which you can read here:

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Rest Calm by Nightwish. It's from their Imaginereum album which was released in 2011 and the singers are Marco (also the bass guitarist and co-composer) and Annette (their second singer who replaced Tarja). Hope you like it. :)

1000 Songs 470-503

Time for the fortnightly instalment of the 1000 Songs Challenge. :) There aren't as many songs this week, so it's not such a big list!

Random videos on music channels

470. M.O.- Dance On My Own
471. Rixton- Me and my Broken Heart
472. Ella Eyre- If I Go
473. Maverick Sabre- Emotion
474. Foxes- Glorious
475. D.J. Cassidy feat. R. Kelly- Make The World Go Round
476. Michael Buble- Hollywood
477. Ali Love- Deep Into The Night

478. The Vamps feat. Demi Lovato- Somebody To You
479. Kieza- Giant  In My Heart

480. Paloma Faith- Trouble With My Baby
481. Neon Jungle- Louder
482. Blood Money- Jo Tere Sang (Bollywood)