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Weekly Music Video

Today's video is of the song Bardaasht from one of my favourite Bollywood films Humraaz . It's about couple Karan ( Akshaye Khanna ) and Priya ( Amisha Patel ) who are in a dance troupe/band (I thought they were more of a dance troupe but I don't know!). They get a job performing on a cruise ship, which is owned by rich businessman Raj Singhania ( Bobby Deol ). Raj falls in love with Priya and Karan sees an opportunity to make money by having Priya marry Raj and then later divorce him to get his money. But Priya starts to fall in love with Raj.  It's supposed to be like the Hollywood film  A Perfect Murder but I haven't seen that, so don't know how similar it is. The video is from a performance scene on the ship. For another Amisha video, see my Tollywood video post: Narasimhudu- Krishna Murariki