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And more Mariah songs!

Since there are so many Mariah Carey songs to choose from, here is a follow up post to T op 10 Mariah Carey Songs and More Mariah songs . I Still Believe This is the original version, which appeared on #1's (1998). It was released as a single in 1999. I prefer the Pure Imagination remix (see Top 10 post) but I  like this as well.                               

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for the song Wicked Games by The Weeknd . Wicked Games was originally featured on the mixtape House of Balloons (2011) but was remastered and released last October as the first single from The Weeknd's complication album Trilogy (2012). He released his debut studio album Kiss Land on 9th September (UK) and 10th September (US). Update 7/3/15: I have  gone back to the Explicit video because Blogger have decided that they're not changing their policy on sexually explicit material after all!! I don't think this video was that bad anyway but I removed it just to be on the safe side. Anyway, now it's back. :)

More Films I Like

Here is a follow up list to my Top 10 Films . This post contains spoilers. :) Death Becomes Her (1992) Helen Sharp (Goldie Hawn) and Madeline Ashton (Meryl Streep) are best friends but also rivals. Helen decides to take her fiance Dr. Ernest Menville (played by Bruce Willis) to meet Madeline before she marries him because Madeline has often stolen men from her in the past and she wants to see if Ernest can pass the Madeline "test". The couple go to watch Madeline in her (terrible!) musical. Unfortunately for Helen, Ernest is completely smitten with Madeline and ends up marrying her instead, thereby confirming Helen's worst fears! This sends Helen into a depressive, psychotic state and 7 years later she ends up in a mental hospital, fixated on how much she hates Madeline. She doesn't seem to be making any progress until something the doctor says causes her to have a breakthrough. Another 7 years later, Madeline and Ernest are unhappily married, they live in a man

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is for the song Fala Do Que Quiseres by Perola. She's an Angolan singer and I saw her on the TV channel VoxAfrica. She sings in Portuguese. I think her music  is a style called kizomba or zouk . According to Wikipedia kizomba can be confused with zouk but the video mentions both styles in the title. I can't find that much information about Perola but I think she's quite popular in Angola. According to a YouTube video she won Best Southern African artiste of the year at the Kora awards in 2005, for the song Break It featuring Sandokan. She mentioned her website on the TV segment I saw but maybe it was a couple of years old because the site doesn't seem to have been updated since 2011.                                    For more on Perola visit these links: Official site: MySpace: For more Afro Portuguese music check out this site:

Girls vs Boys- Turkish

Time for another Girls vs Boys! Today the competition is between Turkish singers Hadise and Davut Guloglu .  Hadise- Kahraman (Hero) This song is from the album of the same name (2009). There is also an English version called Hero. According to comments on YouTube, it's a cover of (or similar to) a Macedonian song called Fati go ritamot by Jovan Radnjanski.                                                                              Click here to listen to: Hadise-Hero And watch the video for Fati go ritamot here: Jovan Radnjanski- Fati go ritamot Davut Guloglu-Yarali Kalbim This song is from 2009 and I think it's from the album Kopalim Bari.                                    Who is your favourite? P.S. "Like" my Facebook page to receive post updates! :)

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Night Air by British singer Jamie Woon . He released his first single Robots in 2007 and an EP Wayfaring Stranger the same year. Night Air was released in 2010 and was the first single off his debut album Mirrorwriting (2011). His other singles are Lady Luck (2011) and Shoulda (2012). He recently collaborated with singer BANKS and Lil Silva on BANKS' song This Is What It Feels Like. I only saw the video for Night Air a couple of times but liked the song. The other day I was listening to Disclosure 's album on Spotify and Jamie has a song with them called January. When I saw his name I remembered Night Air! For more on Jamie visit his site: And his Facebook:  Official FB

Takeshi's Castle- Wipe Out

Here's another of the Takeshi's Castle games I like. This one's called Wipe Out and involves standing on a surfboard which moves round the course, while jumping over pink whales, getting on platforms and avoiding a man dressed as a Native American! Update 10/12/14: The original video has gone, so here's a link to a Takeshi's Castle Special which includee Wipe Out: There was also Takeshi's Castle Rebooted earlier this year but that wasn't as good, so I think I'll stick to the older ones! lol. Here's a bonus video called Greatest Wipeouts!                                  

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Sweet Sacrifice by American alternative /gothic rock band Evanescence . They were formed in 1995 by lead vocalist and pianist Amy Lee and guitarist and songwriter Ben Moody. David Hodges joined them in 1999 as a keyboard player, pianist, drummer and backing vocalist and the band released their first full length demo album Origin in 2000. In 2003, drummer Rocky Gray,  bassist Will Boyd and guitarist John LeCompt (who had worked with the band previously) became part of Evanescence and they released their breakthrough album Fallen later that year. Their debut single from the album, Bring Me To Life is one of Evanescence's most successful singles to date (it won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance). It was No 1 in the UK, as well as Australia and Italy and No 5 on the American Billboard chart. My Immortal (the 3rd single from Fallen) was really popular too, reaching No 7 in the American and British charts. In October 2003 Ben Moody left Evanescence, reportedl