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Dance Videos

It's been a while since I've posted any dance videos, so I thought I'd share a few today. :)

First of all here's Kellie Janeski from LA Clippers Dance Squad doing an improvisational dance to Beyonce's Crazy In Love (a slowed down version). Kellie is good at improvising. I belly dance and I used to find it quite nerve wracking when we had to improvise! lol. But it's not so bad now.

The video is from last April. Kellie was the team captain of the dance squad but I'm not sure if she's still part of it. Her picture isn't on the site anymore.

To keep up with Kellie follow her Instagram:

Also check out an old interview with her from 2014:

Next is a Rumer Noel choreography where she and her students are dancing to Usher's No Limit.

And finally another one to a song called Jada:

Rumer has choreograp…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Gravity by Jamie Woon. It's from his first album Mirrorwriting. It wasn't released as a single so there's no official video.

I bought Gravity on iTunes the other month. It's a haunting but beautiful song. This isn't the the full song but you can find it on Spotify: Jamie Woon Spotify

There's also an acoustic version which you can listen to here:

New Music Releases

I was planning to do separate posts on Bollywood and K-pop releases but thought it would be good to do a post featuring different genres, including those two. So here it is! :)


The Humma Song from OK Jaanu

OK Jaanu  (OK Darling) is a new Bollywood romantic drama about Aditya (Adi) (played by Aditya Roy Kapur/Kapoor) and Tara (Shraddha Kapoor, no relation) who both have big dreams, video game designer Adi to live and work in America and architect Tara to study in Paris. They meet and fall in love but decide to put their careers first. The movie is a remake of the Tamil film OK Kanmani aka O Kadhal Kanmani and just came out at the cinema on 13th January.

This is The Humma Song. The playback singers are Jubin Nautiyal and Shashaa Tirupati. A.R. Rahman composed the music.

Weekly Music Video

Sorry there was no second post last week, I had some personal problems. :)

This week's video is Eu Espero by Angolan singer Perola. She's singing in Portuguese and the song translates as "I Hope". (I guessed it would be something to do with "hope" since it's similar to Spanish and Google Translate confirmed it!).

Eu Espero came out last August.

If you're a fan of Perola check out these posts:

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Face au vent by Anggun. It translates as "Facing the wind" (thank you Google Translate and my mum!) and is from her 6th French language album Toujours Un Ailleurs (Always Elsewhere) which was released in November 2015.

Face au vent was released as a single in April last year.

Keep up with Anggun on her Facebook page:

Also if you're a fan, check out the Anggun Lyrics Projects that I did for her album Elevation (English version):*

*Find all the posts under the "Anggun lyrics project" label.

New Music/Videos

It's time for the first new music and videos update of the year! Here's what I've been listening to/watching since the last one. :)


Koh Na Young feat. Microdot- I Like
Apink- Cause You're My Star
IU- Twenty Three*
K.A.R.D- Oh Na Na

Dua Lipa- Be The One (new video)
Befikre-  Nashe Si Chadh Gayi (Bollywood)
Becky Hill- Warm
OK Jaanu- The Humma Song (Bollywood)
Fergie- Life Goes On (video)


Bảo Thy- Xin Anh Đừng Đến *
Hồ Ngọc Hà- Destiny*
Hồ Ngọc Hà- What Is Love?*

Anggun- Face au vent (Facing the wind)*
Perola- Eu Espero*
Nelly Furtado- Pipe Dreams


Umh Juna Hwa- Watch Me Move
DAY6- Letting Go
eSNA- Attention
AOA- Excuse Me
AOA- Bing Bing

E-girls- All Day Long Lady (J-pop)
Bebe Rexha I Got You (official video)
Tinashe- Company (video)
ZAYN and Taylor Swift- I Don't Wanna Live Forever (from Fifty Shades Darker)

That's it until next time!

*New to me

Weekly Music Video

In my Best of 2016  post I mentioned that I hadn't posted much about Bollywood last year. So I've decided to feature more Bollywood in 2017. I'll start with the video for Jiya from the film Gunday (2014).

It's about Bikram (played by Ranveer Singh) and Bala (Arjun Kapoor) who've been friends since childhood. They were orphaned during the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971 when Bangladesh became a new country.  The two friends end up going to Calcutta where they take up a criminal lifestyle and become famous outlaws! (Gunday means "outlaw"). Both fall in love with beautiful cabaret dancer Nandita (played by Priyanka Chopra, who is currently starring in American series Quantico and also sings) and compete against each other for her love. The film is set in the 70s.

The Jiya video stars Ranveer and Priyanka in a love scene. The playback singer is Bengali singer Arjit Singh. While this is the Hindi version, Gunday was also released in Bengali.

For more info check out…