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Weekly Music Video

This is one of my favourite songs by Japanese singer Koda Kumi. It's called feel and is from her 2nd greatest hits album, BEST ~second session~ (2006). The single was part of her 12 singles project (where she released one single every week for 12 weeks) and the video is one of several interlinked videos, in which 3 men tell stories about the women in their lives (all played by Kumi). This is what I gather is going on, since I don't actually speak Japanese and can't find any information to back it up! The others are You, Lies and the final one Someday, which ties all the videos together. This is my fave of the songs. :)

Update 8/2/14- The original video I posted got removed but here is the official Avex one. Avex don't tend to post full Koda videos, so here's a link to to another video (full version):

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Weeky Music Video

Today it's Yeluko Nayaka from the Tollywood film Narasimhudu. This video features JR NTR and Sameera Reddy (who is also a Bollywood actress).

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Girls vs Boys- K-pop

Korean girl grop EXID vs boyband MBLAQ.

EXID are a 5 member group who released their first single in 2012. The current members are Solji, LE, Hani, Hyerin and Junghwa. There were also 3 other members, Yuzi, Dami and Haeryung who left shortly after the group debuted and were replaced by Solji and Hyerin. This song Every Night is another verson of Call, from EXID's HIPPITY HOP mini album.

MBLAQ are a boyband created by Korean singer/actor Rain (Bi). MLBAQ stands for Music Boys Live In Absolute Quality. There are 5 members, Seunghoo, G.O., Lee Joon, Cheondung and Mir. There were originally 6 members but the 6th member Kim Sang Bae left the group in 2011. The group debuted in 2009 at Rain's concert Legend Of Rainism and have released one full studio album BLAQ Style (plus a re-packaged version) and several single albums/EPs.  Last year two of the members Mir and G.O. formed their own duo separate from the group. Stay is from BLAQ Style (2011).


Weekly Music Video

This week it's a video by Sugababes. They're a British girl group who have had several line-up changes due to problems within the band. Sugababes started out with Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy in 1998. Mutya and Keisha were friends already. They released their first album One Touch in  2000 but Siobhan left in 2001 and later said that she was bullied by Keisha during her time in the group. She was replaced by Heidi Range, a former member of Atomic Kitten (another group that has changed its members a lot!). Sugababes then released their second album Angels With Dirty Faces, which is their most successful album so far. In 2005, Mutya left the group, due to personal reasons after having a baby. Her replacement was Amelle Berrabah and the girls re-recorded their fourth album Taller In More Ways. The line-up changes weren't over yet though and in 2009 Keisha left, saying that she was basically kicked out, since it wasn't her choice to leave. She was repla…

Takeshi's Castle Rebooted

There's a new version of the Japanese gameshow Takeshi's Castle starting on Challenge tomorrow. It's called Takeshi's Castle Rebooted and features highlights from the gameshow, including previously unseen footage and exclusive links filmed by General Tani (General Lee). The series is on Fridays at 10pm. (Takeshi's Castle was on in Japan during the 80s, it's not a current show). So in honour of that, I thought I'd post a clip of my one of my favourite games, "High Rollers!" There are two new presenters now, Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood, so no more Craig Charles. :( But hopefully they'll be funny!

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Weekly Music Video

Today it's the video for The Zone by The Weeknd feat. Drake. The Weeknd is the stage name of Abel Tesfaye, an Ethopian Canadian singer and record producer, who has been releasing music since 2010. His latest album is called Trilogy and consists of 3 mixtapes, House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence, plus 3 new songs.

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