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New Mutya Keisha Siobhan video

Here is the video for the new MKS single Flatline. Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan were the original Sugababes and they reformed a couple of years ago. Flatline is out on 15th September.

Weekly Music Video

This is Gitme Dedim by Turkish singer Arman. I can't find much information on him but his full name is Arman Yildiz and I think Gitme Dedim is his latest single. It's from the album ARMAN, which is available now on Turkish iTunes.                                                                                                                                                      

Here's a link to his Facebook (Turkish language):

More Mariah songs

Here's my follow up post to Top 10 Mariah Carey Songs.

The Roof

This was on Mariah's 1997 album Butterfly. I don't think it was a single in the UK.

Shake It Off

This was the 3rd single from The Emancipation Of Mimi (2005). Record producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri  appears briefly in the video and you can hear him talking in the background, lol.

Breakdown feat. Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone

Breakdown is from Butterfly. I don't think was released as a single in the UK. Not sure if I've ever seen the video on British TV.

Heartbreaker feat. Jay-Z

The original Heartbreaker. It's on the album Rainbow (1999). The video stars actor Jerry O'Connell as Mariah's ex-boyfriend who has ditched her for another woman (also played by Mariah!). See my Top 10 Mariah post for the remix. :)

Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z- Heartbreaker

Update 24/1/14: The videos weren't loading so I re-posted them but this one wouldn't post in Blogger again for some reason! You can view it on…

Weekly Music Video

Today it's Easy Breezy by Japanese American singer Utada Hikaru (Hikaru Utada in Western terms). She's been nicknamed "Hikki" by her fans and has also released music  under her surname UTADA (outside of Japan). Along with Koda Kumi,Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada is one of the most popular  female singers in Japan. She has had 12 No 1s in the Oricon singles chart and 3 of her Japanese albums made the Top 10 best selling ever albums in Japan list.

Hikaru is the daughter of Japanese record producer Teruzane Utada and enka singer Junko Utada (stage name Keiko Fuji) and was born in New York. She originally recorded songs under the name Cubic U, releasing her debut English album Precious in 1998. She had moved to Japan the previous year and got signed to Toshiba-EMI. In 1998 Utada  achieved success with her debut Japanese album First Love, which included the best selling singles Automatic/Time Will Tell and Movin' On Without You. The title single reached No 2 on…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for the song Aquarius by Within Temptation. It's from their album The Silent Force (2004) and is my favourite Within Temptation song. :) There isn't an actual music video because Aquarius wasn't released as a single.

Anggun Lyrics Project

Here is the final song for the Anggun Lyrics Project for the album Elevation. This one is called World and also features on the soundtrack for the BBC documentary film Earth (2007). The French version is Un jour sur terre (literal translation is A day on earth). There are lyrics for the video on YouTube as well.


Verse 1

Tell me have you ever took the time to feel
That everything around you is alive and real?
But many think  that somehow there is no big deal
So they take, they break
Until there's nothing more to get


Oh world
Naked and bruised
Oh world
We;ve got so much to lose
Oh world
Tired and used
Oh world
Please tell me, what on earth is going on?
What on earth's going on?

Verse 2

Must they cut all the trees, catch the fishes from the seas?
Will they realise that, the catch is not the key?
They really don't give a care
They even still run free
Save your tears, don't cry
Cause the water's getting rare


Verse 3

I'm only a human with an unborn child
I try t…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for the latest single from AlunaGeorge, You Know You Like It, which came out on 28th July. It's actually a re-release and was the duo's first single  (released in April 2012). There was also a different video which was made in 2011. AlunaGeorge's debut album Body Music is out now.

Watch the original video here:

Girls vs Boys- J-pop

Today it's between Japanese singers Ayumi Hamasaki and GACKT.

Ayumi Hamasaki is one of Japan's most popular singers and has been named the "Empress of Pop". She launched her career in 1998 with the single Poker Face and went on to release her first album on record company Avex, A Song for xx in 1999. (In 1995  she brought out a mini-album Nothing from Nothing on the record company Nippon Columbia, which failed to chart). Since then Ayumi (Ayu to her fans) has released 50 singles and 14 studio albums, 8 of which have topped the Oricon charts.She is ranked by Oricon as the 3rd best selling Japanese artist of all time, behind rock duo B'z and pop rock band Mr. Children. She is also popular throughout Asia.

As well as being a singer, Ayumi has her own fashion brand MLTRG (Material Girl), a cartoon version of herself called Ayupan, has  hosted a talk show Ayuready? (from 2002-2004) and also opened a restaurant called Rainbow House. She is considered a fashion icon in J…