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Weekly Music Video

Here is another Lacuna Coil video. It's for the song End Of Time, which is my favourite on their latest album Dark Adrenaline. The video features the lead singers Cristina and Andrea.

More J.Lo Songs

As a follow-up to my post Top 10 Jennifer Lopez songs, here are some other Jennifer songs that I like. :)

Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix) feat. Ja Rule and Cadillac Tah

I like the original too but maybe prefer this one just slightly more. It appears on J To Tha L.O! The Remixes (2002). Ashanti appears briefly in the video.

I'm Real (album version)

This is the album version from the original release of J.Lo (2001). I prefer the remix but like the original too. Jennifer's second husband Cris Judd appears as a dancer in the video and Ja Rule has a cameo.

Update- 23/4/13- YouTube have now blocked this video  in the UK because of copyright. So if you can't watch it on there, go here instead: J.Lo- I'm Real on DailyMotion

Update 19/8/16: The song is on YouTube but not the video so follow the link above to watch it. :)

I, Love

I, Love is from Rebirth (2005) and is one of my fave songs on there. It was never released as a single.


This came out in 2001 and is from J.Lo. It…

Weekly Music Video

Sorry for the late post. I had computer problems but have it back now. :) I'm going to do the weekly post today instead.

The video is Do You Want My Love by Chinese American singer CoCo Lee. CoCo (real name Ferren Lee) is very successful in Asia, especially Hong Kong (where she was born) and Taiwan and also had some success in America.She has released albums in Mandarin and English and was the first Chinese artist to perform at the Oscars in 2001. CoCo's had a long career, having released her first album in 1994. Do You Want My Love? is from her first full length English album Just No Other Way (2000) and is one of my favourite songs.

For more on CoCo, visit these sites: (Appears to be inactive now but has some info).

Anggun Lyrics Project

A few years ago I got Indonesian singer Anggun's album Elevation.  I couldn't find the lyrics for some of her songs anywhere, so I made my own. I thought I'd start a lyrics project on here, for something different.

Here are the lyrics for A change (one of my fave songs). I had trouble understanding some of it, so if anyone knows the correct words, please let me know. :) I like the French version, J'ignorais tout as well but I can't speak French, so if anyone knows the lyrics to that, let me know as well. :)

A changeVerse 1 First time I saw your face Some look can't be replaced First time I felt your embrace I just knew I was-in trouble First time I played with fire Surrendered to desire First time I made up a lie Well it felt so right   ChorusDidn't know you were the change I fell into Hidden like a taboo Didn't know I found the change I needed to Strong as voodoo Didn't know that it could change my point of view Got (?) me through and through Didn&…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is a bit different. It's a video of a man called Prasad Bhandarkar playing a piece of music called Raga Shivranjani on a Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). A raga is a series of musical notes. I think this is a raga for Lord Shiva.

For information on the Bansuri and to hear more music, visit:

Update 7/11/18: You can read more about ragas at the links below:

Tahitian dance

I'm interested in Tahitian and Hawaiian dance. I found this video ages ago and I thought I would upload it today. :) It's the second part of a documentary about the Tahiti Nui First International Dance competiton that was held in Honolulu, Hawaii  in March 2003. Nearly 10 years ago now! Tahiti Nui Internatioal is a Tahitian cultural organisation.  I think the competition still going now but  is called Hevia I Honolulu.

For more info on Tahiti Nui International, check out this site:

Weekly Music Video

This is the video for Heaven's A Lie by Lacuna Coil. They're an Italian gothic metal band, whose current members are lead vocalists Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, bassist/composer Marco "Maki" Colti Zelati, guitarists Cristiano "Chris" Migliore and Marco "Maus" Biazzi and drummer/percussionist Cristiano "Criz/Pizza" Mozzati.  The band was first formed in 1994 by Andrea and Marco and they asked Cristina to sing background vocals. She then became a permanent part of the group and later they were joined by  Chris and Criz in 1998 and Marco in 1999. Guitar players Raffaele Zagaria, Claudio Leo and drummers Michaelangelo Algardi and Leonardo Forti were also members. Their latest album is Dark Adrenaline. Heaven's A Lie was the first single from their third album Comalies (2002), which has been called their "breakthrough album".

For more on Lacuna Coil, visit their site: