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JoJo- Tringle

On Wednesday I featured JoJo's new song Save My Soul as my Weekly Music Video. It's one of 3 singles from her new EP III and together the singles are known as a "tringle". I thought today I'd post the rest of the songs. :) My favourite is Save My Soul; I bought it on iTunes the other day.

You can listen to Save My Soul here:

 Then here's Say Love:

 And When Love Hurts:

Tringle is available now.

Which is your favourite? :)

Weekly Music Video

This week it's Save My Soul by American singer JoJo. Her full name is Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque and she started out as a child star, appearing on TV talent shows. At 12 she signed with Blackground Records and released her debut single Leave (Get Out) in 2004 aged 13, then her debut album JoJo. Leave (Get Out) and Baby It's You featuring American rapper Bow Wow were JoJo's two most successful singles from the album, Leave was No 1 in the US and No 2 in the UK. Not That Kinda Girl was the the 3rd single from JoJo but it wasn't released commercially in the US.

In 2006 JoJo brought out her second album The High Road, which also did well. 3 songs were released from the album, Too Little Too Late, How To Touch A Girl and Anything. The best seller was Too Little Too Late.

JoJo ran into record label problems while trying to release her third album and was set to release it through Interscope Records but that never happened. She eventually filed a lawsuit against Blackgrou…

New Namie Amuro Songs

Back in April I did a post about songs from Japanese singers Koda Kumi and Namie Amuro's new albums. At the time there weren't many from Namie's album _genic, which was set for release in June. However there are now some videos, so I thought I'd post them today. :) To read the original post click here:

First of all here is Stranger:

Then Golden Touch, which is a full music video! You don't often get the full version from Avex (the record  company).

This is Photogenic, a lyric video (not full):

And finally Anything which is also a full video. :)

_genic sounds like a good album. The songs are mostly sung in English which is cool for English speakers, although of course I like Japanese music! :) The songs were written in both Japanese and English. I'm already planning to get Koda Kumi's album WALK IN MY LIFE and I'll add _genic to my list of albums to get. :)  There are a c…

Weekly Music Video

This week it's A Train by Justine Skye. I only recently discovered Justine, I really like her single Collide and A Train is good as well..You can watch the video for Collide here:

Justine's EP Emotionally Unavailable is out now, so I plan to check that out. :)

Staying Alive Songs

I thought today I would post a couple of videos from the 1983 film Staying Alive (sequel to Saturday Night Fever). It's a good film (I actually prefer it to Saturday Night Fever) and the soundtrack is good too.

First up here is Finding Out The Hard Way sung by Cynthia Rhodes, who played Jackie, the girlfriend of John Travolta's character Tony Manero, in the film. As well as being a dancer, Jackie sang in a band with Carl (played bu Frank Stallone, brother of Sylvester).

And here is I Hope We Never Change and Waking Up. Waking Up is a duet sung by Jackie and Carl. I like I Hope We Never Change (at least what I've heard of it because it isn't the full song) but it wasn't included on the soundtrack and I don't know if the full song was ever available anywhere.

Cynthia Rhodes was a good actress, dancer and singer, known mainly for Staying Alive, Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. She stopped acting in the 90s because she wanted to be a full time mum.

Frank Stallone has …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Push by Nick Jonas. It's a song from his latest album Nick Jonas (2014). Hope you like it. :)

New Music/Videos

Time for another update on the new music I've been listening to and the new videos I've been watching lately. :)

Foxes- Body Talk
J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE- J.S.B. DREAM (J-pop)
Tine Tempah feat. Jess Glynne- No Letting Go 
Pitbull feat. Chris Brown- Fun
The Weeknd- Can't Feel My Face

Nick Brewer feat. Bibi Bourelly- Talk To Me*
Natalie La Rose feat. Fetty Wap- Around The World
Disclosure feat. Sam Smith- Omen
Nick Brewer- Last Man Standing

That's all for now! Will update again soon. :)

*This reminds of T.I.'s Why You Wanna. According to comments on YouTube it samples a song by Crystal Waters, so T.I. probably sampled it as well.

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Be With You by Atomic Kitten. They are a British girl group who formed in 1998. The original members when the group debuted were Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon and Kerry Katona. (In the first place Heidi Range from Sugababes was a member but she was replaced by Natasha). The group was formed in Liverpool, where Natasha and Liz are from. (Kerry is from Warrington, Cheshire).

Atomic Kitten's debut single Right Now was released in 1999, followed by See Ya, I Want Your Love and Follow Me in 2000. Their debut album came out in October 2000. They were successful in the UK and were also well received in Japan.

In January 2001 Atomic Kitten weren't doing so well and were on the verge of being dropped by their record label but they released their 5th single Whole Again and it revived their career, reaching No 1 in the UK Singles Chart. It also got to No 1 in several countries around the world  and is one of their best selling singles to date. During this time …

Girls vs Boys- K-pop

I'm having a Korean theme this week, so here is a Girls vs Boys post featuring K-pop group U-KISS and K-pop/C-pop group miss A. These groups also sing in Japanese and Chinese but these are Korean songs. :)

U-KISS are a boyband who currently have 7 members- Soohun (full name Shin Soohyun), Kiseop (Lee Kisop), AJ (real Kim Jaeop), Eli, (Kim Kyoungjae),  Hoon (Yeo Hoonmin), Jun (Lee Junyoung) and Kevin (Woo Sunghyun).* Their name stands for Ubqutious Korean International Superstar. Former members are Kibum, Alexander Lee Eusebio and Dongho.

U-KISS was formed in 2008. The boys speak 4  languages between them, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese) and English and former members were also multilingual- Dongho speaks Korean and Mandarin, Kibum knows Korean and Japanese and Alexander can speak an impressive 7 languages, including Korean, English, 2 Chinese dialects and Spanish! They sing in both Korean and Japanese and debuted in Korea in 2008 with their first mini album New Generation and …