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Weekly Music Video

Today's music video is Ana Lahale by Palestinian singer Elyanna. She is half Palestinian and half Chilean and was born in Nazareth, Palestine. These days she is based in America. Elyanna started out by sharing her songs on Soundcloud. Her singles include Oululee Leh, Enta Eh and Ta Ta. She mostly sings in Arabic and has been nicknamed the "Arab Rihanna", due to sounding like Bajan singer Rihanna !  Ana Lahale was released in March and features Lebanese Canadian singer Massari . It's from Elyanna's self-titled debut EP. For more on Elyanna visit these links:  Milleworld feature: Official FB: Instagram: YouTube channel:   Want more Arabic music? Check out these posts:   Turkish and Arabic Songs: Hindi and Arabic version
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World Dance Videos 2020

We're getting close to the end of 2020, and I've been featuring quite a lot of dance videos this year. So, I thought I'd do one final dance post before the end of the year! This one features several dances from around the world. :)   Iranian Dance 2 by Quick Style (Norway/Iran) First is up is an Iranian dance by the dance group Quick Style. I've actually has this video saved on my "Watch later" playlist on YouTube for a while, but hadn't got round to watching it lol. Quick Style is a hip hop dance crew from Oslo, Norway. They won Norway's Got Talent in 2009 and now travel the world teaching and performing. I belly dance, so like Midde Eastern dances. I think it's cool to see a male dance from Iran. I think it's improvisation mostly. The video was posted in October last year. Follow Quick Style at the links below: Official site: YouTube channel: Top 10 African Dance Styles i

Weekly Music Video

Today's music video is Monster by Canadian singers Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber . It's from Shawn's 3rd studio album, due to be released on 4th December.  Monster is the 2nd single from Wonder and came out on 20th November. This is the first collaboration between Shawn and Justin. The song is about their experiences of fame and how celebrities start out being put on a pedestal, but then society can't wait to see them come down again.  Follow Shawn at these links: Official site: FB page: Instagram:   And for more Justin check out these posts:  Videos from Purpose (2015): Company (music video version): Features his recent single Holy:   And follow hi

More Videos from My YouTube Playlist- J-pop + K-pop

Back in May I did a post featuring videos my J-pop and K-pop playlist on YouTube. You can see it here: I just shared some Korean videos then, but today I'm also sharing some Japanese ones. I recently updated it, so there are some new ones on there. :) Mariya- Motion (J-pop) First up is Motion by Mariya . She is a Japanese model, actress and singer from Fukuoka Prefecture. Her full name is Mariya Nishuichi (or Nishiuchi Mariya in Japanese terms) and she is the younger sister of Hiromui Nishuici who was a member of J-pop group BeForU .* Mariya launched her singing career in August 2014 with the single Love Evolution, and her other singles are 7 Wonders, Arigato Forever, Save Me, Chu Chu/Hello, Believe and Motion. She is one of the top models in Japan, and has won several Best New Artist Awards with her music. Motion came out in February 2017 and was Mariya's 7th single. I believe she is more of

Weekly Music Video

 This week's video is A&B, a brand-new release from American singer Jhen√© Aiko . The title is short for Above And Beyond, which is on her latest album Chilombo Deluxe, released back in July. The video for A&B was uploaded on 13th November. I'm not sure it's an actual single though. Please note that the song is explicit. :)    Check out these posts for more songs from Chilombo: Features P*$$Y FAIRY (OTW): Summer 2020:

New Ariana Grande Album

American singer Ariana Grande just released a new album. It's her 6th studio album and is called Positions. It was a surprise to many that she was bringing out a new one! She made the announcement only 2 weeks before the release . Positions was released on 30th October and consists of 14 tracks. The lead single is also called positions (written in lower case) and came out on 23rd October, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. It's currently No. 1 in the UK as well. The 2nd single 34 + 35 was released the same day as the album. pov has also charted. Positions is a good album, similar to Ariana's previous releases. Good R'n'B songs with pop, trap and hip hop elements. My favourite tracks are positions, 34 + 35, off the table (with The Weeknd), safety net (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) and nasty. motive which features Doja Cat  , six thirty and west side are is growing on me as well. So here are my fave songs. Most are audios, but I will update the post as and

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Forever by American singer FLETCHER . Her full name is Cari Elise Fletcher and she is from New Jersey. FLETCHER was a contestant on the first season of The X Factor USA and released her debut single War Paint in June 2015. The song was released digitally and was very successful on Spotify. In September 2016 FLETCHER brought out her debut EP Finding Fletcher, which was released independently. She signed to Capitol Records in 2018. Her breakthrough song was Undrunk, which came out in January 2019 and was her first single to chart. To date FLETCHER has released 2 more EPs- you ruined new york city for me (2019) and The S(ex) Tapes (2020), and her singles include War Paint, Undrunk, Wasted Love, I Believe You (in support of sexual assault survivors) and her latest, Bitter with Kito and Trevor Daniel , which came out in September. Forever came out in March. Check out FLETCHER's newest single Bitter here:   For more o