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Star Sparkle's 10th Birthday + Fave Posts

It's Star Sparkle Blog's 10th birthday today! I started the blog on 17th April 2011. You can see my first ever post here: I last did a birthday post back in 2011 when Star Sparkle turned 7 (I didn't mark the 5th "blogiversary" but I had celebrated the birthday of my blog Falling Petals that year, so decided to do one here too). Check out the 7th bday post here: It seems kind of strange that I've now been blogging for 10 years! This is my main blog which is about entertainment. Starting it gave me the confidence to branch out into other areas, and I started my self-help/spiritual blog Falling Petals in February 2013 and The Seasonal Life (seasonal living/festivals) in July 2013. To celebrate Star Sparkle's birthday, I'm sharing the most popular posts, plus my favourites. :) Most Popular/Viewed Post
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Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Iya iiya by Japanese singer Mirei Touyama . I've previously shared her English language music (released used MIREI), but this is my first time featuring a Japanese song of hers. :) Iya iiya came out in November and is from Mirei's latest Japanese EP still (released in March). It's a nice relaxing song. Check out these posts for English songs by MIREI: Lonely in Tokyo: Features Lazy Boy and Lonely in Tokyo:     And visit her YouTube channels for the latest releases: VEVO/YouTube channel: Official Japanese YouTube:

Current Favourite Songs

I have an occasional feature where I share my current favourite songs, but it seems to end up being once a year, lol. Never mind! You can check out the previous posts below: June 2019: May 2020: Although I have my "all time faves " and other songs I listen to a lot, my current favourites vary. So, here's what I'm into currently. :) Gen Neo- HOLD BACK and WHERE TO GO First up are the songs HOLD BACK and WHERE TO GO by the Singaporean singer Gen Neo . They're both from his first EP Ad Astra. I previously featured them in the posts below: HOLD BACK: C-pop Saturday:   Sabrina Carpenter- Honeymoon Fades Next up is Honeymoon Fades by Sabrina Carpenter . She is an American singer and actress who

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Deli Gibi by Romanian singer Otilia. There isn't much info about her online, but her other songs include Bilionera, Prisionera and Peaches and Cream with Dony and Erika Isac. Deli Gibi is actually a Turkish language song and translates as "Like Mad" or "Like Crazy" in English. It's from the EP Ask Yolu. Deli Gibi was released last August. For more on Otilia visit these links: JHaps Records' YouTube channel: Official FB: Instagram:

C-pop Saturday

Here is the 2nd C-pop Saturday post of the year! I might make it a bit more regular during 2021. Check out the 1st one here:   Casper True- Chinese title First up here is a song by Chinese singer Casper True . I can't read the Chinese title, but according to Google Translate it means "Are you embarrassed" in English. From what I gather it's about not so being embarrassed by failures that you give you on your dreams. Let me know if you speak Chinese and understand the lyrics! :)  This is an audio and came out in January. Check out a couple more songs by Casper below: Includes Tidal feat. NINE ONE#: Features his single TIME (released in Jan):   Also, when I first came across Casper in 2019, I couldn't find much information in English online, but today I've found two profiles wit

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Nadiyon Paar (Let the Music Play/Play Again) from the new Bollywood film Roohi . It stars Rajkummar Rao , Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Sharma , and is a comedy horror film about two men who get more than they bargain for after abducting a girl for marriage who is possessed by a ghost!  Roohi was released on 11th March. Nadiyon Paar is a dance song. The playback singers /music producers are Shamur , Rashmeet Kaur , IP Singh and music composer duo Sachin-Jigar . It's a new version of Shamur's 2008 song Let The Music Play. The video stars Janhvi. Watch the video for the original Let The Music Play here:   Bollywood fan? Check out these posts:  Bollywood Round-up 2019-2020: Bollywood Playback Singers- Shreya Ghoshal:

Dance Videos

Sharing some more dance videos today! A couple of weeks ago I posted a video of a Chinese dance but this is my second post of 2021 featuring a variety of dances. :) Ride It/ JEN&DONG Choreo- Hello Dance First up is a choreography by Hello Dance to the song Ride It by British singer Jay Sean (released back in 2008!). HELLO DANCE is a dance studio based in Chengdu, China.  The video was posted last June.  Watch the Ride It music video here: Vist HELLO DANCE's YouTube channel for more videos: K-POP Random Dance- Sandy&Mandy Next up is a random dance video! Taiwanese twins Sandy and Mandy are covering random K-pop dances. This a newer video from last month. The twins also did a cover of Lovesick Girls by BLACKPINK: Follow Sandy&Mandy at these links: YouTube channel: Instagram: