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Mabel Live Performances

British/Swedish singer Mabel   (full name Mabel McVey) released her second studio album About Last Night... in July (the follow up to her debut High Expectations). The album was created during the pandemic and sees Mabel trying out new sounds (including dance, synth-pop and disco) in addition to the R'n'B she started out with. It's a concept album based around a party . The lead single from About Last Night... is Let Them Know and two others were subsequently released- Good Luck with British DJ Jax Jones and Swedish music duo Galantis , and Overthinking with American rapper and singer 24kGoldn . Here are a couple of live performances from the album.   Let Love Go (Live) First up is a live performance of Let Love Go, a promotional single. It was released in late June. The album and single versions feature American rapper and singer Lil Tecca , but this live Vevo performance is a solo one by Mabel. The video was uploaded on 29th June.      Watch the lyric video for Let Love
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Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Begging, the new single by Nigerian singer Yemi Alade . It's about being treated badly in a relationship (at least that's how I interpret it) and is a in a mixture of English, Pidgin and a Nigerian language (may be both Yoruba and Igbo but I'm not sure; she speaks both because her parents are from both ethnic groups). Let me know if you're from Nigeria/know exactly what she's singing in. :) Begging was released in July but a music video just came out today. I think it's a stand-alone single (not part of her latest EP, 2021's Queendoncom). Watch the visualiser (clean version) here: For more music by Yemi visit this post: Boyz video (post contains links to other videos):   African music fan? Check out these posts: Afropop Round-up 2019-2021: Ayra Starr-

C-pop Saturday

It's been a while since my last C-pop Saturday post, so today I'm sharing a selection of Chinese music! :)    WARps Up Last month I featured Japanese/Chinese boy band WARPs Up's song POWER in my Asian Boy Bands- Part 2 post ( click here for Part 1 ). It's a mostly English song with some Chinese lines). Visit the post here (see under C-pop/J-pop: Or here's a direct link, since the video is blocked from playing on 3rd party applications:   Roy Wang & JelloRio- By Now This is By Now by Chinese singer Roy Wang and rapper JelloRio . Roy (also known as Wang Yuan) started out as a member of then teenage boy band TFBoys but he and the other members are just releasing solo music now, as far as I'm aware. Roy made his solo debut with the single Cause of You, which he performed at his 15th birthday concert back in November 2015 and released second singl

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is BOOM by Korean rapper HUTA . His real name is Lee Minhyuk (or Minhyuk Lee in Western terms) and he is a member of the K-pop boy band BTOB . His first solo single was 2017's Purple Rain featuring singer Cheeze , which was part of BTOB's solo project series Pieces of BTOB. Huta went on to make his solo debut in Japan in July 2018, with the release of the Japanese EP Summer Diary. And the following January he made his solo Korean debut, bringing out the studio album Hutazone. His other singles include YA and Good Night. BOOM is the title track from HUTA's second album. Both song and album were released on 27th June. For more on HUTA visit these links: Kprofile: HUTA's official Instagram: BTOB's official YouTube channel:

Dance Videos Round-up 2022- Part 1

We're slightly more than halfway through the year already, which feels a bit strange! I've done several dances video posts during the first half of 2022, so today I'm sharing a round-up of them. And also, a video I haven't previously featured. :)  C-pop in Public (dances to Chinese music in public): Dance Videos (first general dance videos post of the year- includes African, K-pop and belly dance): Afropop and K-pop Dance Tutorials: African Dance Videos: World Dance- Asian: K-pop in Public Dances (2022): Dance Videos (2nd general dance video featuring Afr

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Suéltame, the new single by American singer Christina Aguilera (one of my favourite singers) and featuring Argentinian singer TINI . It's from Christina's latest album, the Spanish language Aguilera. Aguilera is Christina's second Spanish album and was released on 30th May. It's a trilogy- a combination of the EPs La Fuerza ("The Strength" in English) which was released in January, La Tormenta (The Storm) which came out a day before Aguilera and the upcoming La Luz  (The Light), due out later this year.  La Fuerza is about female empowerment and independence, La Tormenta is about heartbreak and vulnerability, and La Luz is said to be about healing and Christina's difficult relationship with her father, who is Ecuadorian.   Suéltame (which translates as "Let Go" in English) is the lead single from La Tormenta. It was released on 30th May and the video premiered on 22nd July. Read more about Aguilera here: https://oceandriv

Summer Vibes

Summer is in full swing now (especially after the heatwave this past week), so today I'm sharing some summer vibes! For the past couple of years, I've featured round-ups of summer themed songs on the blog. You can see them below: Summer Songs Round-up: Summer Songs Round-up 2020-2021:   And now here are a few more songs with summer vibes! :)    thuy feat. P-Lo- inhibitions inhibitions by American singer thuy (both song title and thuy's name are stylised in lower case) and featuring rapper P-lo was released back in April. I featured it as a Weekly Music Video in May and the video made me think of summer, so I'm including it in this post.  Watch it here:   Pérola- Sincero Angolan singer Pérola 's latest single Sincera (released in April) also gives me s