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Current Favourite Songs

Last June I did a post about my current favourite songs. I didn't actually realise it was almost a year ago! I thought about making it a regular feature at the time, but obviously I didn't, lol. Never mind! You can read last year's post here:

I listen to a lot of music and while I have my "all time" fave songs, my current favourites change. (Although I'm still listening to Janine a lot and Kru Wu's Explore is still one of my fave songs of his).  So here's what I'm listening to at the moment. :)

MIREI- Lazy Boy
I first came across the Japanese singer MIREI (full name Touyama Mirei, or Mirei Touyama in Western terms) in March when I heard her song Lonely In Tokyo (see below) in March. She released her international English language album Take Me Away in January.
This is Lazy Boy which was the third single from Take Me Away and was released in January. It's about having nostalgi…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is AURORA by Chinese Canadian singer Kris Wu (former member of Korean/Chinese boyband EXO turned solo). It's a Chinese language song that has laid back kind of 90s vibes.

This is the official visualiser (or visualizer) and it was uploaded in April. I like the beach at sunset scenes! :)

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Includes Tian Di and Hold Me Down:
Explore audio (2nd fave song):

Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light

It's time for Eurovision again!  I usually do two posts in the weeks leading up to it, so ahead of tonight's show here is my 2nd one. Read last week's here:
So as I mentioned in the first post, this year the programme  Eurovsion: Europe Shine A Light will be shown in place of the Grand Final of the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest. The original show (which would have been in Rotterdam after Duncan Laurence won for the Netherlands last year with Arcade, was cancelled back in March due to the coronavirus and the European (and pretty much worldwide) lockdown.

Europe: Shine A Light will spotlight the 41 songs from this year contest, as well as feature performances from past contestants. This year artists will also join together from different locations to perform he song Love Shine A Light by Katrina and the Waves, which won for the UK back in 1997 (last time we won!).

The past few years I haven'…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is NOT TOO DEEP by American singer India Shawn  and featuring rapper/singer 6LACK. India is from Los Angeles and released her debut EP Origin in 2012 and collaborated with James Fauntleroy on the 2015 EP Outer Limits.
NOT TOO DEEP is her latest single and was released in April.  It has a chilled, dreamy vibe  and I like 6LACK's part, and the animation. I can't post the video directly on here (the new Blogger design is making it difficult for me to post videos) but here's the audio.

And you can watch the music video here:

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Morocco with Alina Baraz audio:…

Countdown to Eurovision (At Home) 2020!

It's Eurovision season once again! Although this year it won't be the same since the 65th Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus. I was sad (although not surprised) to hear about the cancellation in March. However the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has been showing home concerts on YouTube and they are now going to have Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, a show that will be held on place of the Grand Final on 16th May.
Europe: Shine A Light will spotlight the 41 songs from this year contest, as well as feature performances from past contestants. There will also be a performance of the song Love Shine A Light by Katrina and the Waves, (which won for the UK in 1997) by this year's artisrs. The show would have taken place in Rotterdam after Duncan Laurence won for the Netherlands last year with Arcade, but obviously due to various lockdowns/quarantines around the world, the artists will be in different locations.
I'm looking forward to the show. Appa…

Weekly Music Video

Today's music video is 100 Ways by Hong Kong  singer/rapper (and member of K-pop boyband GOT7) Jackson Wang. It's his latest single (a stand alone one that's not on his debut album MIRRORS) and was released in March.
100 Ways is an English language pop/dance song with  Chinese music mixed in. I also like the Chinese themed video. :)

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Videos from My YouTube Playlist- K-pop

Sorry the 2nd post is later again this week. I aim to post twice weekly, once with the Weekly Music Video on Wednesday and again with another post on Fridays or Saturdays, but am a bit behind with things again. Never mind. Hope everyone is doing well. :)

Now onto the post! I've had an idea for a while to feature some videos from my J-pop and K-pop playlist on YouTube, so today I'm starting with K-pop ones. You can view the playlist here:

EXO- Growl 

This is one of my favourite songs by Korean/Chinese boyband EXO. It was a Weekly Music Video in 2014 which you can see here:


Girl group SISTAR disbanded in 2017 but we can still enjoy their songs! :) Alone is one of mt faves and I featured it in a 2014 Girls vs Boys post:

SISTAR- Give It To Me

Here's Give It To …

Weekly Music Video

Today's music video is Be the One (Remix) by British singer Sinead Harnett and featuring Col3trane. The original Be the One can be found as an interlude on Sinead's debut album Lessons in Love, released last September.

The remix came out on  on 20th March and is a nice, chilled out song. (Good for this current time when we could do with relaxing!). :)

She also just uploaded a piano instrumental:

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Body audio and video:

Pulling Away feat. Gallant:

Alina Baraz Debut Album

American singer Alina Baraz has just released her debut album. It's called It Was Divine and came out  yesterday (24th April). The album was originally due out on 5th May but was brought forward. Thank you Alina! :)

It Was Divine contains 16 tracks including singles To Me, Morocco featuring 6LACK and More Than Enough, and Endlessly and Off The Grid featuring Khalid which I think are promotional singles. The theme of the album is losing and finding both love and yourself. Read more about it here:

My favourite songs are Morocco, To Me and The Beginning, and I like most of the others including Frank, Off The Grid, More Than Enough, Endlessly, Gimme The Wheel featuring Smino and Until I Met You featuring Nas. It's a good album overall, with a chilled, dreamy vibe.

Here are some of my faves. Most of them are lyric videos but I will update as and when there are music videos released. :)

To Me

This was the first single off the album, released back in September. I bought it on iTunes

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Want2, the latest release by British rapper and singer B Young. The video was uploaded on 19th March and the single is available to stream and download now.

I like the chilled vibe. Please note that the song is explicit. :)

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079ME music video:

Features Gucci Demon:

Includes Wine:

Selection of True Movies

Sorry the 2nd post is later this week, I was planning to post yesterday but didn't get it finished in time.  :)

I've done several posts about true movies (films featuring real life stories) in the past but there are quite a few I haven't featured. Since the others are called Top 10 True Movies, More True Movies and And More True Movies!,  I admit I'm struggling to think of a new title! So today's post is just called Selection of True Movies, lol.

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Trigger warning:

As with the other posts, most of the films are based on crimes (often murder or abuse) and I realise these are difficult subjects, so read with caution if you're sensitive to these type of films.

Unless otherwise…

Weekly Music Video

Today's music video is Bimar Dil from the Bollywood film Pagalpanti ("Madness" in English). The movie which was released in November is  about a unlucky trio of friends Raj (John Abraham), Junky (Arshad Warsi) and Chandu (Pulkit Samrat) who want to prove that they are not the losers people think they are. Along with their girlfriends they hatch a "get rich quick" scheme while involves gangsters' money! I haven't seen it and it doesn't have good reviews, but I like this song, lol. It is an action/comedy so it won't be taking itself completely seriously. If I see it in future I'll let you know what I think! :)

The playback singers for Bimar Dil ("Sick  Heart" or maybe "Heartsick" would be a better translation!) are Asees Kaur and Jubin Nautiyal. It's a remake of the original Tera Bemar Mera Dil from the 1989 film ChaalBaaz. I think this scene is from when the group finds an abandoned house. The ghost woman is played by

New (ish) J-pop Videos

It's been a while since I've featured some Japanese music (apart from MIREI's English music in a recent Weekly Music Video), so I thought it was time for some J-pop! I've called the post "New (ish) J-pop Videos because some songs are older. :)


First up is NEW AGE by girl group FAKY. It was released in November and was co-written by my favourite singer Koda Kumi!

If you click "Subtitles/Closed Captions" while viewing on YouTube you can see English subtitles. :)

Check out FAKY's lastst release half-moon here:

Koda Kumi-  Bassline ~ 20th Year Special Full Ver ~

Speaking of Koda Kumi she is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her debut!  (I am actually a little confused because I've read that her debut single TAKE BACK  was released in December 2000, but the celebrations started last December. In this article it also states that the single came out in Dec 1999.  Regardless, it is around 20 ye…

Weekly Music Video

Today's music video is Karma by Kosovan American singer Melinda. Her full name is Melinda Ademi and she was born in Kosovo, then grew up in New York. She launched her career by appearing on Season 12 on the reality singing series American Idol and released her debut single Purr in 2015. She sings mainly in Albanian but also in English.

Karma was released in December. It's an Albanian language song but there is a swear word in English! (I always try to let people know in case they don't like explicit songs or they're watching around kids etc.). :)

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Dance Videos

I felt inspired to do another dance video post today, so here it is! My regular belly dance classes are unfortunately no longer running, so I haven't been dancing as much. And also with the coronavirus lots of classes have been cancelled for the time being, so now is a good time to catch up on our dance skills at home! :)

Popular Afro/Africa Dances of 2019 (DANCE TUTORIAL)- Presh Okosi

Let's start with some African dance. This is a video uploaded in January by Nigeran choreographer Presh Okosi where she teaches you some of the most popular African dances of 2019. Now I know we're in 2020 now but never mind! I'm sure some of these dances are still popular!

The video includes the poco and kafo dances.

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Includes 5 basic Afrobeat moves:

AfroHouse Foot…