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Jennifer Lopez- Dame Lyrics and Translation

In February I did a post with the lyrics for Nelly Furtado's song Te Busque. It has some Spanish lyrics and I had a go at translating them. I enjoyed that, so I decided to have a go with one my favourite singers Jennifer Lopez's songs. It's called Dame (Touch Me) and is a duet with Puerto Rican-American singer Chayanne. It appeared on her 2nd album J.Lo (2001).

Update 13/4/18: I went over this again and think Dame likely translates as "Give me".

I used Google Translate, a couple of other online translation sites and my old Spanish dictionary for help! I had a bit of trouble with the title, "Dame" comes out as "give to me" on Google Translate but since the song is also called "Touch Me" I'm going to presume that's what they're singing. I got the lyrics from They're in  the CD booklet too but I also found a lyrics video on YouTube where some of them have an extra bit added or slightly different to what…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Champagne Problems by Nick Jonas. It's from his forthcoming album Last Year Was Complicated, which is due out on 10th June. It's not an actual single I don't think, just a promo one for the new album.

Also check out Nick's new single with Swedish singer Tove Lo, Close:

Katy B's Honey Album

In January I posted about British singer Katy B's  single Calm Down which was the first to be released from her new album Honey. Over the past few months she's released more songs and now the album has come out and is available to listen to Spotify and to buy on iTunes.

As well as Calm Down, I'd previously heard Honey, I Wanna Be  and Who Am I. My favourite songs are I Wanna Be and Chase Me. (I couldn't listen to the new version of Turn The Music Louder because it wasn't available on Spotify but I'll try iTunes instead.

Here's the video for I Wanna Be with producer Chris Lorenzo:

And here's Katy's Spotify link: Katy B- Spotify

What are your favourite songs on the album?

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is L.A. LOVE (la la) by Fergie featuring rapper Y.G. It was Fergie's last single and came out in September 2014. Celebrities feature in the video including comedian Chelsea Handler and TV presenter/singer Kelly Osbourne. One of my favourite Japanese singers Koda Kumi also appears at the end of the video. (I wasn't sure if she was one of the geishas in it). Fergie and Koda previously worked togethger on Koda's song That Ain't Cool.

There's no news on Fergie's second solo album yet but I'll post when I hear anything. :)

More Dua Lipa Videos

The other week I featured British Albanian singer Dua Lipa's video for her single Last Dance as my Weekly Music Video. I've been listening to more of her songs and I thought today I'd share a couple more in this post. :)

First of all here is New Love which was Dua's debut single and came out last August.

 And then here is her second single Be The One. It came out in October.

Which is your favourite? I think I like Be The One slightly more. :)

For more Dua songs check out my latest New Music/Videos post:

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Too Deep by R I T U A L and featuring one of my favourite singers, Delilah. I can't find much info on R I T U A L but I think they are a British band.

I first heard Too Deep on Soundcloud a couple of months ago but then for some reason it said it was no longer available here. You can still listen on YouTube though. :)  It's a haunting, mysterious song that apparently was used for the American TV series Teen Wolf. (I used to watch that but they stopped showing it in the UK after two series, which was annoying!). * Too Deep came out in October.

For more on R I T U A L visit these links:

Official website:

Official FB:


*They are showing it again on another channel now but it's episodes that have already been on.

LA Clippers Dance Squad

I'm a fan of the American reality TV shows Dance MomsBring It! and Step It Up. (Also the British TV series Dance Mums UK). A similar show has just started in the UK called LA Clippers Dance Squad, so I've been watching that. The series follows the dance squad for the basketball team LA Clippers, based in Los Angeles. The squad features 20 girls, team captain Kellie, co-captain Athena, Natalie, Hannah,  Blair, Savanna, Walesska, Haley, Karissa,  Taylor, Gabrielle, Candace, Amber, Brooke, Tatum, Mariah, Brianna, Sharon, Tyra and Bernadette. Petra Pope is the creative director of the team and Latrice Gregory is the choreographer.

The main members featured are rookie Athena Perample who has ruffled feathers with the other girls because she's been made team captain despite having just joined, veteran Kellie Jankesi who has a lot of responsiblity due to being team captain and also had to deal with her mum's death recently, Natalie Tenerelli, another veteran who has been s…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is for Close, the new single by Nick Jonas and featuring Swedish singer Tove Lo. It's from his new album Last Year Was Complicated which is due out on 10th June. Close is out now.

I keep wanting to call this Closer because Nick has another song called that with the rapper Mike Posner, lol. I bought it recently. You can listen to it here:

New Music/Videos

I've listening to a lot of new music lately, so here's an update on the songs I've been hearing (and new videos I've been watching).

Katy B, Craig David and Major Lazer- Who Am I
Dua Lipa- Last Dance
Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla Sign- Work From Home
Sia feat. Sean Paul- Cheap Thrills (lyric video)
Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul- Make My Love Go
Sean Mendes and Camila Cabello (Fifth Harmony)- I Know What You Did Last Summer 
Rihanna feat. Drake- Work
Iggy Azalea- Team (Dance Video) 

Ariana Grande songs:

Ariana Grande- Christmas & Chill EP

Wit It This Christmas
Not Just On Christmas
True Love
Winter Things

 You can listen to it on Spotify (login or sign-up): Ariana Grande Spotify

 Or find the individual songs on her official YouTube channel:

Dua Lipa

 Be The One
New Love
Thinking 'Bout You (demo)
Smoke Drink Break Up (cover of Mila J's son…