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Weekly Music Video

Updated 7/6/16

Today's video is for the Arabic song Betekdeb Alaya by Maria. My belly dance troupe has a dance to this! Maria (full name Maria Nalbandian) is Armenian Lebanese (her parents are Armenian) and is from Lebanon. The song is from her album Ela'b  (2005) which according to Wikipedia means, "Let's Play".

For more on Maria visit her official FB page:

Weekly Music Video

Hello again! I haven't updated the blog for a while because I've had a lot of computer problems. But now I've got a new computer and am back online. :)

This week's video is by Turkish singer Davut Guloglu  and the song is called Seni Seni. I can't find much info about him in English but if you like the music, check out the links below. :)

Official website (Turkish language):

Official Facebook(Turkish)