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Pugwall was an Australian kids TV series from the late 80s/early 90s.  Based on the book of the same name by Margaret Clark, it was about a boy called Peter Unwin George Wall (played by Jason Torrens ) whose nickname Pugwall came from each of the letters of his name. Pugwall lives with his parents and younger sister Marion ( Emma Snow ), nicknamed Marmaloid. His big dream is to be in a band and when he gets a guitar for his 13th birthday he forms the Orange Organics with his friends Orfo ( Jay McCormack) , Bazza ( Troy Beckwith ) and Stringbean ( Ricky Fleming ). Pugwall is the guitarist and sings as well, Orfo plays the drums, Bazza the keyboard and Stringbean is the bass guitarist but they are missing one thing- a lead singer. Then Pugwall has a bike accident, which leads to him meeting Jenny ( Rebecca Blomberg ) in hospital, who turns out to the singer they're looking for. The second series was called Pugwall's Summer. I remember watching this in the summer holidays. Pug

Weekly Music Video

Sorry the post is late this week, I wasn't able to get online yesterday. :) Today it's Bounce Along by Wayne Wonder . It came out in October 2003 and was from the album No Holding Back (also released in 2003). My favourite song of Wayne's is No Letting Go but I like Bounce Along too. :) Update 2/7/16: I had to re-add the video and it looks like it doesn't work but if you click on it, it should play. :)                                       

1000 Songs In A Year- 193 to 263

Here's the next instalment of my 1000 Songs In A Year challenge. :) Bollywood 193. Aaj Dil Shayrana - Holiday- A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Eurovision Finals 194. Is It Right - Elaiza (Germany) 195. Moustache - TWIN TWIN (France) 196. La Mia Citta - Emma (Italy) 197. Dancing in the rain - Ruth Lorenzo (Spain) 198. Cliche Love Song - Basim (Denmark)

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is for a piece of music rather than a song, it's called Elements and is a violin piece performed by Lindsey Stirling . She is an American hip hop/ dubstep violinist who was voted off the quarter finals of TV talent show America's Got Talent   (Season/Series 5) in 2010. Lindsey is a classically trained violinist who mixes violin music with hip hop and dubstep beats. She is also a dancer. After being rejected on America's Got Talent, Lindsey went on to release music independently. She started out making her own music videos with the help of cinematographer Devin Graham and putting them on YouTube. The first video for Spontaneous Me was popular, her YouTube channel Lindseystomp became very successful and she later created another YouTube channel called LindseyTime for behind the scenes and tour videos. In September 2012 she released her debut album Lindsey Stirling, which was re-released as a deluxe version in October 2013. Lindsey's second album

The Defamation of Strickland Banks

It's time for the last song in The Defamation of Strickland Banks post series. It's called What You Gonna Do and is No 13 on the album. It wasn't released as a single. New evidence has come to light in the rape case (Strickland was wrongfully convicted of rape) and there is a retrial. This time Strickland's girlfriend is not in court supporting him. He sings that after what he's been through, he is less bothered about whether he's released or left in jail to serve the rest of his sentence but the jury should hurry up and make a decision soon. The album ends on a cliffhanger so you don't know if he was set free or not. I like to think he was released! :) Hope you enjoyed the series! :) Check out all the other posts here: Love Goes Down (song)/Writing's On The Wall Stay Too Long   Love Goes Down  She Said Welcome To Hell Hard Times The Recluse Traded in My Cigarettes  Prayin' Darkest Place Free I Know A Song

Weekly Music Video

This is Fall Over by BANKS . It's from her first EP of the same name which was released in 2013 but I came across it this year and recently bought it on iTunes . It's one of my favourite songs at the moment. :) BANKS is releasing her debut album GODDESS this year. It's not out till 8th September but it's available for pre-order here: P.S. Austria won Eurovision this year, with the song Rise Like a Phoenix by the "bearded lady" Conchita Wurst! I voted for Hungary but the Austrian song was good. :)

Eurovision Past and Present

I normally only post twice a week but I'm doing an extra post this week because it's Eurovision tonight and I also wanted to do a 1000 Songs Challenge post because if I leave it too long there will be too many songs in one go to write up! :) So it's time for the Eurovision Song Contest again! Last year Emilie de Forest won for Denmark with her song Only Teardops , so this year the contest is in Copenhagen. The UK's entry is Molly who is singing Children of the Universe . I think the song's alright, a bit different. I like the fact that she's not a well known artist and so this is an opportunity for her (Eurovision is a chance to launch a career) but I would still like it if we were able to choose the acts ourselves, like we could a few years ago. I thought I'd do something different this year and post some videos of the songs I liked from past and present Eurovisions. :) Past  Secret Combination- Kalomira (Greece)  Kalomira  (full name Kalomira

1000 Songs In A Year- 119 to 192

Here are the latest songs I've been listening to as part of my 1000 Songs challenge. There are over 70 songs in this post! I watched the Eurovision Semi Finals and that pushed the number up. Random music videos on 21st Century Bliss 119. Rae Morris- Do You Even Know 120. Foxes- Holding Onto Heaven 121. Anastacia- Stupid Little Things 122. Sara Bareilles- Brave 123. Molly- Children of the Universe (2014 UK Eurovision entry) 124. Iggy Azalea- Pu$$y Akarri 125. Comet Down 126. Rolling Stone 127. Last Call 128. Black Widow 129. We On Top Listen to Akarri's music here:

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is The Worst by American singer Jhené Aiko .  Jhené (full name Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo) was signed to Epic and TUG record labels at only 12 years old and featured on several of American R'n'B group B2K 's songs, as well as bringing out her own music. At 16 she asked to be released from her record companies so that she could finish high school.  In 2007 Jhené came back on the music scene and went on to bring out a mixtape called Sailing Souls in 2011, which was released via her website. The meaning behind the mixtape's title is that she would rather "sail her soul" than "sell her soul", something she was told to do when meeting up with record label bosses. She eventually signed to Def Jam in 2012. In September that year  Jhené released 3.16am, the first single from her debut EP Sail Out, which came out in November 2013. Her debut album Souled Out is due out this month. I came across Jhené on Pinterest and looked her up o

The Defamation of Strickland Banks

Here is the second to last song from The Defamation of Strickland Banks. It's called I Know A Song and is No 12 on the album. After going through a hard time and struggling with life in prison plus regrets for the way he behaved beforehand, Strickland has reached a more peaceful point. He sings that if he ever sees his ex-girlfriend (the one on he cheated on with the girl who went on to falsely accuse him of rape) again, he knows a song he can sing to her. Watch the other videos here:   Love Goes Down (song)/Writing's On The Wall Stay Too Long   Love Goes Down  She Said Welcome To Hell Hard Times The Recluse Traded in My Cigarettes  Prayin' Darkest Place Free