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Weekly Music Video

Today is Hallowe'en, so here's a video from alternative/gothic rock band Evanescence to fit the the theme! It's their classic song Bring Me To Life, their debut single which was released in 2003. Paul McCoy from the Christian rock band 12 Stones sings on the track, along with lead singer Amy Lee.

I actually learnt a dance to this at a Lianna Greene belly dance/gothic fusion workshop in April!

Evanescence fan? Check out these links:

Sweet Sacrifice video:



The band's latest single Hi-Lo featuring violinist Lindsey Stirling:

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Hallowe'en Inspiration

Sorry the 2nd post is later this week, I wasn't able to finish it yesterday. :)

It's almost Hallowe'en! It's this Wednesday (31st October) so here is this year's themed post. :)

In 2016 I did a Hallowe'en Faves + Round-Up post which was about my favourite Hallowe'en/scary things and also a round-up of spooky themed posts I'd previously done on Star Sparkle. You can check that out here:

And here is last year's post with more Hallowe'n films and TV:

This year I'm doing a general Hallowe'en inspiration post which includes scary TV and films. :)

Contains some spoilers, although I've tried to avoid them. :)


In March I did a post called More X-Files Episodes, the follow-up to 2014's Top 10 X-Files. Check it out here:

Mountain Mon…

Weekly Music Video

This is Fingers, the latest single by ZAYN (Zayn Malik, former One Direction band member turned solo singer). It's out now and think it will be on his upcoming 2nd solo album. (No release date as yet).

I like the mellow vibe and the music in the background. This just an audio for now, but there's a music video I'll update the post.

Please note that the song is explicit. :)

You can read more about Fingers here:

ZAYN fan? Check out these links:

Official FB page:

Let Me music video:

Bollywood Horror

It's Hallowe'en season! It's one of my favourite events/festivals (I also celebrate the pagan festival Samhain, precursor of Hallowe'en), so in celebration of that, I thought I'd do my first post on Bollywood horror.

Note: These videos don't have English subtitles (apart from Stree) but you should be able to understand what's basically going on. :)

Raaz (2002)

Raaz ("Secret" in English) is about couple Aditya Dhanranj (played by Dino Morea) and  Sanjana  (Bipasha Basu) who are having problems in their marriage and on the brink of getting divorced. They go to stay in Ooty hoping to repair things, but Sanjana starts to experience strange things and believes she is being haunted by a female spirit. It turns out that a girl has previously been attacked in the woods, reportedly by a ghost. Furthermore Aditya has a secret which is about to come out...

Here's a song from the film, Aapke Pyaar Mein Hum, featuring Dino and actress Malini Sharma. The play…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Let Me Know by LANY. It's from their second album Malibu Nights which was just released on 9th October.

Let Me Know isn't a single but it's my favourite out the songs so far. (Still have a couple more I haven't heard yet). I like the chilled vibe and the beat. It's an audio but if there's a new video in future, I'll update this post. :)

LANY fan? Check out these links:

yea, babe, no way music video:

Their 1st album LANY:

Thru These Tears, 1st single from Malbib Nights:

Also the music video for Malibu Nights just premiered yesterday:

Girls vs Boys- J-pop

Haven't done one of these in a while, the last one was in June, and the last J-pop themed Girls vs Boys was in 2013! Today's it between Japanese girl group E-girls and boyband THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE.

Note:  Avex videos are now blocked from being shown on third party applications. If you click on the videos you can watch them fine on YouTube. :)

E-girls My Way

For my first post on E-girls (who are the sister unit of EXILE) visit this link:

In 2017 E-girls changed their line-up and there are now 11 members instead of  the original 19. Also they are part of the larger collective E.G. Family, which consists mainly of female members.

This is My Way featuring Japanese reggae groups FIRE BALL and MIGHTY CROWN  and dance/electro group PKCZ®. It was released in August and is a reggae type song. I'm not sure if this is the full song.


RAMPAGE are part of the supergroup EXILE TRIBE, which is also …

Weekly Music Video

This is Freedom, the latest single by  Canadian Chinese singer Kris Wu (former member of Korean/Chinese boyband EXO) featuring American singer Jhené Aiko. It's cool to see Kris team up with Jhené since I like both their music. :) The song has a chilled out kind of vibe, then a good beat.

Freedom was released on 14th September and the music video was uploaded to YouTube on 8th October. (I'd previously included the audio in my Sept New Music/Videos post). Please note that the song contains swearing. :)

Kris and/or Jhené fan? Check out these links:


Official site:

Official FB:

JULY music video:

Deserve feat. Travis Scott:

Like That:

Tian Di:…

J-pop Round-up 2018

In August I did a round-up of the Bollywood posts on the blog so far in 2018. You can read that here:

I'm currently working on a new J-pop themed post, but for now I decided to do a similar post about the J-pop posts I've done on Star Sparkle so far in 2018.  So here we go. :)

New Music for 2018- Part 1 (features Korean singer BoA's Japanese language single Jazzclub:

New Music for 2018- Part 2 (includes ONE DAY  by Ryuji Imaichi:

New J-pop Releases:

Korean boyband MONSTA X's Japanese single LIVIN' IT UP:

BananaLemon- LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME:

Namie …

Weekly Music Video

This week's video (or audio) is Don't Let Go by Jeffrey Chang. He's a Canadian singer who appeared on Canada's Got Talent.

Don't Let Go is from Jeffrey's EP Project 101, which is available on his website to download for free. (Thanks Jeffrey!). :) He also explains the story behind the tracks on the site (see below for link). The Don't Let Go audio was uploaded in August. I came across it last month and included it in September's New Music/Videos post. It's about a complicated relationship.

For more on Jeffrey check out these links:

Official site (download Project 101 here):

Official YouTube channel:

Official FB: