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Hocus Pocus

Since it's Hallowe'en I thought I'd do a post on one of my favourite spooky films, Hocus Pocus. :) It came out in 1993 and I used to watch it a lot as a pre-teen and teenager and still really like it now, lol.

It's about teenager Max Denison (played by Omri Katz) who moves from California to Salem, Massachusetts with his parents and little sister Dani (Thora Birch). Max isn't happy about the move and is finding it hard being the new kid in town. Now it's Hallowe'en and his parents want Max to take Dani trick or treating but he's not keen on the idea.

At school the teacher tells Max's class about the local legend of the Sanderson sisters. In 1693 there were 3 sisters called Winifred aka Winnie (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy) and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker), who lived in the woods and were rumoured to be witches. The townspeople believed them responsible for the disappearance of their children and when they discovered that the sisters had kidnapp…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is F**k Em Only We Know by BANKS. It's  one of my favourite songs from her album GODDESS. It's a good album, one of the best releases this year in my opinion. :)

As you can tell by the title, the song is explicit. :)

1000 Songs 644-676

Here's the latest update on the 1000 Songs Challenge. :)

Jessie Ware

Songs from Tough Love album

644. Pieces
645. Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe
646. Want Your Feeling
647. Tough Love

648. Gorgon City feat. Zak Abel- Unmissable


649. Caught Up In The Rapture
650. Take Me Home
651. Glory

This is from JoJo's mixtape #LoveJo. You can download it on her Soundcloud:

Random music channels

652. Nick Jonas- Chains
653. Alexa Goddard- So There
654. TIEKS feat. Celeste- Sing That Song
655. The Dealer feat. Damon C. Scott- Right Beside You

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for Crystallize by violinist Lindsey Stirling. It's from her debut album Lindsy Stirling which came out in 2012 and was re-released as a deluxe version in October 2013.

Elements, which I wrote about in my first post on Lindsey (see link on her name) is my favourite song of hers that I've heard so far but this one is good too. :) Both of them are a style of music called "dubstep violin" (dubstep beats mixed with violin music). Crystallize was one of the most popular YouTube videos of 2012.

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was one of my favourite TV programmes when I was a teenager and I still like to watch it now! lol. It was an American supernatural/fantasy comedy series about a teenage girl called Sabrina Spellman (played by Melissa Joan Hart) who shortly after moving in with her aunts Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick) Spellman in Westbridge, Massachusetts, discovers that she is a witch. Technically she is half witch and half mortal, she's been raised by her human mother but due to a witch law, now that she has her powers she can't see her mother again or she (her mum) will turn into a ball of wax! Her father is Hilda and Zelda's brother and they're all witches. The show was based on the comic book series also called Sabrina The Teen Age Witch and the film of the same name. The film has some differences, such as being set in the location of Riverdale, Sabrina's surname being Sawyer instead of Spellman and different actresses playing the au…

Weekly Music Video

Sorry this week's post is late. I wasn't feeling well yesterday.

Today's video is for the song (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right by Luther Ingram. Luther was an American singer and songwriter who started making music in the 60s and carried on releasing records until the 80s. His first successful single was My Honey and Me which got to No 55 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in  February 1970. His other songs include Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One), Be Good To Me Baby and Let's Steal Away To The Hideaway. Luther died in 2007.

(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right is Luther's most well known song, it was No 1 on the Billboard Hot R'n'B/Hip Hop Chart and No 3 on the Hot 100 in 1972.  I first heard it years ago in the film A Very Brady Sequel, during the Marcia and Greg scenes, lol. But only the bits that they played. I heard the full song last year I think; when I looked it up on YouTube. It's about a …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is The Pressure by Jhené Aiko. It was released as a single on 18th July and is from her debut album Souled Out which came out last month.

This is a good song; I bought it a few weeks ago. I also saw this video on MTV Base the other day. I think it's the first time I've seen a Jhené video on British TV. :)

Ninja Warrior

Like Takeshi's Castle, Ninja Warrior (its original title is SASUKE) is another Japanese gameshow that I like. They were showing it on Challenge but I haven't seen it lately, so I'm not sure if it's on at the moment.

Ninja Warrior is a bit different to Takeshi's Castle because it's more of an athletic sports competition.The format of the show is that 100 people compete against other by taking an obstacle course that has 4 stages. The course (which involves obstacles such as climbing up walls and ropes, jumping and hanging from pipes and bars and crossing bridges) is very hard and people are often out in the early stages. The majority of the competitors in the main competition are men, although you might get the odd woman. There are also special all women programmes called Women of Ninja Warrior (KUNIOCHI). SASUKE debuted in 1997 and has had 30 series so far. An American version called American Ninja Warrior was launched in 2009.

The commentary on the British ver…

Weekly Music Video

Korean girl group Girls' Generation have released a new single. It's called Divine and is from their Japanese greatest hits album The Best New Limited Edition, which came out in July in Japan. (They sing in Japanese as well as Korean and English). Divine came out on 28th September. This video is the Story Version. (I haven't seen another version yet but will update when I do).

Girls' Generation are now down a member, since Jessica has left to concentrate on her solo career. The group will carry on with 8 members. :)

Update 17/12/14: I think this is the other video version: