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Teen Mom: Young Moms Club

There's a new addition to the Teen Mom universe! New series Teen Mom: Young Moms Club has just started in the US and is due to start in the UK next week. It's  is slightly different though, since it started out as reality series Pretty Little Mamas (I don't think we ever got that in the UK before) which was shown late last summer. It's now been re-branded as part of the Teen Mom franchise, which also consists of Teen Mom OG (Original Girls), Teen Mom 2, the short lived Teen Mom 3 (which Briana DeJesus originally starred in before joining TM 2 in 2017, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant and international versions such as Teen Mom UK.

Young Moms Club follows the lives of  6 friends- Heather, Nikki, Chandlar, Nicole, Cheyenne and Alyssa who live in San Diego, California If you haven't previously seen Pretty Little Mamas (like me), then you can read more about the mums below. :)

Heather Miinch

Heather, 22, had her first baby, son Levi with high school boyfriend Taylor aged 18…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is One Night in Dubai by Arash featuring Helena. Iranian Swedish singer Arash represented Azerbaijan in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, along with AySel (he has Azerbaijani heritage). Their duet Always came 3rd.

One Night in Dubai is Arash's latest single, released in March and it's sung in a mixture of Persian and English. This is the official audio but if there's a music video later I'll update this post. :)

For the lyrics and an English translation of the Persian lyrics, visit this link:

It also includes Romanian and Turkish translations. :)

Update 6/6/19: Here is the official music video which just premiered today:

P.S.  Speaking of Eurovision, it's almost May so it means the 2019 contest is coming up soon! This year the Grand Final will be held on 18th May in Israel. Being a Eurovision fan I'm planning to do a couple of posts soon. Check out the official site here: https…

C-pop Saturday

Time for another C-pop Saturday! :)

Jolin Tsai- Womxnly

First of all here is Taiwanese singer Jolin's song Womnxly which was a Weekly Music Video last month:

Jolin- Lady in Red

This is the latest song from Jolin. The video which was uploaded on 1st April, is about love and betrayal by a friend.  If you view it on YouTube itself and click "Subtitles/closed captions" you can see English subtitles. :)

Both Womxnly and Lady in Red are from Jolin's latest album, UGLY BEAUTY which was released in December.

Please note: This video contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. It's age restricted on YouTube.

Nick Chou and Tia Ray- Lincoln MKC

I came across this a while ago and couldn't read the Chinese, so wasn't sure who exactly it was! But after reading some YouTube comment I realised it was Nick Chou (NICKTHE REAL) and Tia Ray and I think the song is for the launch of the Lincoln MKC …

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Desert Rose by Lolo Zouai. She's a French American singer who was born in Paris and grew up in San Francisco, California. Her breakout song was 2017's High Highs to Low Lows which was very popular on music sites such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

Lolo's latest single is Ride and her debut album High Highs to High Lows is due out on Friday (19th April).

Desert Rose was uploaded to YouTube last May but I only came across it in March and featured it in that month's New Music/Videos post. It's a very personal song about bridging divides and acceptance. Lolo is half Algerian and says growing up in America has created cultural and religious divide between her father's family and herself. In the song, which is written in a mixture of English, French and Arabic, she asks her dad's family to accept and love her as she is. This is the official audio.

Find the lyrics here:

And watch the new video f…

Dance Videos

It's been a while since I shared some dance videos (last post was in August!),  and also I'm going to a belly dance workshop with Katie Holland tomorrow, so I'd thought I'd do a dance themed post today. Here is the first Dance Videos post of 2019! :)

Ariana Grande- God is a woman Dance Choreography by Jojo Gomez feat. Kaycee Rice

 First up is a dance to Ariana Grande's hit song God is a woman (the 2nd single from her 2018 album album Sweetener) by Jojo Gomez and featuring Kaycee Rice. Jojo is a dancer and choreographer who lives in Los Angeles. She has danced with stars such as Justin Bieber, Cher Lloyd, Tinashe and J Balvin, and on TV shows including Glee, The X Factor USA and America's Got Talent.

The video was uploaded last August.

Watch the music video for God is a woman here:

And for more Jojo check out these links:

Cosmoplitan feature:…

Weekly Music Video

It's been a while since I've featured Japanese American singer Utada Hikaru (or Hikaru Utada in the Western way) on the blog. Utada is her surname/family name but also her mononym/stage name).

She took a hiatus in 2011 but returned to music in late 2012 with the single Sakura Nagashi (Flowing Cherry Blossoms). In December 2013 she celebrated the 15th anniversary  of her debut under her real name in Japan (she originally released music under the stage name Cubic U).

In 2016 Utada (also known as Hikki) released her 6th Japanese language studio album, Fantôme and last June she brought out Hatsukkoi (First Love), her 7th Japanese album. Her last English one was 2009's This Is The One (a good album!).

This is Too Proud which appears on Hatsukkoi featuring British rapper/producer Jevon. This is a remix which features Japanese singer Yo-Sea. It's an audio and was uploaded to YouTube in February. It's in Japanese and English and the lyrics are at the bottom of the video. …

And More True Movies!

Sorry the post is later this week/weekend. I started working on it a couple of days ago but didn't manage to get it finished yesterday. :)

Back in 2016 I did a post about my Top 10 true movies (films based on true stories). I also wrote a follow-up in 2017. I'd had it in my mind to do a 3rd post and had saved a post in my Drafts, but didn't get round to it, lol. I  felt inspired to finish it though, so here are some more true movies! :)

Check out the previous posts here:

Top 10 True Movies:

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Trigger warning:

As with the other posts, most of the films are based on crimes (often murder or abuse) and I realise these are difficult subjects, so read with caution if you're sensitive to these type of films.

Unless otherwise stated videos are trailers. Please note that post contains spoilers. :)

Till Murder Do Us Part  (1992)


Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Miss You Bad by Mr Eazi featuring Burna Boy. It's from his latest mixtape Life is Eazi Vol 2- Lagos to London which was released last year.

The video for Miss You Bad came out in January. I really like the background music in the chorus. :)

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