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Weekly Music Video

Here is Last of The Wilds by Nightwish. It's from their 6th studio album Imaginereum, the first album with the second singer Anette. She doesn't sing on Last of The Wilds because it's an instrumental but there's also another version with Finnish vocals by Jonsu from the pop rock/metal band Indica.

For the Finnish singing version, visit this link:

Anggun Lyrics Project

Here's another song as part of the Anggun Lyrics Project. These are the lyrics for My Man featuring Pras Michel (from the Fugees) from Elevation. It was released as a single, so has an official video. The French version is Si je te t'emmène.

My Man feat. Pras Michel

Verse 1

Boys like you can't stop playing with your toys
Girls like me won't stop trying to change your world
If you wanna be my man (ooh)
I will make you understand (ooh)
If you wanna be my man
Quit the games you're playing

I've been watching you
Seeking a lady just like a hunter (?)
I've been watching you
Looking for something that you can conquer
I've been watching you being a player
If you wanna be my man
You have got to cease the chasing game


Won't you drop your guns..hands/arms in the air (?)
Maybe you should give up for once
So do you dare?
If you were my man
If you were my man
Won't you drop your guns for me? For me?

Verse 2

Girls like me..will keep on falling for bad
Boys like …

Weekly Music Video

Today it's a song by Korean singer Rain (Bi). Rain (real name Jung Ji-Hoon) is also a dancer and actor and runs a record label, J. Tune Entertainment, which the group MBLAQ is signed to. He is a massive star in Asia, especially Korea and Japan and has released music in both languages. He is also popular in America. Rain debuted in 2002 with the album Bad Guy and has released 5 Korean studio albums and 2 Japanese ones.  He has acted in films and TV series including I'm A Cyborg But That's OK, Ninja Assassin, Full House and A Love To Kill. This song is variously translated as Ways To Avoid The Sun, Running From The Sun and Escaping The Sun and is from Rain's 2003 album of the same name.

I like this song but my favourite is the remix which you can watch here: Rain- Avoiding The Sun (Remix)

For more on Rain, visit these links:

Official site (Korean/English):

Official site (Japanese):

Eurovision Songs I Like

It's a year since Eurovision already! That means that it's been a year since my  post on 3 singers I discovered through Eurovison. The 2013 contest is held in Malmo, Sweden, who won last year with the song Euphoria by Loreen. The UK's entry is Believe In Me by Bonnie Tyler. The song sounds ok, better than lat year's by Englebert Humperdinck anyway! lol.This year I thought I'd do a post on the songs I've liked over the years. :)

Jan Jan- Inga and Anush (Armenia) 

Sisters Inga and Anush Arshakyan represented Armenia in 2009 with the song Jan Jan and finished in 10th place. They had released 3 albums before they entered Eurovision. Inga plays the violin and Anush is a pianist. Jan Jan translates as "My Dear". It's a folky song with a good rhythm.

For more on the sisters visit their official site:*

Wild Dances- Ruslana (Ukraine)

Ruslana won the contest for Ukraine in  2004. Can't believe it was 9 years ago!! Wild Dances is a …

Weekly Music Video

Here's another Sarah Connor video, this time for the song Bounce. This is the American version from her debut US album Sarah Connor (2004), which contained songs from Sarah's first release Green Eyed Soul (2001) as well as her second and third albums Unbelievable (2002) and Key To My Soul (2003). Bounce is also on Unbelievable but it's a slightly different version. I like both. :) According to Wikipedia, Bounce samples Mary J. Blige's song A Family Affair and the rapper who features is called Mr Freeman. There is an A Freeman listed as a co-writer for the song in the Unbelievable album booklet.

Anggun Lyrics Project

In the continuation of the Anggun Lyrics Project, here are the lyrics for No song from Elevation. There are also French and Indonesian versions called Rien a ecrie and Berganti Hati (No song).

No song

Verse 1

There's no song for you
I'm out of stories
Since I was (?)
What's there to tell about you and me?
No song for you
I've nothing to say
My heart was empty
But now the clouds are gone from the days

Chorus 1

I've overcame the pain
No useless tears again
There's no more things to blame, not even something to pretend
The anger's gone away
There's nothing left to say
The good of yesterday had made me who I am today

What's the use of regrets?
We were just imperfect

Verse 2

There's no song for you
I've made this promise
Out of the blue
When I remembered our first kiss
No song for you
So don't look for it
There are things I can't do
I can't turn back to the life I've wasted

Chorus 2

I've overcame the pain
No useless tears again
No more th…

Weekly Music Video

Today it's Attracting Flies by AlunaGeorge. They are a British electronic duo made up of singer Aluna Francis and producer George Reid. AlunaGeorge have been together since 2009 and released their first single You Know You Like It in 2012. However their breakthrough single was Your Drums, Your Love which came out last September. Their debut album Body Music is due out on 13th June. The duo also recently did a song with Disclosure called White Noise. Attracting Flies is their latest single which came out in March and the video is a play on different fairytales, which includes an inner city Rapunzel, Princess and the Pea and Sleeping Beauty!

For more on AlunaGeorge visit their website:

New Koda Kumi video

This is the video for Koda Kumi's single Pink Spider from her new covers album Color the Cover. The songs are all covers of classic Japanese hits. Pink Spider was originally sung by J-rock singer hide, who was a solo artist,  lead guitarist of the heavy metal band X Japan and lead singer and guitarist of the alternative/rock band Zilch. He died 15 years ago and his death was ruled a suicide.

For hide's version, click here:

Update 9/5/13: Koda Kumi's record company Avex have had the video removed and the only one on YouTube is a 1.24 clip from them:

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Weekly Music Video

Today it's Mila Mila from the Tollywood film Super (2005). It stars famous Tollywood  actor Nagarjuna who has  also appeared  in Bollywood and Tamil films and Ayesha Takia, who is mainly a Bollywood actress. The story is about taxi service owner Akil (played by Nagarjuna) who falls in love with doctor Siri Valli (Ayesha). Siri's adopted brother is Sonu, a robber, ( played by Sonu Sood, most famous for his Telugu roles) who happens to be Akil's enemy, which causes big problems!

Thai singer Tata Young also has a version of this song, which I like as well.