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Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

25/2/19: Updated with more social media links. :)

Earlier this month I did a post on the new series of Teen Mom UK. At the end of of the post I mentioned that a new show had started in America called Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. It's now due to start in the UK next week, so here's more about the programme. :)

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is the latest in the Teen Mom franchise which started with the 2009 series 16 and Pregnant. It follows 5 girls- Ashely, Brianna, Kayla, Lexi and Jade. Their ages vary from 17 to 21.

Lexi Tatman

The clip of Lexi was the first one I saw. She's 17 and  a cheerleader from Colorado. Her baby son's father is Kyler Lopez and she split-up with him before finding out she was pregnant. When you see Lexi cheerleading while pregnant it reminds me of Farrah Abraham (from Teen Mom OG) in her 16 and Pregnant episode!

Here are Lexi's social media links:



Weekly Music Video

Today's video is What We Remember by Anggun. It's the first single from her latest album 8. Both single and album were released in December.

8 is an English language album (Anggun sings in Indonesian, French and English). I just bought Forget Her which is another good song.

For more Anggun visit these links:

Anggun Lyrics Project introduction post:

Face au vent (French language):

Hate Story IV Music Videos

Earlier this month I featured Aashiq Banaya Aape from new Bollywood film Hate Story IV as my Weekly Music video. It's the fourth instalment in the Hate Story series and is an erotic drama/thriller about brothers Aryan (played by Vivan Bhatena) and Rajveer (Karan Wahi) who fall in love with the same girl, Tasha (played by Urvashi Rautela). But Tasha isn't all that she seems. It looks to be set in England.

This  has got bad reviews but I'd still like to see it sometime! I like the music so today I'm sharing some more videos from the film.

First of all here is Aashiq Banaya Aapne (a new version of  Himesh Reshammiya's original one):

Next is is Tum Mere Ho, featuring love scenes between Tasha and Aryan. It's quite raunchy by Bollywood standards! The playback singers are Jubin Nautiyal and Amrita Singh, who is also an actress and the ex-wife of actor Saif Ali Khan.

This is Badnaa…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is- ROOF ON FIRE by Chinese singer Victoria Song. Her Chinese name is Song Qian and she is a member of Korean girl group f(x). * She's also an actress, model and dancer. She studied Chinese traditional dance the Beijing Dance Academy. Her film and TV credits include South Korean reality show We Got Married, TV series When Love Walked In, and films My New Sassy Girl and My Best Friend's Wedding (Chinese, not the American one!)

ROOF ON FIRE  is Victoria's debut solo single and the video was uploaded this month. Her debut album Victoria is due out soon. She's singing in Chinese, I would guess Mandarin but I'm not sure. :)

This is an audio I came across but there's also a video. It's not an official upload but it must be the official music video:

Also check out the dance version here:

Follow Victoria on Instagram:…

New Turkish Music

At the beginning of the year I did a couple of posts on new music for 2018. You can read them here:

I mentioned I would do another post on new Turkish music, so here it is. :)

Hadise- Farkımız Va

First up here is Farkımız Va by Turkish Belgian singer Hadise. It translates as "We Are Different" in English and is from her latest album Şampiyon (Champion), which was released last June. The video was uploaded to YouTube on 14th March

Kenan Doğulu- Kardan Kadın

This is  Kardan Kadın by Kenan Doğulu. It's from his album "Aşka Türlü Şeyler and the video was uploaded on 5th March.


This is Ben by Berksan. His full name is Berksan Ozer and he went to a Turkish music school as a child. He released his debut album Çilek in September 2003. Since then he's released 5 more albums- Kalbime Dönüyorum (2005), Bay Bay (2007), …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Mine by American singer Bazzi. His full name is Andrew Bazzi and he got started in his career by sharing music on Vine. His song Bring Me Home was a Vine Featured Track in 2015. His singles include Alone, Beautiful and Sober.

Mine was released last October and became a internet meme. The official video was uploaded at the end of January. Please note that that the song is explicit. :)

For more on Bazzi check out this article:

And follow him on FB here:

New Teen Mom UK Series

Teen Mom UK is back for a third series next week. We'll find out what's been going with Mia and her daughter Marliya, Megan and her children McKenzie and Dulcie Mae, Chloe and son Marley, Amber and her little boy Brooklyn, and Sassi and daughter Zena'ya. (Original cast member Naomi and her little girl Kyanna left  in Series 2 and were replaced by Sassi and Zen'aya). Here are some quick updates. :)


Sassi, 19,  and her boyfriend Darren have sadly split-up because Sassi felt he wasn't doing enough to help her with Zena'ya, now 1. But she hopes that they become a happy family again in the future.  You can read more here:


19 year old Megan's son McKenzie is now 2 and daughter Dulcie is nearly 1. Megan has just gone back to college. She  was previously running Meg's Glittery Crafts on Facebook but i…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Aashiq Banaya Aapne from the new Bollywood film Hate Story IV. It's an erotic drama/thriller about two brothers and a girl out for revenge. Urvashi Rautela stars as lead Tasha, alongside Vivan Bhatena and Karan Wahi. It's the fourth instalment in the Hate Story series.

The playback singers are Himesh Reshammiya who also sang the original version in the film of the same name, and Neha Kakkar.

I don't think there are too many  erotic thrillers in Bollywood! Since it's an industry known for being more conservative, and those actors and actresses who kiss in films - eg. Emraan Hashmi (who started in Aashiq Banaya Apane) and Mallika Sherawat- have become known for it. But there are some  such as Jism, Murder (which Mallika stars in) and  the rest of the Hate Story series.  The Aashiq Banaya Aapne movie had some racy scenes as well. I've seen Aashiq Banaya but not any of the Hate Story films. This one sounds good though, I'd like to watch …

More X-Files Episodes

Sorry that the post is later again this week; I started it yesterday but went out for a meal with my dance group and didn't have time to finish. :)

Back in 2014 I did a post of my Top 10  X-Files episodes which you can read here:

Now Season 11 is currently on in the UK, here's a follow ups of more of my favourite episodes.  While the Top 10 post is in the order that I like the episodes, this one is in chronological order.

Unless otherwise stated videos are trailers. Post contains some spoilers. :)

Eve (Series/Season 1, Episode 11)

Two men are murdered in startlingly similar ways (blood drained out of holes in their necks) at exactly the same time. When Mulder and Scully (played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson respectively) investigate they discover that the men's daughters Teena Simmons (played by Sabrina Krievens) in Connecticut and Cindy Reardon (played by her real life twin Erika) look identic…