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Dance Moms Girls Updates- Part 2

Sorry the 2nd post is later this week, I've got behind with things and also been having internet connection problems.:)

Last month I did a post about what the girls from reality series Dance Moms have been up to since the show ended. I  decided to do it in two parts and you can read Part 1 here:

I've decided to do it in 3 parts, so here is Part 2 featuring Kalani, Brooke, Paige and Asia. :)

Kalani Hilliker

Kalani  was originally a contestant on the Dance Moms spin-off show Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (where teacher Abby Lee Miller looked for new dancers) and then joined the main programme in Series/Season 4 in 2014. She stayed till the end of the show. Her mum is Kira Girard. She.has been praised as a strong dancer and was often given solos.

In 2016 Kalani  appeared in the music video for Mackenzie Sol's song My name. is now a member of The Irreplaceables along, with Chloe, Nia, Kendall.(see Part 1). (Camryn was originally a part of the team but she isn't any more and Nia isn't currently touring with with girls either). She was the oldest member of the most recent Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), I think and is now 17. She is best friends with Kendall.

Here's the My Name video:

And here's a video of Kalani and Maddie dancing to Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You which was uploaded last April:

Keep up with Kalani at the links below:

Official site:

Official FB:




The Irreplacables are set to tour Australia and New Zealand soon. Check out their website at:

Brooke Hyland

Brooke and her younger sister Paige were with the ALDC since they were little. Brooke was the oldest member when Dance Moms started and a favourite of Abby's. She was known for her acrobatic technique. Things soured with Abby and Kelly, culminating in a fight after Abby threw a chair in Paige's direction. There was a legal battle and Kelly and the girls left the show during S4 in 2014.

Brooke launched a music career with the release of her self titled debut album in August 2013 and debut single Summer Love, which featured on Dance Moms. Her other singles are I Hurt and Mean to Me.  Brooke considered being a cheerleader rather than a dancer at one point but she kept dancing after quitting Dance Moms. She graduated high school in 2016 and went to Ohio University to study business. Now aged 20 she is a food critic. She has an Instagram account which you can follow here:

This is the video for Mean to Me where the teacher looks suspiciously like Abby!

For more on Brooke visit these links:

Official Instagram:


Paige Hyland

Brooke's little sister Paige left the programme after the "chair incident", along with Brooke and mum Kelly. If you want to see the fight which is featured in Episode 8 of S4, click on the highlighted link above or go here:

I'm not sure what exactly Paige is doing these days but she's still at school, I believe. She's 17 and according to a Google search she's in the 11th grade  (I think it's equivalent to the UK Sixth Form) at a school in Pennsylvania. I don't know if this information is 100% accurate though. She was still dancing as recently as 2016.

Here are Paige's links:



Asia Monet Ray

Asia joined the show in Series/Season 3, with her mum Kristie. Like Kailani she was originally a contestant on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. Despite her young age (7 at the time) she stood out as  a dancer and was given solos. She and Kristie left Dance Moms during S3 because Asia didn't want to compete professionally anymore. They went on to star in the show Raising Asia which also featured Asia's dad Shawn and little sister Bella Blu. It only had one series.

Asia also acts and sings and has been called a "digital influencer" due to her online presence. Her singles include Christmas Time, I'll Show You featuring. Rio Magini (Justin Bieber cover), Rise (Katy Perry cover) and Come Along; and her debut album Asia Monet came out in July 2014. Her acting credits include American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson and  Grey's Anatomy . The now 12 year old has also partnered with American shop Target to design a clothing line for kids.

This is the video for Come Along:

For more on Asia visit these links:

My post on Asia from  2014:

My post on Asia and JoJo:

Feb '18 interview:

Official site (had an unsecure connection warning in the past but not recently:

Official FB:




Ok, that's it for today,  Stay tuned for the last post with updates on JoJo Siwa, Brynn Rumfallo and Camryn Bridges!


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