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Weekly Music Video

Today video is a bit retro (lol), it's Dru Hill's How Deep Is Your Love For Me. If you don't remember them, Dru Hill were an American 90s/00s R'n'B group whose most famous member was Sisqo (Mark Andrews). The others were Jazz (Larry Anthony), Nokio (Tamir Ruffin), Tao (Antwuan Simpson), Woody Rock (James Green) and Scola (Rufus Walter). Tao replaced Woody in 2010. How Deep Is Your Love is my favourite song of theirs. It was released in 1998 and was on the soundtrack to the film Rush Hour. It was also the second single from their second album Enter The Dru. Rapper Redman featured on the single but his rap was cut from the video as he's not in it.

Update: I didn't think they were still together but it says on their site that they're still doing concerts as recently as August. Visit their site here:

Girls vs Boys- K-pop

So I thought I'd do a girls vs boys post! Today it's the Korean boyband Big Bang vs  Korean girl group Girls' Generation.

                                                        Big Bang- Bad Boy

                                                           Girls' Generation- Oh!

Which do you like best?

Weekly music video

This week the video is by Thai singer Tata Young. Tata (real name Amita Marie Young) is half Thai and half American and grew up in Thailand. She's a big star in Thailand and other Asian countries. Tata has released 9 studio albums, 6th Thai language and 3 English. Today's video is for the song Zoom, from her 2nd English album Temperature Rising (2006).

For more on Tata visit her official site: 

It looks like it hasn't been updated for a while but you can find more videos on YouTube:  Tata YouTube

Ashley Tisdale also did a version of Zoom, which you can watch here:  Don't Touch (The Zoom song)

Weekly music video

Today's video is another one by Turkish singer Davut Guloglu. It's called Cat Cat. Hope you like it! :)