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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Are You Afraid Of The Dark was a Canadian kids TV series that was made in the 90s (and a new series in 1999 and 2000). It was about a group of teenagers called the Midnight Club who would meet up at midnight and sit around a campfire (bonfire) telling each other scary stories. They each had a turn every week. I really liked that programme, it was good and creepier than Goosebumps (a similar show)! I've got the first 4 series on DVD, lol. The subjects of the stories included vampires, werewolves, ghosts, magic and evil clowns!

Here are a couple of  clips from one of my favourite episodes. Friends Weegee and Josh and Weegee's sister Kathy go to a fun fair and the boys make a bet that if Josh goes into the funhouse that is reportedly haunted by a clown called Zeebo and takes the nose from the Zeebo dummy, Weegee will have to wear it. Josh is successful but Zeebo isn't happy about the theft...

                                                             Part 1

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Weekly Music Video

Sorry it's late this week, I've had some personal problems.

This video is by Japanese singer Koda Kumi (or Kumi Koda in Western terms, since in Japan the surname comes first). She is very popular in Japan and has released 52 singles and 9 albums so far, with her 10th album Japonesque due out at the end of the month. Her music is mostly J-R'n'B, with some J-pop and more rocky and dancey songs too. Here's the video for one of  my favourite Koda songs, Trust You.

Update 14/8/16: The original video has gone so I had to replace it. This is Avex's upload and not the full song.

Weekly Music Video

This week it's the video for Candy by American singer/actress Mandy Moore. I used to really like this song, lol. It was released in 2000 in the UK and is from her debut album So Real. It's not really the best song, a bit corny nowadays but never mind, lol. I think Mandy mostly concentrates on acting these days. According to Wikipedia her last album was released in 2009. It's strange to think that this song came out almost 12 years ago now! (13 in America).

Sonia performance

Continuing the Bellydance Superstars video series, here is a performance by Sonia. She is dancing to a drum solo by tabla (drum) player Issam Houshan.

I don't think Sonia is dancing with BDSS anymore because they have a new line-up on their site. I can't find much info on her but according to one site she was the first Bellydance Superstar to be signed up. Here is some information: Hala Dance- Sonia

For more on Issam visit here: BDSS- Issam Houshan or his official site:

Weekly Music Video

Here's a video by Jasmine, another Japanese pop/R'n'B singer. I discovered this song a couple of months ago and really like it. It's called Jealous and is from her debut album GOLD which was released in 2010.

Jasmine- Jealous

Update 19/9/15: The YouTube video got deleted but I found the video on another site.