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Weekly Music Video

Today it's a video of the song Wanna Love You Girl by American singer Robin Thicke (and featuring Pharell). Robin has released 4 albums and this is from his second one The Evolution Of Robin Thicke. He's married to actress Paula Patton, who appeared with him in the video for his single Lost Without U. His latest album Love After War came out last December.

Visit Robin's official site here:

And for more videos go here: Official VEVO

3 singers I discovered through Eurovision

Since the Eurovision Song Contest is tomorrow I thought I'd do a post on singers who I discovered through Eurovision. People think of it as a bit cheesy in the UK but I enjoy watching it and it's good for hearing foreign singers! Our entry this year is Love Will Set You Free by Englebert Humperdinck. He seems a bit of a strange choice but we'll see! lol. The contest takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan this year, since the previous winners were Azerbajani duo Ell and Nikki  with their song Running Scared.  So here we go!

Sertab Erener

Sertab won Eurovision for Turkey in 2003 with her song Every Way That I Can. She's had a long running career and was already very successful in Turkey. Sertab is a soprano and  has released 8 studio albums, plus a remix album, two compilations and one as Painted On Water (a band she is in with Demir Demirkan who co-wrote Every Way That I Can). She released her first English language album No Boundaries in 2004. She has a new album out this year…

Weekly Music Video

This week it's Big Bang (or BIGBANG). They're a Korean boy band who were formed in 2006 and are popular in Japan as well as Korea. The members are leader G-Dragon (the main one) who has also released a solo album Heartbreaker, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri. They won Best Worldwide Act at last year's MTV Europe Music Awards. Here's the music video for their second Japanese single Gara Gara Go.

For more info visit this link: YG site (Korean)  (their record company YG Entertainment's site-Korean language)

Or click on their name for the Wikipedia link.


Delilah (real name Paloma) is a new British singer  who released her debut single Go last year. She also sang the vocals on dance/dubstep duo Chase & Status' single Time. Her music is a mixture of things eg. dance, pop, soul and chillout. In an interview with last year she described it as "strong, dark, melodic, soulful pop". Delilah's latest single Breathe just came out this month and her debut album is due to be released in July.

For more info on Delilah visit these links:

Official site

Pyromag interview

And to watch videos: Delilah's Youtube channel

Weekly Music Video

Here is the video for the song 10 Minutes by Korean singer Lee Hyori aka Hyolee. It's kind of similar to Jennfer Lopez's I'm Real remix (one of my favourite J.Lo songs) i.e. hanging out in the neighbourhood and the pink outfit, lol. I've also posted the Jennifer video below.

Lee Hyori- or Hyori Lee in Western terms since (like in Japan) the surname comes first in Korea- used to be part of a girl group called Fin. K.L but went solo in 2003. 10 Minutes is from her debut album Stylish...E.

For more info on Hyori visit these links:

Official site (Korean language)

Hyolee World (Korean)

Hyolee Wikipedia (English)

Plus: J.Lo and Ja Rule- I'm Real remix

Return of the blog

Hello! I've been taking a break from the blog because I've had a lot of computer problems lately and also I wasn't sure which direction to take it in. I started off with different topics, like films, music, TV and belly dance but I ended up mostly doing music videos. I've decided that I'll concentrate mainly on music because I love it, (listening to music is one of my favourite hobbies) with posts on some other things sometimes. And then see how it goes. :)