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New Mariah Carey Video

My favourite singer Mariah Carey has a new single. I included it in my recent New Music/Videos post. It's been ages since Mariah's released anything (her last album was 2014's Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse, and last single was I Don't released in early 2017), so I was excited to see she had a new video! It's called GTFO (short for Get The F**k Out) and was released on 13th September.

GTFO is a promotional single from Mariah's upcoming 15th studio album, due out later this year. The first official single from the album will be With You, which is set for release on 5th October.

Please note that the song is explicit. :)

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Weekly Music Video

This is Spirit, a new song by Canadian music duo Majid Jordan. It's one of two new singles along with All Over You. I featured both in last week's New Music/Videos post. Both were released on 7th September. Their most recent album is last October's The Space Between. (Spirit and All Over You aren't on it though).

Spirit is my favourite of the two, nice, chilled R'n'B. It's an audio but if there's a video later I'll update this post. :)

Listen to All Over You here:

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New Music/Videos

Here's an update on the  music and videos I've been listening to and watching lately. My last New Music/Videos post was in June, so it's been a while! Quite a lot this time, so let's get started. :)

Kaif O Suroor from Pakistani film Na Maloom Afraad 2
Mabel- One Shot
Majid Jordan- All Over You
Majid Jordan- Spirit
LANY- Thick and Thin (lyric video)
Nia Sioux (former Dance Moms star) feat. Riddick- FLXXN 
Yemi Alade- Issokay (Nigerian)
LEAVES' EYES- Riders On The Wind 
LEAVES' EYES- Across The Sea 
Silk City, Mark Ronson, Diplo and Dua Lipa- Electricity
AlunaGeorge feat. Cautious Clay- Superior Emotion
Mariah Carey- GTFO (explicit)
Tiyas King- Laws of Attraction (Swaziland/eSwatini*
Kris Wu feat. Jhené Aiko- Freedom (audio)


BTS feat. Nicki Minaj- IDOL
Sunmi- Siren
Jooheon (MONSTA X member)- RED CARPET
Girls' Generation- Oh!GG (Lil' Touch)
Dreamcatcher- What


FAKY- Bad Things (English version)
Kaji Hitomi- My perfe…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Issokay by Nigerian singer Yemi Alade. It's her latest single and was released on 7th September. Her latest album is Black Magic, released in 2017, but I think Issokay is a standalone single.

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Features Go Down:

How I Feel:

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Simi- I Dun Care:

Update 23/9/18: Check out the video for Yemi's latest single Oh My Gosh here:

Namie Amuro Retirement

Japanese singer Namie Amuro (also known as Amuro Namie in the Japanese style) is retiring. She announced on her 40th birthday last year that she will retire on 16th September 2018, 4 days before she turns 41. One of the most popular J-pop singers with a career spanning 26 years, Namie has the title "Queen of Japanese pop". She started out as the lead singer in girl group Super Monkey's aged 14, before going solo in 1995 with the single [Body Feels EXIT]. Her music catalogue includes 47 singles, 12 studio albums and 7 compilation albums. She gave her final concert tour in June at Tokyo Dome and will hold her final concert this weekend. Her  last album was the compilation Finally, released last November, and the final single was Hope. If I find an official upload I'll post it. (Unofficial ones often get taken down).

Namie is one of my favourite J-pop singers. I have 4 of her albums, PLAY (2007), BEST FICTION (2008), Past Future (2009) and _genic (2015). I w…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is One Shot, the latest song by Swedish/British singer Mabel. It came out on 30th August and is from her 2017 mixtape Ivy to Roses.

This is an audio but I'll update the post if there's a video later. :)

Update 20/9/18: The music video (featuring multiple Mabels!) was uploaded today:

Update 2- 28/12/18: There's now a One Shot Remix. Check it out here:

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23/2/19: Updated with new links. :)

Unexpected (full title Unexpected: Teenage & Pregnant) is an American reality TV series following the lives of pregnant teenagers and their partners, and their journey into parenthood. It's the TLC version of the hit show 16 and Pregnant, which spawned the spin off Teen Mom. The first series/season was shown last year, and Series 2 was shown in the US this summer and has just started in the UK.

Season 1 followed  16 year old Lilly Bennett and her boyfriend James,  15 year old Lexus Scheller and boyfriend Shayden, 17, and Mckayla Adkins 16 and her boyfriend Caelan Morrison. Lilly gave birth to daughter Aaliyah Rose, Lexus had a daughter named Scarlett, and McKayla had son Timothy (Timmy).

All 3 of the girls' mums were also teen mothers, and in Lexus' case her grandmother was a teen mum too.

S2 catches up with Mckayla and Lexus, and introduce some new girls and their boyfriends. I'm focusing mainly on the girls here, like with my Te…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Kamariya from the new Bollywood film Stree. It's a horror comedy based on the true story of a town called Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, where men have started disappearing.  The inspiration is also an Indian folk legend called Nale Ba. (I'd never heard of this before today; it's good to learn new things!). It's about a mysterious woman nicknamed Stree,  a witch who tries to lure men out of their houses by calling their names in the voices of their relatives. (This actually reminds me of the Eastern European vampire legends where dead people where said to rise from their graves and prey on their relatives and neighbours. I can't find a direct reference online, but I'm sure there were stories where they'd try and call their family members outside to join them). Nale Ba means something like "Come Tomorrow" in Kannada and this is what people would write on their houses to prevent Stree from accomplishing her goal.

Rajkummar Rao stars…