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Weekly Music Video

Sorry I didn't do another post last week, I was busy over Christmas. :)

Today's video is 2-On by Tinashe featuring ScHoolboy Q. It was released in January as her first commercial single and is from her debut album Aquarius which came out in October.

Tinashe has said that "2 On means "turn up". So it's basically about partying and getting wild, having a good time. (Although another definition is taking drugs but according to Tinashe this song is about partying). 2 On samples Sean Paul's single We Be Burning, which I also like. :)

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. :) Happy New Year!

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Christmas themed since it's Christmas Eve. :) It's Fa La La by Canadian singer Justin Bieber featuring American boyband ("manband" now I suppose? lol) Boyz II Men.

Justin was discovered on YouTube in 2007 by manager Scooter Braun and signed to his and R'n'B singer Usher's record label RBMG. He released his fist single One Time in 2009 and his debut EP My World and debut studio album My World in 2010. Sine then he has released 2 other studio albums, a Christmas album Under The Mistletoe (2011) and Believe (2012) and 2 compilation albums My Worlds: The Collection (2010) and Journals, which was released as a digital download only on iTunes in December 2013. He has also brought out 3 remix albums. Justin's hit singles include Baby featuring rapper Ludacris, Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat featuring rapper Nicki Minaj. Some other well known songs are Never Say Never featuring Will Smith's son Jaden Smith, As Long as You Love Me fea…

1000 Songs In A Year- 740 to 765

The latest 1000 Songs Challenger update (a bit late because I was busy yesterday but never mind!).

The Soundstage Global Jukebox on Propellor

740. Pei Ziqi- Darling (C-pop)
741. Lazy Habits- Even Out
742. MIX- Dialogue*
743. QiQi- Nanana (C-pop)
744.Woodkid- Iron **

*This was an Asian boyband, I think Chinese. But I can't find any record of them online, So I may have written the name down wrong!

**It was a different video that I saw, a performance one I think. But this is the official video. I first heard this bit of music at the beginning of EXO's performance at the MAMA 2013 Awards. It's also used in a TV advert. I see from people's comments that it's used in the video game Assassin's Creed.

745. Beyonce- 7/11
746. Pentatonix feat. Tori Kelly- Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy

747. Tulisa- Living Without You

The Tailor of Gloucester

Every Christmas Eve I like to watch one of my favourite Beatrix Potter stories, The Tailor of Gloucester and since it's less than a week till Christmas now, it's a good theme for today's post.  Please note this post contains spoilers. :)

 In the 90s the BBC showed a TV series called The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends which consisted of TV versions of some of the Beatrix Potter books, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck, Pigling Bland, Samuel Whiskers and The Tailor of Gloucester. I used to watch them when I was young and about 6 years ago I got the DVDs free with a newspaper and I still like to watch them now. The TV programmes were a mix of live action and animation. They usually started with Beatrix (played by Nimah Cusack) travelling back home and writing a story in a letter she was going to send to a child she knew, and then went into the story itself with the cartoon.

The Tailor of Gloucester is Christmas themed. It's about an old tailor (voic…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Rewind by Zhoumi featuring Chanyeol from EXO-K and TAO of EXO-M (Chanyeol for the Korean version, TAO on the Mandarin/Chinese version). Zhoumi (also known as Zhou Mi, his surname is Zhou) is a Chinese singer, songwriter and MC who also acts. He is a member of Mandopop boyband Super Junior-M, a subgroup of the Korean group Super Junior. Super Junior-M has both Korean and Chinese members. As far as I can tell Zhoumi only belongs to Super Junior-M and not to Super Junior itself. He is also a member of the ballad group S.M. the Ballad which was formed by the Korean entertainment group S.M. Entertainment. (A lot of the Korean music artists are managed by S.M. and they also work with some Japanese artists like Koda Kumi and Namie Amuro).

Zhoumi has been a member of Super Junior-M since 2008. He's the main vocalist and also writes song lyrics for the group and other artists. This year he debuted as a solo artist with his first mini album Rewind, which contains 8 …

Top 5 Christmas Films

It's less than 2 weeks till Christmas now (it always seems to come round quickly!), so I decided to write about my Top 5 Christmas films.

This post contains spoilers.Unless otherwise stated the videos are trailers. :)

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

The Muppets' take on the classic story by Charles Dickens. Ebenzer Scrooge (played by Michael Caine) is a very rich businessman but he's also a miser who dislikes spending money and hates Christmas. One Christmas Eve he is visited by 3 ghosts (the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future) who warn him that if he doesn't change his ways he will end up forever alone and miserable and no one will mourn him when he dies. Gonzo plays Charles Dickens who narrates the story and Rizzo the Rat is his sidekick. Kermit the Frog plays Scrooge's employee Bob Cratchit and Miss Piggy is his wife.

                                              One More Sleep Till Christmas song

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Pain In My Heart by Mila J and featuring rapper Problem. It's from her EP M.I.L.A (Made In LA), which is out now.

I thought she was releasing a full album but M.I.L.A only has 5 songs on it. It seems like the plans changed because originally it was meant to be released in August but  didn't come out till October. Album releases often seem to get pushed back. According to Wikipedia Mila is planning to release an album in May next year, so maybe that will be a full length one.

Please note that the song is explicit. :)

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Ahsangsan by Tibetan Chinese singer Kelsang Metok. From what I can gather I think she is ethnically Tibetan but from China. According to Wikipedia she combines traditional Tibetan singing with Chinese, Indian and Western pop. If anyone reading this knows more about her, please let me know. :)

I'd never heard Tibetan music before and it's interesting to hear something new. This song sounds very different to Western music. I came across both Kelsang and Chinese singer Sa Dingding on Pintrest and looked them up on YouTube. I listened to their songs as part of my 1000 Songs challenge. I may do a post on Sa Dingding in the future.

For more on Kelsang you can visit this site, which has a bit of info about her:

And her Facebook fanpage: FB page

Also you can visit this link if you'd like to read more about Tibetan m…

Dance Videos

I thought it was time for another dance themed post so here are a couple of videos.:)

First of all this is a video from the World Bellydance Festival 2014. It's from the Closing Gala Night and is of a performance by Jamila, the founder of Bellydance Extraordinaire (BE), who run the festival. The style she's dancing is called Modern Baladi.

The 2015 competition takes places in Singapore from 28th May-2nd June and registration is open now. For more information visit the website:

And here's a video of the troupe Dance Precisions dancing to Ojos Asi by Shakira. My belly dance group BD4U have a dance to this. :) Dance Precisions aren't actually doing belly dance but they have belly dance themed costumes. :) I'm not sure what category this is.

Update 29/4/17: I had to replace the original video because it had been removed but this should be the same one.

Dance Precisions is a dance studio based in Anheim, Califorrnia in America. Fo…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is R U Crazy? by British singer Conor Maynard. Conor is from Brighton. :) He was discovered by American singer/songwriter Ne-Yo after he posted a video of himself covering Ne-Yo's song Beautiful Monster on YouTube. He signed to Parlophone Records and released his first single Can't Say No in April 2012, followed by his debut album Contrast in July 2012.

Since then Conor has released 3 more singles from Contrast, Vegas Girl, Turn Around featuring Ne-Yo and Animal featuring British rapper Wiley. He is currently working on his second album. R U Crazy? came out in October 2013 and will be on the second album. Conor also took part in the England 2014 World Cup song earlier this year.

1000 Songs 695-723

Here's the latest update of the 1000 Songs In A Year Challenge. :)

695. Bart Baker- Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea Booty parody
696. Key of Awesome- Katy Perry Dark Horse parody
697. Key of Awesome- Ariana Grande Problem parody
698. ZHOUMI feat. Chanyeol/TAO of EXO- Rewind (K-Pop/C-Pop)
699. Gwen Stefani- Baby Don't Lie

700. Becky Hill- Losing
701. Selena Gomez- The Heart Wants What It Wants
702. 2NE1- I AM THE BEST (K-pop)


703.  It's Entertainment- Johnny Johnny
704. The Shaukeens- Manali Trance
705. Ungli- Dance Basanti
706. Mujhse Fraandship Karooge- Baatein Shuru

707. Years & Years- Desire
708. Paigey Cakey feat. Abel Miller- Trust Me

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is for Do Me More by Namie Amuro. It's from her 3rd Best Of compilation album BEST FICTION which was released in 2008. Do Me More was one of two new songs (the other is Sexy Girl) which were recorded for the album.

BEST FICTION is a good album. Do Me More is one of my favourite songs on it. :) This is a bit of a weird video though! lol. It has a fairytale theme, sort of Alice in Wonderland/Snow White.

Update 14/9/18: Avex videos are now blocked from being shown on third party applications. If you click on the videos you can watch them fine on YouTube. :)

Namie's 60s 70s 80s song collection also appears on BEST FICTION. You can watch the videos for them here:

P.S. I've been having trouble with videos not loading again but refreshing them seems to work at the moment, so if you have problems then try that. :)

Takeshi's Castle Thailand

As I've mentioned on here before, I like watching the Japanese gameshow Takeshi's Castle. It ended in 1990 but I recently came across a video on YouTube for Takeshi's Castle Thailand. It''s a new version of the show called Hod, Mun, Ha (Cruel, Thrilling Fun) based on the Japanese format. The storyline is that Shogun Takeshi has kidnapped Princess Woonsun. Her lover General Shahkrit gets an army together to storm the castle (the contestants who accomplish this by completing Takeshi's games) and free Woonsun. Like the original, by the end of the game there are only a few contestants left.

This is an episode from September 2014. They currently show this on Channel 7 in Thailand every Sunday. I don't think it's on in the UK at the moment but hopefully it will be in the future because I personally prefer watching longer videos on TC, since it's more comfortable than sitting at the computer, lol. (If you have a laptop I expect it's better!).

Update 2/…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande featuring The Weeknd. Ariana (full name Ariana Grande-Butera) is an American singer and actress who prior to releasing music was best known for starring as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon TV show Victorious and its spinoff Sam & Cat. She also performed in the Broadway musical 13 in 2008. Due to her voice (her vocal range is a 4 octave light lyric soprano) and music style she has been compared to Mariah Carey.

Ariana released her debut single The Way featuring rapper Mac Miller in March 2013 and her debut album Yours Truly in August 2013. Her other singles include Right There featuring  rapper Big Sean (who she is currently dating), Problem featuring  rapper Iggy Azalea, Break Free featuring music producer/DJ Zedd and Bang Bang with singer Jessie J and rapper Nicki Minaj. She also did a duet with Nathan Sykes from The Wanted called Almost Is Never Enough. Last December Ariana brought out an EP for Christmas called Christmas Kiss…

1000 Songs 677-694

Latest update. :)

677. Iggy Azalea feat. MO- Beg For It

678. Fall Out Boy- Centuries
679. Wilkinson feat. Talay Riley- Dirty Love

Music videos from Martin Lowes' Top 20 New Girls On The Block- 2014! on Planet Pop

680. Becky G- Shower
681. Krishane feat. Melissa Steele- Drunk & Incapable
682. Charli XCX- Superlove
683. Ella Eyre- Comeback

684. One Direction- Steal My Girl

685. Calvin Harris feat. Tinashe- Dollar Signs

686. Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne- Real Love
687. Eminem feat. Sia- Guts Over Fear
688. Lil' Wayne feat. 2 Chainz- Rich As*

*This links to the explicit version Rich As F***.

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Gone Not Around Any Longer by SISTAR19. They are a subgroup of the Korean girlband SISTAR, formed by lead singer Hyolynn (real name Kim Hyo Jung), and rapper Bora (full name Yoon Bora) in 2011. Soyou (real name Kang Ji Hyun)and Dasom (full name Kim Dasom) make up the rest of SISTAR.*

To date SISTAR19 have released two singles, their debut Ma Boy in May 2011 and Gone Not Around Any Longer (with a B-side called A Girl In Love) in January 2013 and a single album (like an EP) Gone Not Around Any Longer, which consists of 5 songs including the title track and Ma Boy. I'm not sure if they're active anymore. Maybe they're just concentrating on SISTAR for now.

*Korean names are written with the surname first.

Visit the site for the main group SISTAR here (Korean language):

 Which do you prefer, SISTAR or SISTAR19? Or both? :)

P.S. Happy Bonfire Night to those in the UK and in other countries who celebrate! :)

Hocus Pocus

Since it's Hallowe'en I thought I'd do a post on one of my favourite spooky films, Hocus Pocus. :) It came out in 1993 and I used to watch it a lot as a pre-teen and teenager and still really like it now, lol.

It's about teenager Max Denison (played by Omri Katz) who moves from California to Salem, Massachusetts with his parents and little sister Dani (Thora Birch). Max isn't happy about the move and is finding it hard being the new kid in town. Now it's Hallowe'en and his parents want Max to take Dani trick or treating but he's not keen on the idea.

At school the teacher tells Max's class about the local legend of the Sanderson sisters. In 1693 there were 3 sisters called Winifred aka Winnie (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy) and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker), who lived in the woods and were rumoured to be witches. The townspeople believed them responsible for the disappearance of their children and when they discovered that the sisters had kidnapp…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is F**k Em Only We Know by BANKS. It's  one of my favourite songs from her album GODDESS. It's a good album, one of the best releases this year in my opinion. :)

As you can tell by the title, the song is explicit. :)

1000 Songs 644-676

Here's the latest update on the 1000 Songs Challenge. :)

Jessie Ware

Songs from Tough Love album

644. Pieces
645. Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe
646. Want Your Feeling
647. Tough Love

648. Gorgon City feat. Zak Abel- Unmissable


649. Caught Up In The Rapture
650. Take Me Home
651. Glory

This is from JoJo's mixtape #LoveJo. You can download it on her Soundcloud:

Random music channels

652. Nick Jonas- Chains
653. Alexa Goddard- So There
654. TIEKS feat. Celeste- Sing That Song
655. The Dealer feat. Damon C. Scott- Right Beside You

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for Crystallize by violinist Lindsey Stirling. It's from her debut album Lindsy Stirling which came out in 2012 and was re-released as a deluxe version in October 2013.

Elements, which I wrote about in my first post on Lindsey (see link on her name) is my favourite song of hers that I've heard so far but this one is good too. :) Both of them are a style of music called "dubstep violin" (dubstep beats mixed with violin music). Crystallize was one of the most popular YouTube videos of 2012.

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was one of my favourite TV programmes when I was a teenager and I still like to watch it now! lol. It was an American supernatural/fantasy comedy series about a teenage girl called Sabrina Spellman (played by Melissa Joan Hart) who shortly after moving in with her aunts Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick) Spellman in Westbridge, Massachusetts, discovers that she is a witch. Technically she is half witch and half mortal, she's been raised by her human mother but due to a witch law, now that she has her powers she can't see her mother again or she (her mum) will turn into a ball of wax! Her father is Hilda and Zelda's brother and they're all witches. The show was based on the comic book series also called Sabrina The Teen Age Witch and the film of the same name. The film has some differences, such as being set in the location of Riverdale, Sabrina's surname being Sawyer instead of Spellman and different actresses playing the au…

Weekly Music Video

Sorry this week's post is late. I wasn't feeling well yesterday.

Today's video is for the song (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right by Luther Ingram. Luther was an American singer and songwriter who started making music in the 60s and carried on releasing records until the 80s. His first successful single was My Honey and Me which got to No 55 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in  February 1970. His other songs include Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One), Be Good To Me Baby and Let's Steal Away To The Hideaway. Luther died in 2007.

(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right is Luther's most well known song, it was No 1 on the Billboard Hot R'n'B/Hip Hop Chart and No 3 on the Hot 100 in 1972.  I first heard it years ago in the film A Very Brady Sequel, during the Marcia and Greg scenes, lol. But only the bits that they played. I heard the full song last year I think; when I looked it up on YouTube. It's about a …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is The Pressure by Jhené Aiko. It was released as a single on 18th July and is from her debut album Souled Out which came out last month.

This is a good song; I bought it a few weeks ago. I also saw this video on MTV Base the other day. I think it's the first time I've seen a Jhené video on British TV. :)

Ninja Warrior

Like Takeshi's Castle, Ninja Warrior (its original title is SASUKE) is another Japanese gameshow that I like. They were showing it on Challenge but I haven't seen it lately, so I'm not sure if it's on at the moment.

Ninja Warrior is a bit different to Takeshi's Castle because it's more of an athletic sports competition.The format of the show is that 100 people compete against other by taking an obstacle course that has 4 stages. The course (which involves obstacles such as climbing up walls and ropes, jumping and hanging from pipes and bars and crossing bridges) is very hard and people are often out in the early stages. The majority of the competitors in the main competition are men, although you might get the odd woman. There are also special all women programmes called Women of Ninja Warrior (KUNIOCHI). SASUKE debuted in 1997 and has had 30 series so far. An American version called American Ninja Warrior was launched in 2009.

The commentary on the British ver…

Weekly Music Video

Korean girl group Girls' Generation have released a new single. It's called Divine and is from their Japanese greatest hits album The Best New Limited Edition, which came out in July in Japan. (They sing in Japanese as well as Korean and English). Divine came out on 28th September. This video is the Story Version. (I haven't seen another version yet but will update when I do).

Girls' Generation are now down a member, since Jessica has left to concentrate on her solo career. The group will carry on with 8 members. :)

Update 17/12/14: I think this is the other video version:

1000 Songs 594-615

Here are the latest songs as part of the 1000 Songs Challenge. I haven;t listened to as many this fortnight, so it's a shorter list. :)

594. Usher feat. Nicki Minaj- She Came To Give It To You

595. Jennifer Lopez feat. Iggy Azalea- Booty (Booty Remix)


BTS/Bangtan Boys- Dark & Wild album

596. Intro: What am I to you?
597. Danger
598. War Of Hormone/Hormone War*
599.  Hiphop Lover
600. Let Me Know
601. Rain
602. BTS Cypher PT3: Killer feat. Supreme Boi
603. Interlude: What Are You Doing?
604. Korean title (Could You Turn Off Your Mobile/Can You Turn Off Your Phone?)
605. Korean title (Blanket)
606. 24/7= Heaven
607. Look At Me/Look Here
608. Korean title (Second Grade)
609. Outro: What's That?/Does That Make Sense?

*I've seen some songs called slightly different titles

Listen to the album here:

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is another song by UnSun. It's called The Last Tears and featured on their 2nd album Clinic For Dolls which was released in 2010.

Dance Moms- Asia

During Series 3 of  the reality TV show Dance Moms a girl called Asia and her mother Kristie joined the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC). Asia (full name Asia Monet Ray) was a contestant on ALDC owner and dance teacher Abby's other show Abby's Ultimate Dance Contest. She did well while part of the group but she and Kristie left at the end of the series.

Asia now has her own TV series Raising Asia which is about Asia's dancing and singing career and also features her mum Kristie, her dad Shawn and her little sister Bella Blu.  It hasn't been on yet in the UK but I'll look out for it. Here's the Lifetime US page for the show:

I think Asia was one of the best dancers on the show, especially for her age. She's 9 now and must have been 7 or 8 while on Dance Moms. She has a strong stage presences and dances like a much older girl.

Here's Asia's solo Rock That from Dance Moms.

For more videos of Asia check out her…

Weekly Music Video

This is Maria Angeles by flamenco guitarist Juan Martin. I used to like this song when they showed the video a few years ago on one of the classical TV channels (Channel O or Classical FM).

Juan (full name Juan Cristobal Martín) started playing the guitar as a child and later moved to Madrid to study with famous flamenco guitarists  Niño Ricardo and Paco de Lucía. He went on to play in clubs in several cities in Spain and then moved to London. He has released many albums, including Luna Negra (Black Moon/Dark Moon), Rumbas Orignales (a compilation from different albums), Camino Latino (I think that translates as Latin Path, or Latin Way) and Serenade. Guitar Magazine has voted him one of the top 3 guitarists in the world. Juan also often gives concerts.

I think Maria Angeles is from the Rumbas Orignales (Original Rumbas) album.

For more on Juan visit his website at:

1000 Songs 552- 593

The latest songs. :)

552. Ariana Grande feat. Zedd- Break Free

553. BrunuhVille- Epic Fantasy Music- The Wolf and the Moon
554. BrunuhVille- Fantasy Music- The Lost Tale

555. PARTYNEXTDOOR- Welcome To The Party
556. Beyonce- Drunk In Love (The Weeknd Remix)
557. Rick Ross feat. The Weeknd- In Vein
558. SZA feat. Chance The Rapper- Child's Play
559. PARTYNEXTDOOR feat. Drake- Recognize

560. Nicki Minaj- Anaconda

561. Apocalyptica- Nothing Else Matters

This a cover of a song by Metallica. It also reminded of me of Lucie Silvas' song of the same name, turns out that she covered Metallica's version. I never knew it was a cover. You can listen to Lucie's version here:

562. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters

Weekly Music Video

This week it's Hip Hop Tonight by Chinese American singer CoCo Lee. It's on her Greatest Hits album COCO- 1994 to 2008 Best Collection. I think it came out in 2006 (that's the date in the booklet). I don't know who the rapper is.

CoCo sings in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. I'm not sure whether this is Mandarin or Cantonese. If you know which language it is, please let me know. :)

Girls vs Boys- Bollywood

I thought it would be good to do a Bollywood Girls vs Boys, so today it's Katrina Kaif vs Akshay Kumar.

Katrina and Akshay have been in several films together, including Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006), Namastey London (2007) and Singh Is Kinng (2008).

Katrina started acting in 2003. She is half Indian and half English (her dad is a Kashmiri from the UK and her mum is English) and was born in Hong Kong. She lived in various places while growing up, including Asia, Europe and Hawaii. Her birth name is Katrina Turquotte/Turcotte but she took on her father's surname after she started acting because she thought it would be easier to pronounce.

Katrina started out as a model and went into acting after being cast in Bollywood film Boom (2003). She moved to India and went on to star in many films, including Welcome,Race and Dhoom: 3. She has also acted in the South Indians film industries Tollywood and Malayalam.When Katrina first started out she couldn't speak Hindi very well but …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Xin Anh Dung by Emily featuring. LiL Knight (LK) and JustaTee. I first came across a video of this song on YouTube a while ago (last year I think) but it was a live version and also featured another song called Imma Heartbreaker.

Emily is a Vietnamese singer and her style is Hip Hop/R'n'B. LiL Knight is a rapper and JustaTee is a singer/composer who also mixes music. They're both from Vietnam as well.

This is the official music video for Xin Anh Dung.

And here's the link to the live performance:

For more on Emily visit her official Facebook page (Vietnamese language with translate option):

Weekly Music Video

This week the video is Çatı Katı by Turkish singer Gökhan Türkmen. I can't find information on him in English but according to the Turkish Wikipedia (Vikipedi) and his official Facebook page he has released 3 albums, Biraz Ayrılık (2012)Büyük İnsan (2013) and En Baştan (2014) and an EP, Ara (2012). (Click the link onGökhan's name for his Vikipedi entry).

Çatı Katı was uploaded on 7th February, so I'm guessing it was released round about then. En Baştan came out on 13th February.

Update 30/4/19: Had to replace the video.

For more on Gökhan visit these links:

Official site (Turkish language):

Official FB (Turkish but there's a translate option):

Dance Videos

Recently I came across a dance video on YouTube (in my recommendations) of a girl called Kaycee Rice. I found this other video of Kaycee dancing with her partner Gabe De Guzman. It's called Monster and it's an interesting dance, it seemed a bit strange to me at first (lol) but it's good.

Kaycee and Gabe are in the 11 year old age category  in this video and the dance style is hip hop. Kaycee became an internet sensation at 10 when the video of her doing a solo called Werk (the one I was recommended) was posted on Twitter by singer Katy Perry. You can read the article and watch the video here:

Kaycee is from Simi Valley in California and dances at Studio 13 Dance, which is owned by her mum Laura Rice. She does a variety of dance styles including hip hop, lyrical and jazz. Some of Kaycee's routines were choreographed by Tricia Mi…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Boss by American singer Tinashe. Her full name is Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe and she's also a dancer, actress and model. Her dad is Zimbabwean and her mum is American and her name means "God is with us" in the Zimbabwean language Shona.

Tinashe started modelling and acting at only 3 years old. Her acting credits include Cora Unashamed and Two and a Half Men. As a teenager she was a member of girl group The Stunners, which was created by the American singer and actress Vitamin C.  The group released a few singles before splitting in 2011.

At 18 Tinashe created her own home studio and made 3 mixtapes In Case We Die (2012), Reverie (2012) and Black Water (2013) which she released through her website. Tinashe's first official single from In Case We Die was My High. She has released 7 singles from her mixtapes altogether, including Boss, Ecstasy and Vulnerable featuring rapper Travi$ Scott.

Tinashe signed to RCA Records in July 2012 and in Januar…

1000 Songs 504- 531

The latest instalment! I'm over halfway through now. :)

The Weeknd

504. Birthday Suit
505. Get Yours
506. Lust Spell
507. Intrinsic Worth

Tinashe- Reverie mixtape

508. Fear Not
509. Yours
510. Slow
511.Another Me
512. Come When I Call
513. Illusions
514. Reverie
515. I'm Selfish
516. Ecstasy
517. Who Am I Working For
518. Let You Love Me (Xxyyxx Remix)

Listen to it here and follow the link to download it at

Weekly Music Video

Here is a new song by Turkish Belgian singer Hadise. It's called Nerdesin Aşkım? (which translates as "Where Are You, My Love?" according to Facebook translation!) and is from her new album Tavsiye (Advice). Both the single and album are out now.

Listen to the album here:

Top 10 Songs

I've been thinking of doing a post of my my Top 10 favourite songs for ages and I finally got round to it! lol. It wasn't really an easy task to narrow it down because I like a lot of songs but I decided on the list in the end. So here they are. :)

Update 12/9/18: Had to replace a couple of these videos because they'd been deleted.

1. Mariah Carey- Honey

This is my favourite Mariah song. :) It was the first single from her 1997 album Butterfly. I included Honey in my Top 10 Mariah Songs post which you can read here:

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Rest Calm by Nightwish. It's from their Imaginereum album which was released in 2011 and the singers are Marco (also the bass guitarist and co-composer) and Annette (their second singer who replaced Tarja). Hope you like it. :)

1000 Songs 470-503

Time for the fortnightly instalment of the 1000 Songs Challenge. :) There aren't as many songs this week, so it's not such a big list!

Random videos on music channels

470. M.O.- Dance On My Own
471. Rixton- Me and my Broken Heart
472. Ella Eyre- If I Go
473. Maverick Sabre- Emotion
474. Foxes- Glorious
475. D.J. Cassidy feat. R. Kelly- Make The World Go Round
476. Michael Buble- Hollywood
477. Ali Love- Deep Into The Night

478. The Vamps feat. Demi Lovato- Somebody To You
479. Kieza- Giant  In My Heart

480. Paloma Faith- Trouble With My Baby
481. Neon Jungle- Louder
482. Blood Money- Jo Tere Sang (Bollywood)

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Put It On Me by Ja Rule featuring Lil 'Mo and Vita. This is a good song,; it was released as a single in December 2000 (in America). The original version of the song doesn't contain Lil' Mo's vocals, so this is actually the remix.  The original version is on Ja Rule's second album Rule 3:36 (2000).

Ja Rule seems to have disappeared lately. He's had several legal issues and went to prison last year but was released in May 2013. His last album was PIL 2 (Pain Is Love 2) which was released in 2012. According to Wikipedia he brought out two singles last year, Fresh Out Da Pen and Everything. Also he and Irv Gotti have relaunched Murder Inc Records. (Murder Inc-which changed its name to The Inc for a while- had various issues, including having links to criminal activities). Ja is said to have been working on an 8th album called Renaissance Project but it has no release date so far.

Listen to the original version here:…