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Weekly Music Video

This is another of my favourite Delilah songs. It's called I Can Feel You and is on her debut album From The Roots Up (2012). There are two versions of the song, a slower one which is available on the Go single and a slightly faster one which is on her album. The slower version is longer. I like both but like the faster one slightly more.

This video is from the RAK session (at the RAK Studios in London) Delilah did in 2011 and sounds more like the album version. I like this too. :)

For the Go version click here:

And  here's the album version:

Love in The Nick of Tyme

Here are a couple of clips from another David E. Talbert play. This one is called Love in The Nick of Tyme and is about Chicago hair salon owner Tyme Prentice (played by Terry Dexter) who is torn between getting back together with her ex-boyfriend jazz musician Marcelles Wynters (Morris Chestnut) or starting a new romance with UPS delivery man Harvey (Andre Pitre).

I saw this on BET as well and while I didn't like it as much as Mr. Right Now!, it was still entertaining and is worth a watch. :)

Weekly Music Video

This is Saginou by Tatar singer Zulya. Her full name is Zulya Kamalova and she is one of the most successful Tatar and Russian singers and composers.

Zulya is from Tatarstan (a republic in Central Russia) and has been writing and performing since she was 9. She also studied music and languages at university level. In 1991 she moved to Australia where her career took off. She is also known in Europe. Zulya has released 6 albums to date, the latest being Tales of Subliming (2010). She performs with a band called The Children of the Underground.

Saginou (Yearning) is from Zulya's second album Aloukie (1999). I first came across it a few years ago on the Putamayo compilation album Music from the Tea Lands. The album features music from Asia and the countries bordering it. Saginou is a beautiful song. :)

Saginou- Zulya

Update 23/5/14- The original video I posted has been deleted and I couldn't post another one directly in this post, so I'm linking to it. :)

For more about Zuly…

New Mariah song!

Mariah Carey has a new single called The Art of Letting Go. It will be on her 14th studio album of the same name. Not sure when the album will be released yet. I'm hoping before Christmas, so I can have it as a present! lol. I didn't like the first single #Beautiful that much (I think it's ok but it's not one of my faves). I like this one better. :)

The Art Of Letting Go is available on iTunes now.

Note: Mariah posted on Facebook that an earlier mix of the song was released by mistake and she's posted the final mix on her page. I think the YouTube one may be slightly different to the iTunes version on her page but I'm not sure. You can listen to the FB mix here:

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is for the song This is What It Feels Like by American singer BANKS. Her full name is Jillian Banks and she's been writing songs since she was 15. BANKS released an EP in September called LONDON, which features This Is What It Feels Like (co-produced by Jamie Woon) along with 3 other songs, Waiting Game, Bedroom Wall and Change. She's currently opening for The Weeknd on tour.

Interesting fact about BANKS: she doesn't like social media but invites fans on her Facebook page to ring her instead!

For more on BANKS check out this interview:

And visit her website here:

Mr. Right Now!

Here are a couple of clips from the American TV play/musical Mr. Right Now! by David E. Talbert. It's about a woman called Angel (played by Kesha Ealy), a single mum to a teenage son who has had bad luck with men in the past. When she meets Darnell (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs/Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs), she thinks her luck has finally changed but he turns out to be a con man. Meanwhile plumber (Chris Bolton) is waiting in the wings...

I first saw this on the TV channel BET a couple of years ago but it was actually made in 1999/2000. The play was filmed live during a performance at New York's Beacon Theatre. It has a religious message behind it about putting your faith in God rather than a man but is still entertaining if you're not religious. There are also funny moments, including Darnell's monologue and scenes between Angel's mum (Lecresia Campell) and her "love interest"! lol. If you're bored and want something to watch, I'd recommend it!


Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for the song Bring Your Guns by American singer Joshua Adams. At 18, Joshua toured Florida, singing at schools. He then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to further work on his music, where he met Teddy Gentry from the country/rock band Alabama and learnt about management, marketing, publishing, engineering, production, and A&R. In 2010 Joshua went back on the road with his band and toured with for them for the next 2 years. He then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and was signed to Dustree Productions.

Joshua has released one album, Little Devil (2011) and 5 singles including Bring Your Guns, I Promise You and his latest, #Sexting (with Tanzer). Bring Your Guns was released as an EP last month. It sounds like the choir singing from the The Lost Boys theme song in the background!

For more on Joshua check out these links:

Official site

Official Facebook

Listen to The Lost Boys theme song Cry Little Sister (sung by G Tom Mac/Gerard McMann) here:…

Ansuya peformance

Here's a performance by Bellydance Superstar Ansuya Rathor. She is one of the original members of BDSS and teaches her own classes which are a fusion of belly dance and other dance styles including Indian, African, Gypsy and hip hop. She dances with props including veils, swords, fan veils, Isis Wings and canes. One of her specialities is playing the finger cymbals (zills), which she dances with in this video. Ansuya is also an actress and has choreographed for the American soap The Young and The Restless.

For more on Ansuya visit her official site: