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Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Dream In A Dream by Ten. His full name is Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul and he is a member of K-pop group NCT and the sub-unit NCT U. He is the only Thai member of NCT/NCT U.

Dream In A Dream is Ten's debut solo single. It was released in April and is about the meaning of true love between the border of dreams and reality. It's a dreamy kind of song, relaxing and the video adds to the vibe with the dance performance which also stars fellow band member Lucas. Ten sings in English.

For more on Ten check out these links:

New Mabel EP

Swedish/British singer Mabel has just released her debut EP. It's called Bedroom and consists of 5 tracks- Bedroom, Finders Keepers featuring Kojo Funds, Ride or Die and Talk About Forever.

It's a good EP. My favourite songs are Bedroom and Talk about Forever. I also just listened to Ride or Die and really like that as well. I bought Bedroom on iTunes yesterday and will probably buy more songs and complete the EP!

Here's  the official audio of Ride or Die. It has a chilled out vibe. (In fact most of Mabel's music does!). This has a kind of melancholy vibe too.

In October I posted Talk About Forever as my Weekly Music Video. Check it out here:

Then in March Finders Keepers was a Weekly Music Video:

And finally last week I featured the title track which is Mabel's latest single:…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is the latest from LANY. It's called The Breakup and is on their forthcoming self titled album. It's the 3rd single from LANY.

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New Music/Videos

Latest installment of music and videos I've been listening to and watching lately. :)

ZAYN feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR- Still Got Time (video)
Louisa Johnson- Best Behaviour
Ten- Dream In A Dream (K-pop)
ZICO- She's a Baby (K-pop)
Harry Styles (fellow former One Directioner with ZAYN!)- Sign of the Times (audio)
Lady Gaga- The Cure (lyric video)


Snuper- Back:Hug (live on Simply K-pop)
Boi B feat. Sik-K- ADY 
SF9- Easy Love
VARSITY- Hole in one
Lovelyz- Now, We
Triple H- 365 Fresh (live on Simply K-pop)
DINDIN- Super Super Lonely
Owol feat. Microdot- NUNA

Mabel- Bedroom
Lana Del Ray feat. The Weeknd- Lust For Life (official audio)
Tinashe- Flame 
6LACK feat. Jhene Aiko- First F***k (explicit)
Mila J- No Fux
LANY- The Breakup 
Lindsey Stirling- Lost Girls 


Hamnava, Twisted (web series) Raat Ki
Raabta- Title Song
Half Girlfriend- Thodi Der

That's it until next time!

Weekly Music Video

This is Bedroom, the latest single from Mabel. It's from her EP of the same name which is out later this month (26th May).

For another song from Bedroom check out this post:

Keep up with Mabel on Facebook:

P.S. I watched Eurovision on Saturday. Portugal's Salvador Sobral won with the song Amar Pelos Dois (translated as Loving for the Both of Us). My favourite was Armenia, I voted for them. Other standouts were Hungary and Bulgaria and I liked Denmark as well.

Eurovision- Current Faves and Past Contestant Updates

Eurovision is tomorrow and that means it's time for my annual post! I also did a Eurovision round-up last Saturday which you can read here:

The 62nd contest is held in Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine this year due to Jamala winning in 2016 with 1944. Jamala's was one of the entries I liked although my favourite was Australia's Dami Im. Watch Jamala's performance at the Semi-Final here:

The UK's entry is Lucie Jones with Never Give Up On You. She was an X-Factor finalist in 2009 and also acts. The song wasn't my favourite out of the ones who competed in Making Your Mind Up in January but it's better than some past entries. I don't think we'll do that well because of Brexit (I voted to Remain by the way!). :( But wishing you luck anyway Lucie! :) Watch the video here:

As I me…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Visal by Hadise. It's a non album single and was released in 2013.

Hadise was Turkey's 2009 entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. (She was born in Belgium but has Turkish parents). You can read about her entry here:

Keep up with her on Facebook:

If you're a Eurovision fan check out my round-up post:

The 2nd Semi Finals are on tomorrow (Thursday) at 8pm UK time/9pm CEST and the Grand Final on Saturday at the same time.

Eurovision Round-Up

It's that time of year again- Eurovision is coming! It's next Saturday so I thought it would be good to do a round-up of past Eurovision posts. :)

This year the contest will be held in Kiev, Ukraine since Ukraine was last year's winner with Jamala's 1944. She was actually one of my favourites, although my absolute fave was Australia's Dami Im with Sound of Silence. (See 2016 post). I voted for her. (For why Australia are entering Eurovision check out this link:

I always seem to have some event going on on the day of Eurovision, usually belly dance related! lol. Last year it was my group BD4U's show and I missed some of the contest. I recorded it but it's not the same with a live event, especially because I voted. This year we have a performance but it's in the afternoon.

This is the first Eurovision post I did in 2012 on singers I've discovered through it: https://starsp…

Weekly Music Video

In my recent New K-pop Releases post I mentioned that K.A.R.D had shared a teaser video for their new single RUMOR. Now here's the full video which was uploaded on 23rd April. RUMOR is the group's third project single, Project Vol. 3.

There's also a hidden version of the video which you can check out here: