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Teen Mom UK Is Back

Teen Mom UK (the British version of the American reality show Teen Mom) is back for a new series. There are some changes for Series 4 since mums Megan Salmon-Ferrari and Mia Boardman are taking a break and new girl Shannon has joined.

Megan is taking a break to focus on herself and some personal projects, while Mia is taking time out to focus on her new relationship and daughter Marliya. Megan appears in the first episode of the new series and reveals that she has split from boyfriend Dylan (father of McKenzie, 2 and Dulcie Mae, 1. During previous series we saw her struggling with her relationship  with Dylan, who she took back after he cheated on her with her best friend, and dealing with depression. Mia also had a difficult relationship with her ex Manley and they had to find the best way to co-parent Marliya when they finally split (after reuniting several times previously).

Watch this video to find out more about why Mia and Megan have left, and their experiences on the show:

Keep up with Megan at these links:


Official FB  page:

Meg's Glittery Crafts FB Page:


And follow Mia at the below links:




New mum Shannon, 19, has an 18 month old son Theodore with her ex, Charlie. To learn more about her check out this video:

As for the other girls, we'll find out what's going on with Sassi, 19 and Darren (parents to 18 month old Zena'ya) who had a bitter break-up in S3 but then started to build bridges, how Amber, 21, is getting on with her ex Ste (dad of son Brooklyn, now 3) and his new girlfriend Kirsty, and how 20 year old Chloe, Jordan and Marley, 2 and a half, have settled into their new house. And of course, meet Shannon and Theodore. :)

Update 27/2/19: 

Shannon's Instagram:

Here's a teaser video:

Also check out this video for a catch up with the girls:

Teen Mom UK S4 starts next Wednesday (5th September) at 8pm on MTV UK. 

Are you a fan of the show? Who's your favourite mum/family?

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