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Return of Teen Mom

The MTV reality show Teen Mom has returned for a new series and is going to be shown in the UK next week. It's a spin-off show from 16 and Pregnant, which follows the lives of pregnant teenagers. Teen Mom was the first spin-off and featured 4 girls from the first series (or season) of 16 and Pregnant- Maci, Farrah, Amber and Catelynn. There have been two more Teen Mom series as well, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3. TM3 lasted for just one season but TM2 is still going.You can read an old post of mine on Teen Mom 2 here:

Teen Mom started at the end of 2009 and finished after 4 series in 2012. However it's now back for a 5th series as Teen Mom OG (short for original, I think?), which shows what the girls have been up to since we heard from them last. Here's a bit of info about the girls:


Maci Bookout gave birth to son Bentley in October 2008. She had relationship problems with Bentley's father Ryan Edwards and they eventually split-up. Before giving birth she was a cheerleader and a good student. After having Bentley she found it hard juggling motherhood and schoolwork and chose to drop the online classes she was taking. Maci's new relationship with motocross racer Kyle King was featured on Teen Mom and she and Bentley moved from their home town of Chattanooga in Tennessee to Nashville, which caused conflict with Ryan.

Since the show Maci has given talks to educational groups on preventing teen pregnancy. She and Kyle split-up and she started dating Taylor McKinney. In December she announced that she is expecting a baby with Taylor, a girl who is due in June. She and Taylor plan to name her Jayde Carter. The pregnancy will be featured on the show.

For more on Maci visit these links:

Official site (looks to be inactive):

Official FB fan page:

(Fanpage link updated 10/7/17).


Along with Amber (see below), Farrah Abraham is one of the more controversial mums She was also a cheerleader and planned to be a model. During the filming of 16 and Pregnant she'd split-up with her baby's father Derek Underwood. Sadly he died in a car crash before their daughter Sophia was born. After Sophia's birth in February 2009, Farrah did her best to bring her up with the help of her parents Debra and Michael. She had a difficult relationship with both parents and in 2012 moved from her home state of Iowa to Florida and concentrated on going to culinary school. Originally she was going to leave Sophia with her grandparents but decided she couldn't be without her and so Sophia went too. Debra and Michael were unhappy about Farrah's decision.

After filming ended Farrah was arrested for drink driving but didn't receive a jail sentence. She also made a sex tape with porn star James Deen, a move that was blasted by a lot of people. She embarked on a career in the adult film industry and said that she was drugged and assaulted during this time.

Farrah now has an associate degree in culinary arts and management. She was originally not asked to be on Teen Mom but ended up joining later. Maci objected to her coming back, saying that she would be a bad influence on Bentley because of her adult career.

For more on Farrah visit her official website:


Amber Portwood had daughter Leah, her first child with boyfriend Gary Shirley, in November 2008. The couple had a volatile relationship and Amber physically abused Gary. One particular incident where Amber attacked him in front of Leah was caught on camera and led to Amber being charged with domestic violence. She also had issues with drugs and lost custody of Leah. In 2012 she went to jail (on charges related to drugs and missing rehab).

Amber decided she wanted to improve her life and was released from jail 4 years early in November 2013. She is now spending time with Leah and also has a new fiance called Matt. Her ex Gary has just had a baby daughter named Emiliee with his new partner.

Visit Amber's official Facebook page here:


Catelyn Lowell and her boyfriend Tyler Baltierra made the difficult decision to give their daughter Carly up for adoption, due to their unstable home life. Catelynn's mum April and Tyler's dad Butch were married but both had drug and alcohol issues and Butch was in and out of jail. After Carly's birth in 2009 she was adopted by Brandon and Theresa. Catelynn and Tyler chose an open adoption, so they kept in touch with Brandon, Theresa and Carly and were sent regular updates on their daughter's progress. Their parents didn't approve of their choice but they believed they'd done the right thing.

Catelynn and Tyler are the only couple still together. They had a second baby in January, a girl named Novalee Reign and they continue to maintain a relationship with Carly. Catelynn's pregnancy and Novalee's birth will feature on the show.

For more on Catelynn check out these links:

Official FB:

Catelynn and Tyler site:  (Site appears to have gone).

Here's a trailer for Teen Mom OG. It starts next Wednesday 20th May at 8pm on MTV.

Update 20/5/15: OG stands for Teen Mom Original Girls. (I just watched it and that was the full title).

For more on the show visit these links:

US site:

UK site:


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