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Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

Earlier this month I did a post on the new series of Teen Mom UK. At the end of of the post I mentioned that a new show had started in America called Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. It's now due to start in the UK next week, so here's more about the programme. :)

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is the latest in the Teen Mom franchise which started with the 2009 series 16 and Pregnant. It follows 5 girls- Ashely, Brianna, Kayla, Lexi and Jade. Their ages vary from 17 to 21.

Lexi Tatman

The clip of Lexi was the first one I saw. She's 17 and  a cheerleader from Colorado. Her baby son's father is Kyler Lopez and she split-up with him before finding out she was pregnant. When you see Lexi cheerleading while pregnant it reminds me of Farrah Abraham (from Teen Mom OG) in her 16 and Pregnant episode!

Here are Lexi's social media links:



Brianna Jaramillo

Brianna is 18 and  lives in Wisconsin. Her 6th  month old son is named Braeson and during filming she was in a relationship Danae who is a transgender man. Braeson's dad is an old friend who Brianna hooked up with during a break from Danae, but Danae  wants to raise him as his own. (She has since started dating a new man). Braeson was born without a left forearm and hand.

Read more of Briana's story here:

Here's Brianna's FB profile (you can follow her):

Ashley Jones

20 year old Ashley is originally from Las Vegas but moved to Vallejo in California when she found out she was pregnant. Daughter Holly, whose dad is Ashley's fiance Bariki Smith (nicknamed Bar), was born in September.

I had trouble finding social media profiles for Ashley but in the Starcasm article (see below) they linked to her Twitter:

Jade Cline

Jade is  21 and from Indiana and has daughter Kloie who was also born in September. Her dad is Sean Austin. Jade's mum has issues with substance abuse.

Here are Jade's online profile links:



Kayla Sessler

18 year old Kayla has son Izaiah Cole with her on-off boyfriend Stephan Alexander. They live in Illinois.

Kayla's links:



I wanted to post the trailer on here but can't actually find it on YouTube, so here's a sneak peek of Lexi's story instead:

I'm interested to see what these girls are like and hear their stories. I'm not sure if it will be as good as the original Teen Mom but we'll have to see.  :) Last year I watched a TLC show called Unexpected about pregnant teen girls. I liked it but I think it's only had one series/season so far. You can watch a clip from the show here:

For more on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, the official trailer and videos of the other girls, visit the MTV UK site:

And also check out these links:

Starcasm post: (Note: Starcasm tends to slow my computer down)

 Northwest Herald article focusing on Kayla:

Meet the grandmas! visit this post:

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant starts on Monday 3rd April on MTV UK at 8pm. 

In more Teen Mom news, Mackenzie McKee who starred in the short lived Teen Mom 3, is said to be replacing Farrah Abraham in Teen Mom OG. Farrah has long had difficulties with the rest of the Teen Mom cast and crew, and they let her go recently. Farrah accused the production company Viacom of "sex shaming" her because of her career in the adult film industry and sued them, but they have reached a settlement.

To catch up on Mackenzie's story, visit this post:

For more Teen Mom check out these posts:


TM 2:



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