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New Music Releases

I was planning to do separate posts on Bollywood and K-pop releases but thought it would be good to do a post featuring different genres, including those two. So here it is! :)


The Humma Song from OK Jaanu

OK Jaanu  (OK Darling) is a new Bollywood romantic drama about Aditya (Adi) (played by Aditya Roy Kapur/Kapoor) and Tara (Shraddha Kapoor, no relation) who both have big dreams, video game designer Adi to live and work in America and architect Tara to study in Paris. They meet and fall in love but decide to put their careers first. The movie is a remake of the Tamil film OK Kanmani aka O Kadhal Kanmani and just came out at the cinema on 13th January.

This is The Humma Song. The playback singers are Jubin Nautiyal and Shashaa Tirupati. A.R. Rahman composed the music.

Nashe Si Chadh Gayi from Befikre

Befikre (Carefree) was released in December. It's a love story about Indian boy Dharam (played by Ranveer Singh) who moves to Paris for work and falls in love with tourist guide Shyra (Vaani Kapoor), who has Indian heritage but was born and brought up in France.

This film has had bad reviews. I haven't seen it, so can't comment but I like the song! The playback singers are Arijit Singh and Caralisa Monteiro.

Check out the official FB page here:



This is one of the latest releases from Korean boyband BIGBANG. It's from their 2016 album MADE (their 3rd Korean studio album release and 5th Japanese release) and came out in December. They may take a break for a while after this since member T.O.P will start military service (which is mandatory in South Korea) in February.

AOA- Bing Bing

Girl group AOA have just released a new album called Angels Knock. The've brought out 2 singles off the album so far, Bing Bing and Excuse Me. They are minus a member since Youkyung left in October.

Here is Bing Bing. (Click the caption on YouTube for English subtitles!).

Watch the video for Excuse Me here:

S.E.S- Paradise

S.E.S were a hugely popular girl group in the 90s. I didn't know Korean music then but I expect I would have liked them. The group name is made up of the girls' individual names, Sea (her name is Bada but she's also known as Sea), Eugene and Shoo. The group were formed in 1997 by S.M. Entertainment (one of the most successful entertainment companies in South Korea) and were together for  5 years, releasing 7 Korean language albums and 2 Japanese ones. After their split in 2002, the members pursued solo careers as singers and actresses.

In October they reformed to celebrate their 20th anniversary (coming up this year) and released single Love (story) which is a remake of their 1999 song Love. Their new album Remember came out on 2nd January and there have been two singles so far, Remember and Paradise.

This is Paradise. It has a real 90s vibe. Nostalgia! lol.

It's cool to see older girl groups (or "woman groups?), lol. Many band members are in their teens or early 20s, so it's inspiring to see women in their mid 30 being successful!

For more on S.E.S. visit these links:

Official site:

Generasia profile:

AllMusic profile:


Continuing the theme of long running groups, here is Shinhwa. I think their name is Korean for "myth" or "legend". They are the longest running boy band in K-pop history, having made their debut in 1998 and are known as a 1st generation idol group. The 6 members are Eric Mun, Andy Lee, Lee Min-woo, Jun Jin, Kim Dong-wan and Shin Hye-sung and they have released a seriously impressive 13 albums over the past 18 years!

Shinhwa started off with S.M. Entertainment, then moved to Good Entertainment in 2003. They went on hitatus in 2008 due to serving in the military and returned in 2011. They have their own company Shinhwa Entertainment, which was involved in a legal battle over the name. The boys won the case in 2015 and were able to keep the company name. The members also have successful solo careers as singers and actors.

Shinhwa's latest album is Unchanging, which was released in two parts. Part 1 came out in November and Part 2 is out now. Here is Touch, the latest single from Unchanging.

For more on Shinhwa check out these links:

Official site (Korean/English):

Profile (English):


E-girls- All Day Long Lady

Here's a new one from Japanese girl group E-girls. It's from their 4th studio album E.G. Crazy which was released this month.


Dua Lipa- Be The One (video)

Finally let's finish with the UK! British Albanian singer Dua Lipa has re-released her single Be the One with a video featuring American actor Ansel Elgort. She's set to bring out her debut album in June and I'm looking forward to hearing it. (I'm sure it was originally coming out in February but now it's been pushed back to June!).

You can watch the original video here:

Hope you enjoyed the post! :)

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