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Girls vs Boys- K-pop

Today the competition is between Korean solo singers Lee Hyori/Hyolee and Rain/Bi.

This is Stealing A Glance (M.A.R.S. Remix) featuring Sunny (Shyne) and is from Hyori's second album Dark Angel (2006). It sounds similar to TLC's Creep. Someone on YouTube commented that it's a remake of a song by Young Turks Club. (I couldn't find the song to listen). Quite a few of Hyori's songs sound similar to other people's and 7 of the songs on her 2010 album H-Logic were plagiarised. This is a good song though!

Lee Hyori- Stealing A Glance

Update 15/9/15: The Stealing A Glance video had gone from YouTube in November 2014 but there's another on there now, so I've linked to it above.

This is It's Raining which was the first single from Rain's third studio album of the same name and was released in 2004.


Who's your fave?

Watch TLC's Creep here:


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