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Return of Teen Mom UK

Teen Mom UK is back! It's the UK version of the hit American series Teen Mom (itself a spin-off of 16 and Pregnant and sister show Teen Mom 2 and the first series was shown last November. Now it's back for the second one starting next Wednesday. You can read my original post on TM UK here:

The first series followed 5 girls, Chloe, Amber, Mia, Megan and Naomi. This time round the first 4 are back but Naomi has left and been replaced by new girl Sassi Simmons.  Naomi is taking a break to focus on her career and looking after daughter Kyanna, who must be about 3 since she was 2 in the last series. Her relationship with Kyanna's father Raphael wasn't good, from the outside it looked like he didn't treat her very well. They are currently not together. Naomi seems like a good mum and I look forward to hearing more about her and Kyanna in the future. :)

For more on Naomi 's hiatus from the show visit this link:

Now for some updates. :)


New girl Sassi Simmonds is 18 and has daughter Zena'ya, 7 months with her boyfriend Darren. She's from Stockport in Greater Manchester. She used to work in a call centre but is now starting a new caerer as a construcion worker.

Sassi doesn't have an official Facebook page but she has her personal one where her relationship status is listed as "single". According to a recent article in the Sun (see below) she was still with Darren but things have changed. (Not sure how reliable a source The Sun is anyway, to be honest! lol). No doubt we'll find out in future.

For more on Sassi check out these links:

Update 22/3/20: Sassi's Instagram:


Megan Salmon-Ferrari (now 19) had a dramatic time on the show last series. She found out that her fiance Dylan, the father of her son McKenzie (20 months), had cheated on her with her best friend a day before he proposed to her. They called off the engagement but Dylan later proposed again and Megan accepted. We also saw them decide to try for another baby and at the end of the series Megan revealed that was pregnant again. She gave birth to a baby girl named Dulcie-Mae in March this year.

I've just read that the beginning of S2 Megan reveals that her engagement to Dylan is off again because of his partying. She's also just announced on her Facebook page that she's taking a break from social media due to the online abuse she's been getting. It must be hard, online abuse seems to be getting out of control. :( And even though, as she said, she put herself on TV no one deserves all the hate that celebrities and reality stars get. I hope things work out for Megan, Dylan and the kids.

Catch up with Megan's story here:

And here:


19 year old Chloe Patton's relationship with son Marley's dad Jordan went through a bad patch during the last series. They fought a lot and Chloe also struggled with her body image after giving birth to Marley, now 18 months. She and Jordan wanted to buy their own house but couldn't afford it. They're currently living with Chloe's parents.

Read more about Chloe here:


Amber Butler's ex Ste had a hard time letting of her and they had problems co-parenting their son Brooklyn. There was a massive fallout over Brooklyn's christening invitations! We also saw Amber start darting again which Ste wasn't happy about at first. Amber says that this series they're getting on better. Brooklyn is now going through the "terrible twos"!

Check out MTV's post about Amber:


Mia Boardman became a first time mum when she gave birth to daughter Marliya on the programme. Marliya's dad Manley also has a child with his ex Erin; daughter Aaliyah. Mia struggled with jealously over Manley and Erin seeing each other because of Aaliyah and also felt that Manley's family thought she was a bad mum.

Marliya is now 1 and Mia and Manley are still together but Mia says their relationship had changed since they both became parents and they don't plan to have another baby any time soon.

Read more about Mia in her MTV interview:

Here's a trailer for S2:

I enjoyed the first series of Teen Mom UK so I'm looking forward to the new one. The girls aren't celebrities like the American mums have become, so I think their lives are more typical of what the average teen mums are like. I like all the girls but I'd say my favourite mums are Mia and Megan. :) I liked Naomi and I think it's a shame she's gone (at least for now) but I'm interested to meet Sassi and her family. In Teen Mom 2 there's also a new cast member, Briana DeJesus from TM3 (it wasn't very popular and only ran for one series/season). I think that's just starting in America but we're not getting it here in the UK yet.

For more on the show visit the official MTV site:

Series 2 of Teen Mom UK starts on Wednesday 26th July at 8pm on MTV (UK).

Do you like Teen Mom UK? Who is your favourite mum? :)


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