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Weekly Music Video

This is Nick Jonas's latest single Remember I Told You. It features British singer Anne-Marie and American rapper Mike Posner . It was released on 26th May but the official video was just uploaded to YouTube yesterday. (I only saw an audio video before). Remember I Told you is not on Nick's latest album Last Year Was Complicated, it's a stand-alone single. Nick fan? Check out these posts:

Chung Ha Solo Debut

Chung Ha (real name Kim Chung-mi) from Korean girl group I.O.I has launched her solo career.* I.OI.  disbanded at the beginning of the year and now Chung Ha is striking out on her own. Chung Ha was born in South Korea, then moved to America and later came back to Korea to get started in her career. Shre trained with South Korean entertainment company JYP Entertainment (who are responsible for several of the top K-pop groups including missA , Twice , 2PM and GOT7 ) and later became a member of I.O.I. She said on Pops in Seoul that she was the main dancer of I.O.I. She is currently with MNH Entertainment . In addition to singing Chug Ha has done some presenting, she was a guest presenter on Simply K-pop for several weeks and she has also been hosting the show Ah! Sunday - A Running Miracle. Chung Ha released her debut single Week in April and her debut EP Hands on Me this month, along with the lead single Why Don't You Know featuring Korean rapper Nucksal . The EP contain

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Cash Madame by Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee . Her full name is Vanessa Hau Mdee and she was born in Tanzania and later lived in New York, Paris and Kenya. Also known as Vee Money, she started out as an MTV VJ (there aren't so many of them these days, at least not in the UK) and was the first ever VJ in Tanzania. Her debut solo single was Closer, one of her biggest hits to date. Vanessa's other singles include Come over, Niroge, Siri, Never Ever and Cash Madame. I think Cash Madame is her latest single. It was uploaded to YouTube in December. Vanessa is singing in English but a kind of patois , I think. Sounds similar to Jamaican English. (Swahili is one of the official languages of Tanzania along with English). For more on Vanessa visit these links: Official site: Official FB:

Girls vs Boys- Turkish

Sorry for the late post, I've had personal problems and haven't been feeling well the past couple of days. I haven't done a Girls vs Boys post for a while so here's a new one. :) Today's it's between Turkish singers Cem Belevi and Ayshe. Ayshe 's full name is Ayşe Akın. (I think this is the right Ayshe, I translated this from Turkish with Google Translate!). She was born in Belgium and speaks 4 languages. Although her real name is Ayşe, she uses Ayshe as a stage name becauuse it's easier for people abroad to pronounce. One of Ayshe's most well known songs is Kim Ne Derse Desin with Cem Belevi (see below). She's also an actress, having been in TV series.  This is Ben Bile Şok which came out in September.              For more on Ayshe check out these links: Official site: Official FB: Cem Belevi learnt to play the piano when he 7 and started playing gu

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is M.I.L.F $ (MILF Money) by Fergie . It came out last July and was played a lot last summer. The acronym "MILF" usually stands for "Mom/Mum I'd like to f***" but in this case it stands for "Moms I'd Like To Follow" (e.g. on social media site Instagram ). Of course the other meaning is implied! lol. M.I.L.F was the first single from Fergie's upcoming second album Double Dutchess. The album's release has been delayed a couple of times and since Fergie changed record labels last month, there's no sign of when it's definitely coming out yet.  Life Goes on, the second single from Double Dutchess was released in November. I really like Fergie's first album The Dutchess so will keep an eye out for news of the new one. :) As well as Fergie (who is mum to son Axl) the video for M.IL.F $ features others famous mums including reality star Kim Kardashian West , singer Ciara , model Chrissy Teigen,  model and actress D

New J-pop Releases

A few Japanese artists have new songs out, so here are the latest releases. :) Update 14/9/18: Avex videos are now blocked from being shown on third party applications. If you click on the videos you can watch them fine on YouTube. :) Namie Amuro- Just You and I First up here's Namie Amuro's latest single Just You and I. It came out in May. This is the short version of the music video. (Her record company Avex tend to upload short versions). Update 7/11/18: I had to replace the video but I think it's the same.                        

Weekly Music Video

This week's video (or audio) is another one from LANY . It's called 13 and is their latest single (released at the beginning of the month). It has a nice, chilled out vibe.  13 is from the band's self-titled debut album which is due out on 30th June. For more singles from LANY check out this post:

New Dua Lipa Album

British Albanian singer Dua Lipa has just released her debut album self titled album. It feels like I've been waiting for this for ages! lol. It came out yesterday (2nd June) but I originally thought it was going be released in February. Note: This post refers to the Deluxe edition. I like the album but I think I was expecting to like it more, or rather like the new songs more (ones I haven't already heard). I've heard quite a few of them already and bought a couple on iTunes last year (Last Dance and Be The One). So those two are my favourites and also New Love and Blow Your Mind (Mwah). I also like Lost In Your Light featuring American singer Miguel . I don't like Hotter Than Hell or Room For 2 so much but Thinking Bout You has a nice, chilled out vibe. Out of the songs I'd never listened to until yesterday, I like New Rules, and Dreams best and Genesis and Begging are quite good as well. I may get the album in future since I only have 2 of the songs