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Weekly Music Video

Hope you all had a good Christmas! :) Today's video is of the song Nachle from the Bollywood film Lakeer - Forbidden Lines (2004). It's about Arjun (played by Sunny Deo l and Karan (Sohail Khan ) who grow-up as brothers raised by gangster Suraj Rana. (Karan is his real son and Arjun is adopted). Karan falls in love with a girl named Bindiya ( Nauheed Cyrusi) who is in love with Saahil (John Abraham) , a fact which Karan won't accept. Saahil is close to his brother Sanju ( Sunil Shetty ) who also gets drawn into the situation between Saahil and Karan. The video features the brothers Saahil and Sanju. Update 15/4/20: Goldmines Films have now blocked their videos from being displayed on third party applictions, but you can view it fine on YouTube. :)

Girls' Generation 1st UK single

K-pop girl group Girls' Generation have released their first UK single this month. It's called The Boys and was available to download yesterday. An album release is planned for next year. Here's the video for The Boys (both Korean and English versions).                                                                                              Korean version                                                           English version

Weekly Music Video

Since it's nearly Christmas I thought I''d post a Christmas themed video! It's the new version of Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You featuring Justin Bieber, which was on Justin's Under The Mistletoe Christmas album last year. Hope you like it. :)

Girls vs Boys- K-pop

More girls vs boys! Korean boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki/ Tong Vfang Xien Qi (who are sadly no longer all together) and Korean girlband Girl's Day. Perhaps the song titles should have been the other way around! lol. Girl's Day were formed in 2010. The current members are Sojin, Minah, Yura and Hyeri. Past members are Ji Sun, Ji In and Jihae (who left the group in October). They've released 3 mini albums, Girl's Day Party #1, Everyday and Everyday 2. (The video is from when they were a five piece). Visit their official site (Korean language) at: For more on Tohoshinki go here:                                                                                            DBSK- Rising Sun                                                 Girl's Day- Nothing Lasts Forever Who's your favourite? Update  4/2/13- Tohoshinki are still together as a two-pi

Weekly Music Video

Today it's a video from British singer Katy B. Katy released her debut single Katy On A Mission in 2010 and her debut album On A Mission in 2011. Her music is a mixture of dubstep , dance and R'n'B. Here's the video for Katy On A Mission. For more on Katy visit her site: And for more videos, visit her VEVO: Official VEVO

Weekly Music Video

Today it's a video from the Bollywood film Anwar (2007). It's about a Muslim man called Anwar, played by Siddharth Koirala  (brother of Manisha , who is in the film too) who falls in love with a girl called Mehru ( Nauheed Cyrusi ) After he finds out that she is planning to elope with his best friend, he tells her family, which leads to tragedy. He then runs away and takes shelter in a Hindu temple, only to be mistaken for a terrorist. The song is called Maula Mere Maula.