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Weekly Music Video

Here's Oga, the new single from Nigerian singer Yemi Alade. It was released on 10th January. Yemi's current album is 2017's Black Magic but I think this is a standalone single, as was Issokay.

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New Music for 2019- K-pop

Last week I shared some new Japanese music for 2019. You can read it here:

This week it's time for some new Korean music! :)

Chung Ha- Gotta Go

This is the latest single from Chung Ha  (also written as Chungha), a former member of girl group I.O.I who went solo after the group disbanded in 2017). It's about a girl who has to leave her boyfriend at midnight, but is reluctant to go. It was released on 2nd January.

Read more about Chung Ha's new single here:

KNK- Lonely Night

This is Lonely Night by boyband KNK.  Their full name is Keunaken (the initials are also short for "K-pop Knock" ,meaning knocking on the door of the K-pop industry)  and they were formed in 2016, the first male idol group of the company  YNB Entertainment. The group consists of 5 members- leader  Kim Jih…

Weekly Music Video

This is 7 rings, the latest single from American singer Ariana Grande. It was released on 18th January and is the 2nd single from her upcoming 5th studio album Thank U, Next, due for release in February. The first single was last year's thank u, next.

7 rings samples the song My Favorite Things from the 1959 musical and 1965 film The Sound of Music. British group Big Brovaz also sampled the song for their single Favourite Things in 2003. Ariana says 7 rings is a "friendship anthem".

Update 3/2/19: There's now a remix featuring rapper 2 Chainz. Listen here:

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New Music for 2019- J-pop

Last year I did a couple of posts about new music for 2018. You can read them here:

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 Now it's a new year again, so I'm sharing some some new music for 2019 in various genres! Starting with  Japanese pop. :)

Note: Avex videos are now blocked from being shown on third party applications. If you click on the videos you can watch them fine on YouTube. :)

Red Velvet- SAPPY

First up is Korean girl group Red Velvet, with  new Japanese release, SAPPY. It's a digital single (their 2nd original Japanese song) that was released on 6th January.

According to elite daily, SAPPY is about a "sappy" boy who can't make up his mind between two girls. Visit this post for an English translation:…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Explore by Chinese Canadian singer Kris Wu (former member of Korean/Chinese boyband EXO who went solo in 2014). it's from his debut album Antares which was released in November.

Explore is one of my favourite songs from Antares. It's in English (Kris also sings in Mandarin but the majority of the songs on the album are English). It hasn't been released as single so this is an audio, but if there's a music video later I'll update this post. :)

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Teen Mom Round-up

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is On The Low by Nigerian singer Burna Boy. His real name is Damini Ogulo and he is from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He's also lived in England. His grandad is broadcaster and music critic Benson Idonije, on of the founders of Radio Nigeria.

Burna Boy started out in music in late 2010, but his real breakthrough single was Like To Party, released in summer 2012. His other singles include Tonight, Yawa Dey, Run My Race , Soke, Gbona and On The Low.

Burna Boy's type of music is known as Afrofusion, and to date he has released 2 mixtapes and 3 albums. His latest LP is OUTSIDE which came out last year. The title track features Swedish/British singer Mabel. In 2015 he founded his own record label OnASpaceship.

On The Low came out in November. I first saw the video on an Afrobeats TV progamme last month.

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New ZAYN Album

ZAYN aka Zayn Malik (former member of British boyband One Direction turned solo singer) recently released his 2nd album. It's called Icarus Falls and contains an impressive 27 songs! It came our on 14th December.

I like Zayn's debut album Mind of Mine and have several songs from that. I think Icarus Falls has a similar vibe, so if you like his previous stuff, you ll probably like this. He's teamed up with American rapper Nicki Minaj on the single No Candle No Light, and American rapper and producer Timbaland for Too Much.

Singles released  from Icarus Falls so far are Let Me, Entertainer, Sour Diesel, Too Much, Fingers and No Candle No Light. My favourites are Stand Still (bought that over Christmas), Imprint, If I Got You and I Don't Mind. I also  like Let Me, Flight of the Stars and Talk To Me. I plan to buy more songs in future.

Here are a few songs from the album. :)

This is Let Me which was released in april last year and I featured it as a Weekly Music Video: ht…

Weekly Music Video

Happy 2019! Hope you had a great New Year. :)

Starting the year off with Wasted Love Freestyle, a new song from American singer Jhené Aiko. It's nice and chilled, usual "Jhené" vibe and a relaxing song to listen to after all the excitement and activity of Christmas and New Year! :)

Wasted Love was uploaded to YouTube on 19th December. Just an audio currently but I'll update if there's a video in future. :)

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