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Rania performance

Here's a performance by another  Bellydance Superstar Rania. I don't think she's in it anymore either, the line-up seems to have completely changed. I'll post videos of the more well known dancers who used to be in the group first and then move on to the newer ones later. In the video she's dancing to a piece of music called Ice Queen by Dinletir aka Paul Dinletir. He's a composer who is married to another former BDSS member Jillina.

Rania performance

For more information about Rania check out her site:
There doesn't appear to be a lot on it but hopefully they'll update it soon.

And for more info on Dinletir visit:

Jillina performance

Here's another Bellydance Superstars video. This is a performance by Jillina. I don't think she's part of the Bellydance Superstars anymore because she's not featured on their site. On her own site it says that she was the Artistic Director and Main Choreographer (for the Bellydance Superstars) from 2003-2009 and principal choreographer until 2010. She is now working by herself on her own show Bellydance Evolution.

For more info on Jillina, check out her personal website:

Top 5 Horror Anthologies

These are my Top 5 favourite horror anthology films. It was originally going to be a Top 10 post but since it was taking me a while to do (because there are multiple stories in each film) and I couldn't actually think of 10 films to make a Top 10,  I decided to do a Top 5 instead. I'll do a follow-up post later of other films that I like but aren't favourites. Posts contain spoilers. :)

1. Creepshow (1982)

Based on comics from the 50s, this film by Stephen King and George A. Romero features 5 different stories. The wraparound story is about a boy called Billy (played by Stephen King's son Joe Hill/King) who loves to read comic books. His father disapproves of this pastime and gets so angry he slaps his son. Billy wants revenge on his dad. That night the Crypt Keeper appears to him and the stories begin.

Another Hiromi video

I thought I'd post another Hiromi video. This one is for the song YES, which is from her album Rainbow. The video has English subtitles.

YES- Hiromi

The video won't post in the blog, (I keep having problems with that), so follow the link instead. :)

Happy Bonfire Night to readers in the UK (and anyone who celebrates it elsewhere)! :)