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Weekly Music Video

This is my favourite song from the Bollywood film Race . It's called Zara Zara Touch Me. The film is about two brothers Ranvir (played by Saif Ali Khan ) and Ranjiv  (Askshaye Khanna).   Ranvir is a successful businessman who is involved in the horse and car racing businesses while Ranjiv is an alcoholic with no job. He is love with Ranvir's girlfriend model Sonia (played by Bipasha Basu). Mewnwhile Ranvir's personal assistant Sophia ( Katrina Kaif ) is in love with him. Ranvir is in competition with a rival horse owner and things begin to get dangerous. There will be a sequel called Race 2. Apparently it's a copy of Zhu Lin Shen Chu by Taiwanese American singer/actor  Leehom Wang . I didn't know that but I watched the video and it does sound similar. Leehom sued the song's composer Pritam for plagiarism. A lot of the Bollwood films and songs are based on or copied from foreign films and songs. According to Wikipedia Race is loosely based on a film calle