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New Music/Videos

Time for an update on new music and videos by artists I like. :)

First up is the official music video for Mariah Carey's new single Infinity:

I also like Years & Years' latest single Shine. Check it out here:

Justine Skye's A Train is good:

And the video for Pia Mia's new single Do It Again featuring Chris Brown and Tyga has just been uploaded:

That's it until next time!

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Collide by Justine Syke featuring rapper Tyga. Justine is an American singer from Brooklyn, New York who used to go to performing arts school but left at 16 to launch a singing career. She started out on Tumblr which helped to get her music known and she went on to sign with Atlantic Records.

Justine, who's also known as the Purple Unicorn, released her debut EP Everyday Living in 2013 and her 2nd EP Emotionally Unavailable is out now. Her latest single is Bandit.

Collide came out last October but I only heard it recently. It's one of my current favourite songs. :)

For more on Justine check out these links:


Official site:

Official FB:

FADER interview:

Impractical Jokers

Recently I've been watching the TV series Impractical Jokers. It's an American hidden camera comedy show starring 4 friends who challenge each other to play practical jokes on the unsuspecting public. The set-up is that the Joker (what they call themselves) is given a challenge to do but he doesn't know all the details and the others often tell him what to do or say by microphone. Impractical Jokers started in 2011 and there have been 4 series/seasons so far.

The stars of the show are comedy troupe The Tenderloins. The troupe was set-up in the late 90s by James Murray (nicknamed Murr), Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano and Mike Boccio, who went to school together in Staten Island, New York. Mike later left and was replaced by Brian Quinn (aka Q)..

Often the Joker is given a task to complete out in public, for example to move along a supermarket aisle only while somebody else is looking at him, or to get a stranger to say a particular word, such as "vis a vis". Another type …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Kiss Me Quick by Nathan Sykes. Nathan is a member of British/Irish boyband The Wanted, who are currently on hiatus and he's now pursuing a solo career.

Nathan appeared on TV talent shows as a child and joined The Wanted at 16. He released a single with Ariana Grande, Almost Is Never Enough in 2013. In March he uploaded a video for the song More Than You'll Ever Know to YouTube. It's from his debut album which is due for release in the autumn.  Kiss Me Quick is Nathan's debut single and it will be out in the UK on 28th June. (It's already available in the US and Canada).

For more on Nathan visit his official site:

Staying Alive

Staying Alive is the 1983 sequel to Saturday Night Fever (1977). It follows John Travolta's character Tony Manero now he's moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan in New York, to get work as a a professional dancer. He's auditioning for Broadway shows during the day and working as a waiter and teaching dance classes in the evening. And he's dating Jackie (Cynthia Rhodes) a fellow dancer.

One night Tony sees lead dancer Laura (Finola Hughes) in a show and becomes enthralled by her. Both he and Jackie are cast in her latest show Satan's Alley as chorus dancers but Tony ends up becoming the lead male dancer alongside Laura. Since he's become involved with her and is more interested than she is, the situation becomes complicated!

I like Saturday Night Fever but Staying Alive is my favourite. I like the storyline of the Broadway show and the songs are good too. :) The Bee Gees (who of course also sang for Saturday Night Fever) and Sylvester Stallone's brother Frank san…

Weekly Music Video

Here is Pia Mia's new song Do It Again featuring singer Chris Brown and rapper Tyga. This is a lyric video. I assume there will be an official music video later and I'll update this post when there is. :)

Do It Again is out now.

Update 27/6/15: The official music video has just been uploaded. Visit this post for link:

New Music/Videos

I enjoyed doing the 1000 Songs In a Year Challenge and thought it would be good to do something like that in the future but maybe not on so large a scale! lol. So I decided to start a new feature where I mention new videos/songs I've been watching and listening to lately. :)

Here are the latest:

Mariah Carey- Infinity
Jhené Aiko- Living Room Flow (My new favourite song!)
Jhené Aiko- Spotless Mind (I already heard this song but didn't watch the video until recently)
Pia Mia feat. Chris Brown and Tyga- Do It Again
Ciara- I Bet
Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar- Bad Blood

The Weeknd- Might Not
Nathan Sykes (from The Wanted)- Kiss Me Quick 
VIXX- Love Equation (K-pop)
Guy Sebastian- The Pause

That's all for now! :)

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Desire by Years & Years. They are a British/Australian group made up of 3 members, lead singer and keyboardist Olly Alexander, bass player Mikey Goldsworthy and synth player Emre Turkmen. Drummer Dylan Bells performs live with them. Their music is mainly electropop with some R'n'B and house.

Years & Years got together in 2010. They started out with 5 members but the other members Noel Leeman and Oliver Subria left and they are now a trio. They released their debut single I Wish I Knew in summer 2012 and the following year signed to Kitsune Records and brought out their second single Traps. To date the band have released 5 EPs- Traps (2012),  Real, Take Shelter, Desire Remixes (all released in 2014) and Y & Y EP (2015) and 5 more singles, including Real, Desire and King which was No 1 on the UK Singles Chart this year. Their next single Shine will be released on 5th July and their debut album Communion is due out on 10th July.

Years & Years …