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New IT Trailer

Back in April I posted about the IT remake. Now there's less than a month to go until it's released and there's a new trailer!

This is Official Trailer 1 and it was uploaded on 27th July.

This looks creepy, maybe even creepier that the 1990 version! Pennywise looks really menacing. A I said in my original post about the remake, I wasn't sure about the casting of Bill SkarsgÄrd . I doubted whether he could be as good as Tim Curry but he looks effective as It in the trailers so far! lol. And of course he will bring his own thing to the role.

I look forward to seeing this. I'll probably wait till it comes on TV since I rarely go to the cinema these days. Films come out really quickly nowadays too.

IT is out on 8th September in both the US and the UK.

Are you a fan of IT (book and/or mini series)? What do you think of the film trailers?
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Weekly Music Video

This is the video for Korean/Chinese boyband EXO's new single Ko Ko Bop. The group has had a few changes in the past couple of years, members Kris Wu, Luhan and Z.Tao (aka Tao) have all left after filing lawsuits against their record company S.M. Entertainment.

Ko Ko Bop is EXO's first ever reggae song. It's from their 4th studio album The War which was released last month. The War is currently a bestseller and Ko Ko Bop has also topped the charts. It was released on 18th July, the same day as the album.

This is the Korean version:

And here's the Chinese version:

Also Kris Wu has a new single out called 6. You can watch the video here:

Teen Mom 2 Is Back

Teen Mom 2 has returned! The 8th series/season starts in the UK next week. (It's already started in America). Since the 2nd series of Teen Mom UK started recently, fans get a double fix of teen mums!

Things have changed quite a bit for the mothers Chelsea Houska (now DeBoer), Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans since I first did a post on the show back in 2011! So I'm going to write an update and also provide links to the girls' sites and online profiles (I never did in the first post). You can read my original Teen Mom 2 post here:

The biggest change of all is that there's now a new mum! Brianna DeJesus who featured in S4 of 16 and Pregnant (the original series which all the mums appeared on) and also starred in the short lived Teen Mom 3, has joined the cast. More on her below. :)

Leah Messer

Leah, now 25, had an on/off relationship with Coey Simms, the father of her twins Aliannah Hope (known as Ali) …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is I'm A Fan by Pia Mia featuring American singer Jeremih. It's Pia's latest single and was released on 26th May, but the video only premiered on 2nd August. I don't like it as much as her last single We Should Be Together but it's a light, summer song, good for this time of year. :) It has a kind of reggae vibe.

For  more "summer vibe" songs check out this post from last year (Pia's Do It Again is No. 9 on the list):

K.A.R.D Debut Mini Album

Korean group K.A.R.D have released their debut mini album, entitled KARD 1st Mini Album Hola Hola. It came out on 19th July and contains 6 tracks- Oh NaNa featuring "hidden member" Heo Young-Ji, Don't Recall, RUMOR, Hola Hola, (Korean title) I Can't Stop and Living Good (Special Thanks To).

Oh NaNa was released last December as K.A.R.D's first project single, a pre-debut. Don't Recall followed in February and the English language "Hidden Version" at the beginning of March. The group released their thid and last project single RUMOR in April. Hola Hola ("Hello Hello" in Spanish) is the first single from the mini album and both came out on the same day.

My favourite song from Hola Hola is Don't Recall. I like both the Korean and English versions. I bought the English one a little while ago and might buy the Korean one as well. I like Oh NaNa too. I Hola Hola sounds similar to Oh NaNa, especially because they sing that phrase in it, but I…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Ska Inat by Kosvar  Kosovan Albanian) singer Nora Istrefi and Robert Berisha. Nora and Robert are a couple in real life and have a daughter named Rene. :) This is the first time they have colloborated musically.

Ska Inat was released last month. I think Nora and Robert are singing in Gheg Albanian.

For more on Nora, Robert and their single you can visit this link (use Google Translate if you can't understand Albanian, like I can't!):

And for more on Nora, her younger sister Era Istrefi and other Albanian music artists, check out this post:

More True Movies

This is a follow on post to Top 10 True Movies which I did last year. Check it out here:

Here are some more real life films which didn't make the first list. Post contains spoilers. :)

A Cry in the Dark  (aka Evil Angels) (1988)

This film is based on one of the most famous Australian legal cases where 9 week old baby Azaria Chamberlain disappeared on 17th August 1980 while on a camping holiday with her family in the Outback. Her parents Lindy (played by Meryl Streep) and Michael (Sam Neill) claim she was taken by a dingo but the police (and the public) don't believe them and end up accusing Lindy of murdering her daughter. Lindy then endures a long legal fight to prove that she's telling the truth and a dingo did take Azaria.