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Current Favourite Songs

Last June I did a post about my current favourite songs. I didn't actually realise it was almost a year ago! I thought about making it a regular feature at the time, but obviously I didn't, lol. Never mind! You can read last year's post here:

I listen to a lot of music and while I have my "all time" fave songs, my current favourites change. (Although I'm still listening to Janine a lot and Kru Wu's Explore is still one of my fave songs of his).  So here's what I'm listening to at the moment. :)

MIREI- Lazy Boy
I first came across the Japanese singer MIREI (full name Touyama Mirei, or Mirei Touyama in Western terms) in March when I heard her song Lonely In Tokyo (see below) in March. She released her international English language album Take Me Away in January.
This is Lazy Boy which was the third single from Take Me Away and was released in January. It's about having nostalgi…
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Weekly Music Video

This week's video is AURORA by Chinese Canadian singer Kris Wu (former member of Korean/Chinese boyband EXO turned solo). It's a Chinese language song that has laid back kind of 90s vibes.

This is the official visualiser (or visualizer) and it was uploaded in April. I like the beach at sunset scenes! :)

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Explore audio (2nd fave song):

Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light

It's time for Eurovision again!  I usually do two posts in the weeks leading up to it, so ahead of tonight's show here is my 2nd one. Read last week's here:
So as I mentioned in the first post, this year the programme  Eurovsion: Europe Shine A Light will be shown in place of the Grand Final of the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest. The original show (which would have been in Rotterdam after Duncan Laurence won for the Netherlands last year with Arcade, was cancelled back in March due to the coronavirus and the European (and pretty much worldwide) lockdown.

Europe: Shine A Light will spotlight the 41 songs from this year contest, as well as feature performances from past contestants. This year artists will also join together from different locations to perform he song Love Shine A Light by Katrina and the Waves, which won for the UK back in 1997 (last time we won!).

The past few years I haven'…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is NOT TOO DEEP by American singer India Shawn  and featuring rapper/singer 6LACK. India is from Los Angeles and released her debut EP Origin in 2012 and collaborated with James Fauntleroy on the 2015 EP Outer Limits.
NOT TOO DEEP is her latest single and was released in April.  It has a chilled, dreamy vibe  and I like 6LACK's part, and the animation. I can't post the video directly on here (the new Blogger design is making it difficult for me to post videos) but here's the audio.

And you can watch the music video here:

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Morocco with Alina Baraz audio:…

Countdown to Eurovision (At Home) 2020!

It's Eurovision season once again! Although this year it won't be the same since the 65th Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus. I was sad (although not surprised) to hear about the cancellation in March. However the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has been showing home concerts on YouTube and they are now going to have Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, a show that will be held on place of the Grand Final on 16th May.
Europe: Shine A Light will spotlight the 41 songs from this year contest, as well as feature performances from past contestants. There will also be a performance of the song Love Shine A Light by Katrina and the Waves, (which won for the UK in 1997) by this year's artisrs. The show would have taken place in Rotterdam after Duncan Laurence won for the Netherlands last year with Arcade, but obviously due to various lockdowns/quarantines around the world, the artists will be in different locations.
I'm looking forward to the show. Appa…

Weekly Music Video

Today's music video is 100 Ways by Hong Kong  singer/rapper (and member of K-pop boyband GOT7) Jackson Wang. It's his latest single (a stand alone one that's not on his debut album MIRRORS) and was released in March.
100 Ways is an English language pop/dance song with  Chinese music mixed in. I also like the Chinese themed video. :)

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Videos from My YouTube Playlist- K-pop

Sorry the 2nd post is later again this week. I aim to post twice weekly, once with the Weekly Music Video on Wednesday and again with another post on Fridays or Saturdays, but am a bit behind with things again. Never mind. Hope everyone is doing well. :)

Now onto the post! I've had an idea for a while to feature some videos from my J-pop and K-pop playlist on YouTube, so today I'm starting with K-pop ones. You can view the playlist here:

EXO- Growl 

This is one of my favourite songs by Korean/Chinese boyband EXO. It was a Weekly Music Video in 2014 which you can see here:


Girl group SISTAR disbanded in 2017 but we can still enjoy their songs! :) Alone is one of mt faves and I featured it in a 2014 Girls vs Boys post:

SISTAR- Give It To Me

Here's Give It To …