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Girls vs Boys- K-pop

This week I thought I'd do another K-pop Girls vs Boys post. It's between Korean girl group SISTAR and Korean/Chinese boyband EXO.

I did a post on EXO in April, which you can read here:

This is the video for Mama, their debut single which was released in April 2013. This is EXO-K's version and it's in Korean. :)

                                                            EXO-K- Mama

If you can't be bothered with the narration watch it without here:

And here is EXO-M's version (Chinese):

SISTAR are a 4 member group who debuted in June 2010 with the song Push Push. The members are Hyolyn (real name Kim Hyo Jung), Bora (full name Yoon Bora), Soyou (real name Kang Ji Hyun)and Dasom (full name Kim Dasom).* Their debut album So Cool was released in 2011.

SISTAR took a break after the album release, returning …

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Tike Tike Kardi by Iranian Swedish singer and producer Arash (full name Alex Arash Labaf). He was born in  Iran and moved to Sweden as a child. Arash released his  debut album (self titled) in June 2005 and has released two more albums since then, Crossfade (The Remix Album) in 2006 and Donya (World) in 2008. He is popular in Iran, Sweden and in other countries in the Middle East and Europe. Arash has released about 12 singles, including Tike Tike Kardi and Boro Boro which was used in the 2005 Bollywood film Bluffmaster! (the song is also known as Bure Bure).

I did a post on Bure Bure and Tweet's Call Me last year (they have the same music), which you can read here:*

Arash sings in Persian. His great grandfather was an Iranian Azeri (Iranian Azerbaijani) and he represented Azerbaijan in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Always, his duet with Aysel came 3rd. He recently did a remix of the…

1000 Songs In A Year- 325 to 358

Time for the next 1000 Songs instalment. :) I haven't listened to as many songs lately, so it's a shorter list which makes it easier to post!

325. Eric Bellinger feat. Jhene Aiko- Ex Again
326. Kavinsky feat. The Weeknd - Odd Look
326. BANKS- Drowning (Lido Remix)

You can get a free download of the Drowning remix on BANKS' site (follow the link om SoundCloud).

Music channels

327 Mnek- Every Little Word
328. Ella Henderson (from the X-Factor)- Ghost


329. Holiday- Tu Hi Toh Hai


330. After Forever- Energize Me
331. Edenbridge- Higher
332. Within Tempation feat. Xzibit- And We Run
333. Amberian Dawn- Magic Forest
334. Midnattsol- Desolation*

*The lead singer of German/Norwegian band Midnattsol is Carmen Elise Espen├Žs, the younger sister of Liv Kristine from Leaves' Eyes.

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for Toh Phir Aao from the Bollywood film Awarapan (2007). I did another post about Awarapan in February which you can read here:

In the Toh Phir Aao video Shivam (Emraan Hashmi) is remembering his fiancee Aaliyah's (Shriya Saran) death. Her father objected to her marrying Shivam because he's a criminal and a fight ensued, leading to Aaliyah's father accidentally shooting her. This is a very sad, emotional song and video.

Toh Phir Aao is sung by Pakistani singer Mustafa Zahid. It was originally recorded by him and his rock band Roxen and then used for Awarapan, along with their other song Tera Mera Rishta.

Toh Phir Aao is one of my favourite songs from Awarapan. There's also a Lounge Mix which I like as well. :) You can watch the video for that here:

And liisten to the Roxen version here:

For more…

Top 10 Koda Kumi Songs

I've done Top 10 lists for my favourite singers Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, so I thought I'd do one for my favourite Japanese singer Koda Kumi as well. Here are my Top 10 Koda songs. :) (I call her Koda sometimes because I'm used to the first name being first, although I know it's the other way round in Japan).

Update 21/9/18: Avex videos are now blocked from being shown on third party applications. If you click on the video you can watch it fine on YouTube. :)

1. feel

This is my favourite Koda song. :) It's from the album BEST~second session~ (2006). It was released as a single on 11th January 2006 as part of her 12 Singles Project (where she released one single every week for 12 weeks). feel was No 6 in the project and got to No 1 in the Japanese singles chart.  It was my Weekly Music Video in March 2013.

feel is one of a series of interlinked videos in which 3 men tell stories about the women in their lives. Kumi plays each of the women. The others are You…

Weekly Music Video

This is BANKS' new single Drowning. It's from her upcoming album GODDESS which is due out in September. I recently heard the song Goddess, which is good as well. I might do a post on that another week. :)

Drowning will be released in the UK next Monday (16th June) but it's already out in most other places.

1000 Songs In A Year- 264 to 324

Here's my update on the 1000 Songs challenge. :)

264. Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake- Love Never Felt So Good
265. Lana Del Rey- Once Upon A Dream (from Maleficent)
266. Tinashe feat. SchoolBoy Q- 2 On
267. SchoolBoy Q feat. Jhene Aiko- Fantasy

Music channels

268. Mapei- Don't Wait
269.One Direction- You & I
270. Lily Allen- Sheezus


Songs from Shakira. album (doesn't include the songs I've already heard)

271. You Don't Care About Me
272. Cut Me Deep feat. Magic!
273. Spotlight
274. Broken Record
275. Medicine feat. Blake Shelton
276. 23
277. The One Thing
278. Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olivdarte (Spanish version of Can't Remember To Forget You)
279. Loca por ti (Crazy for you)
280. La La La
281. Chasing Shadows
282. That Way

I listened to this on Spotify. Follow this link to listen (create an account or sign in):
Shakira Spotify

Weekly Music Video

Today's song is Tear The World Down by We Are The Fallen. It's from their album of the same name and was released as a single in 2010 but it doesn't seem to have a video. This is a good song. :)