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1000 Songs 910-959

Sorry this week's post is late. I started the 1000 Songs in a Year Challenge on 24th March, so it was a year on Tuesday. I've been trying to finish up but I'm a bit behind. Never mind!

There are 49 songs in this update, so it's another long one! I have 50 songs to go now, so hopefully shouldn't be too much longer till I'm finished.

910. Matty B- Turn Up The Track (Video seen on Dance Moms)

911. Ella Henderson- Mirror Man
912. Iggy Azalea feat. Jennifer Hudson- Trouble

913. Evanescence- Anything For You
914. HELLOVENUS- StickySticky (K-pop)
915. Anjaan- Sirripu En Video (Bollywood)
916. Kary Ng- Soul Mate (C-pop/C-rock)
917. Tinashe feat. Iggy Azalea- All Hands On Deck REMIX

918. OMI- Cheerleader
919. Jasmine Thompson- Almost Lover*

*Chloe from Dance Mom's new dance- watch it here:

920. Mariam- Do It Again (Original song used the JAYBeatz mix)
921. EXID- UP & DOWN (K-pop)
922. The Weeknd- Where You Belong (from…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Malang from the Bollywood film Dhoom:3. In the video circus performer Sahir (played by Aamir Khan) and Aaliya (played by Katrina Kaif) are performing their act on stage.

For more on the storyline visit this post:

Dance Moms- Chloe

Chloe Lukasiak was my favourite dancer on the TV show Dance Moms. She left the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) at the end of the 4th series/season due to not being able to cope with treatment by the dance teacher Abby Lee Miller.  Now, Abby seems to like to pick on people (although she claims everything she does is for the good of her dancers) but Chloe seemed to become a particular target, largely because Abby doesn't like Chloe's mum Christi. One incident that I thought was particularly nasty was when Abby refused to call Chloe by her name and instead referred to her as "that girl over there" or something similar. It seemed dehumanising to me.

I think that regardless of how you feel about your students' parents, you should never bring it into class and take it out on the students. Last year they showed the UK version of the show (called Dance Mums) with actress, dancer and singer Jennifer Ellison as the teacher. When Jennifer had a problem with one of the mums s…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is I Wanna Love You Forever by American singer Jessica Simpson. It was her first single and was released in 1999 in America and early 2000 in the UK.

I Wanna Love You Forever is one of my favourite Jessica songs. Another one is Irresistible, which I posted about as part of my Top 10 Female Solo Singers (Jessica is No 8):

1000 Songs 876-909

Time for the latest instalment in thr 1000 Songs In A Year Challenge. There are over 30 songs so it's longer list today. I've been listening to be a bit more music lately because it's coming to the end of the challenge. I've listened to over 900 songs now!

876. Madonna- Living For Love
877. Jess Glynne- Hold My Hand
878. Nick Jonas- Jealous
879. Kelly Clarkson- Heartbeat Song
880. Korn- Never Never
881. Conor Maynard- Talking About

882. Tum Mile- Dil Ibadat Kar Rha Hai (Bollywood)

883. Tinashe- F*ckin Wit Me
884. Nick Jonas feat. Tinashe- Jealous (Remix) (Unlike the original, this song is explicit)
885. Nick Jonas feat. Jhene Aiko- Chains (Remix)

886. Pia Mia feat. G-Eazy- F*ck With U (Remix)*
887. Pia Mia- My Bae

*Listen to the original here (Explicit):

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Feint by Epica. They are a Dutch symphonic metal band who were founded by Mark Jansen, previously a guitarist in the band After Forever. Mark left After Forever in 2002 and decided to form his own band. Originally the female vocalist for Epica (which was then named Sahara Dust) was Helena Michaelson but she left and Simone Simons (who was dating Mark at the time) replaced her. The other members of the band were guitarist Ad Sluijter, keyboardist Coen Jansson, drummer Jereon Simons and bassist Yves Huts.

Epica released their first full-length album The Phantom Agony and their debut single of the same name in 2003. Since then they have released 6 albums, including Consign To Oblivion (2005) and Design Your Universe (2009) and 11 singles, which include Feint, Unleashed which came out in 2009 and Forevermore, released in 2012. Their music tends to deal with religious and spiritual themes and current events.

Past members of Epica include drummers Dennis Leeflang and Iw…

Dance Moms- Asia vs JoJo

The latest series of Dance Moms is back on in the UK (Series/Season 5) and a new dancer who has joined the show is JoJo. She's not a permanent member of the team but Abby has her do solos some weeks. JoJo has a unique style, very showy. I thought it would be good to do a post on her and former ALDC dancer Asia.

For more on Asia (full name Asia Monet Ray) visit this post:

This is her solo Too Hot To Handle.

JoJo (full name Joelle Siwa) originally appeared on the spin-off show Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. She is 11 years old and her best styles of dance are jazz and hip hop. Her mother is Jessalynn, who owns a dance studio called Just Dance Co in Omaha, Nebraska.

In the episodes I've seen so far Jojo doesn't quite fit into the group dances but does better with solos. She has a very strong personality, which comes through in her dancing. She was brought in as a guest on the elite competition team.

Here …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is The Boatman by Celtic Legend. It's from their album Lyonesse which came out in 2007. I like this song, along with Sweet Rosemary which I posted about previously. (Click the Celtic Legend link for more on the group and to see the Sweet Rosemary video). :)