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New Unexpected

We're finally getting the new season of the reality TV series Unexpected in the UK! Season 3 was shown in the US last summer , and I wondered when we'd get it here. I don't have any online streaming services so thought I'd just watch clips on YouTube, lol. However it's now starting here in early March. Similar to the popular MTV franchise Teen Mom , Unexpected focuses on teen parents. The first series featured 3 couples expecting babies- Lily Bennett and her boyfriend James Kennedy who have daughter Aaliyah, now 2;  Mckayla Adkins and partner Caelan Morrison who have son Timothy, also known as Timmy (and now daughter Gracelynn , born in January 2019), and  Lexus Scheller and boyfriend Shayden Massey who have daughter Scarlett. Season 2 saw the departure of Lilly and the addition of 3 new pregnant girls and their partners- Laura Barron and her boyfriend (now husband) Tylor Stawmyor who have son Lucas (and have since had another baby , a 2nd son, who is named Leo),

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Boyfriend, the brand new single by Swedish/British singer Mabel . She released her debut studio album High Expectations last summer, but I think this is a stand alone single. The video premiered today. I like Mabel's new blue hair (my favourite colour!). :) Want more Mabel? Check out these links:   Upcoming Album Releases- BANKS  and Mabel: Loneliest Time of the Year (Christmas single):

New Music for 2020- Part 3

I've previously written two posts all about new music for the new year, and since we're still only in the 2nd month, today I'm featuring a few more new releases for 2020! :) Read the other two posts at the links below: New Music for 2020- Part 1: New Music for 2020- Part 2: KARD- RED MOON First up is Korean mixed gender/co-ed group KARD (also sometimes written as K.A.R.D) with their new song  RED MOON. It's from their 4th mini album of the same name, which was released on 12th February. Listen to a highlight medley from RED MOON here: Update 23/2/20 : And here's the Performance Video: Dus Bahane 2.0 from Baaghi 3 From K-pop to Bollywood! This is Dus Bahane 2.0 from the upcoming film Baaghi 3 . It's a new versio

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Mixed Emotions by British Nigerian singer Ezi Emela . It was released in November and has a nice, chilled vibe. For another Ezi song, check out the video for Chineke Meh:

MONSTA X Debut English Album

Sorry the post is late this week, I just realised I was behind a day, since I normally do the 2nd post on a Saturday! Bit of a stressful time lately. Never mind. :) Korean boyband Monsta X (sometimes also written as MONSTA X) have just released their debut English language album, ALL ABOUT LUV. It came out on Friday (on Valentine's Day appropriately!).  The groups has released 3 Korean studio albums ,7 Korean  EPs and 2 Japanese albums  to date. I heard about their English album a while and I'm sure many English speaking fans have been looking forward to it! Although I'm (obviously) a K-pop fan, it is nice to hear songs by them in my first/native language. :) Sadly the group is down a member with Wonho leaving in October . ALL ABOUT LUV contains 11 tracks (12 on the Extended Version which includes I.M.s rap version of BESIDE YOU). As you can tell by the album title all the songs are written in caps. And as you can tell the songs are all about love! This is a good albu

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is LA CANCION by J Balvin and Bad Bunny. J Balvin (real name José Álvaro Osorio Balvín) is a Colombian reggaeton singer whose breakthrough single was 6am, which he and Puerto Rican singer Farruko   released in October 2013. He's probably best known worldwide for the single Mi Gente ("My People" in Spanish), which he and French DJ and record producer Willy William released in June 2017. J Balvin brought out his debut album Real in 2010 and has since released 4 more solo albums- El Negocio (2011), La Familia (2013), Energia (2016) and Vibras (2018). In June he brought out the collaborative album Oasis with Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny (real name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio) is a Latin trap and reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico. He started out releasing music on Soundcloud and had his breakthrough with the singles Diles in 2016. In December 2018 he released his debut album X100Pre. He has also teamed up with J Balvin and American rapper Cardi B f

Bollywood Dance Videos- Street Dancer 3D

I recently shared my first dance videos post of the year. You can read that here: Today I'm featuring some Bollywood dance videos. I kept coming across videos for choreographies to songs from the new Bollywood film Street Dancer 3D , so today's post is Street Dancer themed! :) Muqabla Song  by Sharma Sisters First up is a dance by the Sharma Sisters to Muqabla from Street Dancer. The Sharma Sisters are Tanya and Kritika and they are actresses from India. Muqabla is a new version of the one from the 1994 Kollywood (Tamil language) film Kadhalan . The movie has also been released in Tollywood (Telugu) as Premikudu and Bollywood (Hindi) as Hum Se Hai Muqabala. Watch the videos for the original versions below: Mukkala Mukkabla (Tamil): Muqabala Muqabla (Hindi): Mukalla Mukabula (Telugu):

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Now by K-TIGERS ZERO . They are a 12 member co-ed group from South Korea. The members are leader Junhee (full name Jung Jun Hee),  Hyungkun (Oh Hyung Kun), Taemi (real name Kim Kyeongsuk, Taejoo (full name Na Taejoo), Kangmin (Lee Kang Min), Yiseul (Park Yi Seul), Yoonji (Jung Yoon Ji) , Sungjin (Ha Sung Jin), Minji (Cho Min ji/also known as Mindy Cho), Hyunmin (Byun Hyun Min), Gunwoo (Kang Gun Woo) and Youjin (Kim You Ji). Eunjae (Han Eun Jae) was also a member prior to their debut.* K-TIGERS Zero are unique because they are from the K-Tigers taekwondo demo team and started out doing K-pop dance cover.  K-TIGERS Zero is the debut project group.  They also stand out being a co-ed group. (Most Korean groups are either all male or all female). They debuted in  September with the songs Now and Side Kick. Their 1st mini album was released on 19th September. The group also does K-pop dance covers. Now is my favourite out of their debut songs. I like the chilled

New Music for 2020- Part 2

 Hope your year and decade is going well so far! :)  The other week I did a post featuring new music for 2020. You can view that here: Now here is Part 2 with more new music for the start of the year! :) Alina Baraz- Trust First  of all here is Trust, a new song by American singer Alina Baraz . It's an audio and was uploaded on 20th January. If you watch the video on YouTube you can see the lyrics in the description. :) Lolo Zouai- Desert Rose (Official video) Next is the official video for French/Algerian American singer Lolo Zouai's single Desert Rose. The song was originally released (or at least uploaded online) in 2018 and I first heard it last year. You can listen to the audio and read more about the story behind the song here: Desert Rose (which is from Lolo's 2019 album High Highs to High Lows) has now been re