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More Hallowe'en Films + TV

Hallowe'en is coming up again! So in honour of that, here's a spooky themed post. :) Last year I did a Hallowe'en faves and round-up post, you can read that here:

Two years ago I posted about Hallowe'en films, you can find that in the round-up post or here:

So today I thought I'd do a follow post on more scary films. As with last year I've tried to avoid spoilers but there are a couple. Unless otherwise stated all video clips are trailers. :)

The Disappeared (2008)

This is a British horror about teenage boy Matthew (played by Harry Treadaway, twin of Luke) who has recently returned home from a mental hospital. He suffered a breakdown after the disappearance of his little brother Tom, who is believed to be dead. Matthew tries to piece his life back together and heal his relationship with his dad (Greg Wise) but he starts to see an…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for Evanescence's new single Imperfection. It was released this month and is from their new album Synthesis, which is due out on 10th November.

It's been quite a while since Evanescence have released anything. They went on hiatus in late 2012 and then had problems with their record label. Their last album was Evanescence in 2011. Synthesis will be the band's 4th studio album.

Please note that the song contains some explicit lyrics. (Just one line but thought I'd should mention it). :)

Check out another Evanescence video here:

More World Music

Sorry this weekend's post is later; I started it yesterday but got behind with things. :)

Last year I did two world music round-up posts. This is an update about the more recent world music posts I've done. I haven't listed it all by country this time, just under different genres. So if you're a fan of music from different countries around the world then you should enjoy it. :)

Here are the original two posts from summer 2016:


Era Istrefi:

Nora Istrefi and Robert Berisha:

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Deserve by Chinese Canadian singer Kris Wu featuring American rapper Travis Scott. Kris was a member of Korean/Chinese boyband EXO  before going solo. I think this is his 4th English language single.

Deserve was released this month and reached No. 1 on the American iTunes chart.

African Music

I've done quite a few posts about Asian music (mainly J-pop and K-pop) and also Turkish, so today I'm featuring some African artists. :)

Tiwa Savage

First up here are a couple of songs from Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage.

This is All Over which was released in May.

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is No I Love Yous by Kosovar (Kosovoan Albanian) singer Era Istrefi and featuring Moroccan/American rapper French Montana. It's sung in English (Era's first language is Gheg Albanian) and was released on 29th September.

Istrefi sisters fan? (Era's big sister Nora is also a singer). Check out these posts:

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Nora (and her husband Robert Berisha):

New Koda Kumi Video + Bonus Vid

Koda Kumi has a new video for single HUSH. It's her 61st (!) single and is from her latest album W FACE ~inside/W FACE ~outside. W FACE is Koda's 13th studio album and her first double album release.*

HUSH is part of Kumi's of her 2017 trilogy of single releases (reminds me of JoJo's Tringle) and is the second release. The first was LIT this summer (see below) and the third is scheduled to come out in December. They only had limited physical releases at venues for Koda's ~W FACE~ live tour and through her fan club and was sold online on the music site mu mo.

HUSH came out on 4th October. This is a full length video which is good.  Avex (her record company) don't always upload full ones.

Weekly Music Video

BANKS has a new single out called Underdog. I recently bought it on iTunes. It's a good song, more R'n'B than some of her recent ones, I think. It has been described as electropop but it sounds to me like it's got an R'n'B beat as well. She growls on it, which is interesting (because she's signing about an underdog, I presume)!

Underdog isn't from her latest album The Altar (released a year ago), it's a stand alone single. There isn't a video, just an audio but I'll update if there's a video in future. :) It came out on 28th September.

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