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Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Habibi Ya Nour El Ain  by Egyptian singer Amr Diab. Amr (full name Amr Abdul-Basset- Abdul-Azeez Diab) is one of the most popular Egyptian and Arabic singers and has won the World Music Awards twice. His music is geel pop, with elements of rai, flamenco and Western pop. He's been credited with creating his own musical style , which is called "Mediterranean music". Amr's career spans 30 years, he released his first album Ya Tareea in 1983 and to date has released 28 albums (including a singles collection)! Two of the most successful are Nour El Ain (Light Of The Eye) which was released in 1996 and Aktar Wahed (2001). Nour El Ain is from the album of the same name. It's one of Amr's most successful songs worldwide and an English version called Habibi was also released. I've often danced to it at haflas! Watch the video on YouTube to see a translation for the lyrics.

Update 8/6/16: There doesn't appear to be an English translation on…

Anggun Lyrics Project

Here are the lyrics for Hide and Run from Elevation. Again mostly done by me but I also used AZ Lyrics for help. The French version of this is Tentation (Temptation).

Hide and Run

Verse 1

Are you hiding something..I don't know?
A guilty look's enough to tell me
Do you want me to push you more and more?
Suspicion in my mind allows me
Why can't you just tell what I should know?
Whenever you deny it hurts me
Don't you try to blame it on my ego
Suspicion in my mind allows me


What's the point of lying?
Don't you know it's getting worse?
Visions in my mind are going to make me burst
Why you holding back information you should say to my face?
What you gonna do when you can no more hide and run?

I will chase you down unless you say it all
This can go painless for sh- should know
I- I- I will chase you down unless you say it all
Say it say it all
Say say say it all

Verse 2

Always be this difference between us
God, you're really good at denying
Really tired of f…

Weekly Music Video

Today it's Angels by Within Temptation. They are a Dutch metal/rock band, their earlier music has been described as gothic metal but they consider themselves a "melodic, symphonic rock" band with different influences. Within Temptation was formed in 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and her boyfriend guitarist Robert Westerholt. They were joined by other members of Robert's previous band The Circle (now Voyage), bass guitarists Jeroen van Veen, guitar player Michiel Papenhove, keyboardist Martijn Westerholt (Robert's brother) and drummer Dennis Leeflang. The current members are Sharon, lead guitarist Ruud Jolie, Jeroen, drummer Mike Coolen, keyboard player Martijn Spierenburg, who replaced drummer Stephen van Haestregt in 2010 and guitar player Stefan Hellenblad, who joined the band in 2011, after Robert decided he wanted to focus more on producing and writing rather than performing live. Other past members are Ivan de Graaf, Richard Willemse, Marius van Pyreen, C…

Anggun Lyrics Project

Here's another post as part of the Anggun Lyrics Project for her album Elevation. Here are the lyrics for Give it to love. They're mostly done by me but I used AZ Lyrics for help. The French version of this song is Cette nuit (Tonight).

Give It To Love


Fly your mind to this fantasy
Take your body and move with me..tonight
Give it to love
Oooh oooh ooooh

Verse 1

Feel all around
Hear the sound
Close your eyes
Taste the night
Don't care about anything or anyone outside (yeah)

No boundaries
Trust in me
Can't you see?
I only wanna have your body next to me...
And set you free


Take me to the higher ground
You can take me higher (ah ah)
Repeat x4

Verse 2

Get (?) from my lips
All you can keep (?)
Take anything at any time, why don't you please?

No telling lies justifies
Want you till night is through
Show me every single thing a man can do
All you can do


Do what you wanna do
It's better take your time
Let you do

Weeky Music Video

This week it's Oasis by Tarja Turunen, ex Nightwish member and solo singer. Tarja was basically kicked out of the band in 2005 and went on to launch a solo career. She is a classically trained soprano singer and also plays the piano. Oasis is from her second solo album My Winter Storm (2007) and is in Finnish (Tarja's native language). It's a really nice song.

Visit Tarja's site at:

J-pop vs Bollywood

I thought I'd do something different for the "vs" category! Today I'm posting two songs that use similar music and beats from J-pop and Bollywood.

Update 14/9/18: Videos are now blocked from being shown on third party applications. If you click on the videos you can watch them fine on YouTube. :)

 The first one is the song Want Me, Want Me by Japanese singer Namie Amuro. It was released as a single in 2005 and was on her third compliation album BEST FICTION (2008). According to Wikipedia it features a sitar sample.

The second one is the song Aa Khushi Se Khudkhusi Kar Le from the 2007 Bollywood film DarlingFardeen Khan stars in the film as Aditya ("Adit"), who is married to Ashwini (Isha/Eesha Koppikar) but having an affair with his secretary Geeta (Esha Deol). When Geeta gets pregnant and refuses to abort the baby, she and Aditya fight and he accidentally kills her. Geeta's ghost then starts haunting him, intent on getting revenge. The video is a…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is for You & Me, the latest single by Disclosure. It's one of my current favourite songs and it features Eliza Doolittle. Disclosure's debut album Settle is out now.

For more on Eliza and a video of the Piano version of You & Me, visit her site:

Anggun Lyrics Project

Here's another song from Anggun's album Elevation. This one is called Stronger and features Big Ali, an American rapper based in France. The French version is Plus forte (Stronger).

Update 22/11/14: The original video I posted is gone, so here's a link to a new one:

There are also lyrics on this video, they're slightly different to mine. :)

Stronger  feat. Big Ali

Big Ali:

You see a lot of these people
Can't understand when you trying to do better for yourself
A lot of times they wanna bring you down
A lot of times they wanna hate on you
But they can't understand
That  makes us stronger
Anggun, let's go!

Verse 1

Big Ali: Wanna break me down?
Wanna break me down
Wanna tear me up?
Wanna tear me up
Wanna scream and shout?
Wanna scream and shout (Anggun, come on)
Well you can try

Wanna let me down
Wanna leave me out?
Wanna leave me out
Wanna push me round?
Wanna push me round
Go head and try
Wanna show your pride (?)
Wanna push me out…