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Weekly Music Video

Since it's Hallowe'en tomorrow, here is a spooky themed video! It's Korean girl group Red Velvet's RBB (Really Bad Boy). It's from their 5th mini album of the same name and came out in November last year. The video features the girls being chased by a really bad boy (a werewolf)! Happy Hallowe'en! :) For more spooky inspiration check out these posts: Hallowe'en Faves + Round-up: Hallowe'en Inspiration: World Horror for Hallowe'en:

World Horror for Hallowe'en

Hallowe'en is coming up next week! In previous years I've done themed posts. You can check out last years here: Hallowe'en Inspiration: This year I decided to feature some horror films from around the world. Unless otherwise stated, videos are trailers. :) Hong Kong Dumplings (2004) Please note: This film contains themes that may disturb some people. Former actress Mrs. Li ( Miriam Chin Wah Yeung ) feels that life is passing her by, she fears losing her looks and her husband is having an affair. So she goes to mysterious local chef Aunt Mei (played by Bai Ling ) for help. Mei's speciality is dumplings which have amazing rejuvenation powers. But they have a secret ingredient that Mrs. Li could never have imagined.... Spoilers below! Dumplings was a originally a segment in the horror compilation Three...Extremes and got expanded into its own movie. I haven't seen Three...

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Don't Get Me Started by singer Pia Mia , rapper Gunna and DJ and music producer Carnage . It came out on 2nd October. This isn't a proper music video, but I'll update the post if one gets uploaded. Please note that the song is explicit. :) For more Pia check out these posts: F*ck With U: Do It Again feat. Chris Brown and Tyga: Includes Feel Up with YG:  

J-pop and K-pop Round-up 2019 + New Videos

A year ago I did a round-up of J-pop posts on the blog. You can view that post here: This year I'm doing a round-up of J-pop and K-pop posts for 2019 so far, plus some new videos. :) J-pop New Music for 2019- J-pop: New J-pop and K-pop Releases (includes Jun, BananaLemon and J Soul Brothers) :  Utada Hikaru feat. Yo-sea- Too Proud Remix audio: New Music Releases (includes BananaLemon's #Slaysian)   Yo-Sea- LOOK AT ME NOW music video: THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE- SWAG & PRIDE:

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Nesër by Albanian singer Young Zerka featuring Anila Mimani . It's a reggae style song and came out in June. Note: This video is blocked from playing on 3rd party applications, but you can view it fine on YouTube. :) Also check out Young Zerka's latest single  Money, with Eri Dee . It was released on 11th October: Want more Albanian music? Check out these posts: Albanian Music feature: Era and Nora Istrefi- Nuk E Di video: Dhurata Dora- Jake Jake: Elvana Gjata feat. Ty Dolla $ign- Off Guard (English):

New J.Lo and JoJo Music

Two singers I like, Jennifer Lopez and JoJo have new music out, so today I'm sharing it on the blog! Jennifer Lopez- Baila Conmigo First up is Jennifer Lopez, whose new song is the Spanish language Baila Conmigo (Dance with Me). It's a cover of the 2018 single by Dayvi featuring Kelly Ruiz . Watch the video with the original mix here: Baila Conmigo (J.Lo version) came out on 10th October. This is an audio but if there's a music video later, I'll update the post. :) Want more J.Lo? Check out these posts: Spanish language songs: Dame Lyrics and Translation: Video for Amor, Amor, Amor: Spanish song Al Anillo and Dinero: 50th bday post:

Weekly Music Video

Haven't posted any J-pop in a little while, so here's some today! This is SWAG & PRIDE, the latest single by Japanese boyband THE RAMPAGE from  EXILE TRIBE . It came out last month and is from their upcoming second album The Riot, due out in Japan on 30th October. Note:  Avex videos are blocked from being shown on third party applications. If you click on the video you can watch it fine on YouTube. :) Want more J-pop? Check out these links: Girls vs Boys- E-girls and THE RAMPAGE: New Music for 2019- J-pop: New J-pop and K-pop Releases: Utada Hikaru feat. Yo-sea- Too Proud Remix audio: Yo-Sea- LOOK AT ME NOW music video:

World Dance Videos + Round-up

I last did a round-up of dance videos on the blog in 2017, so I thought it was time for a new one. I'm also featuring some new videos of dances from around the world. You can read the last round-up post here: Fist of all here is the round--up of posts from 2018 onwards. Belly dance + Bollywood Includes a belly dance/Bollywood fusion choreography and dances from Hate Story IV: Belly + Bollywood Dance Videos: Bollywood Dance Videos: There are also more belly dance and Bollywood videos under the Various category (see below). Dance TV Shows Dance Moms Girls Updates- Part 1: Dance Moms Girls Updates- Part 2:

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Indigo, the latest song by Indonesian singer NIKI .  It came out in August and is the first single off the upcoming compilation album Head in Clouds II by the American media company 88rising . The album is set for release on 11th October. For another song by NIKI visit this post: And for another 88rising artist, check out this post which features Chinese singer Lexie Liu: