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Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Falling by Carine. She is a singer from Chisinau , the capital of Moldova who started out in a children's band and  has taken part in several music competitions and festivals. She released her first single Magique in late 2017 and also featured on DJ Sava's song Sea lo que sea. Falling was released in September and was chosen to represent Moldova in the BalkanVision Song Contest 21 (inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest ) in December. It's an English language song. For more on Carine visit these links: Official FB page: Instagram: Want more Eastern and Central European music? Check out these links: Cat Music: Elena Risteska- Millionjer (Macedonian): Aminata- Love Injected (Lativa's 2015 Eurovision entry):

Dance Videos

Time for the first dance videos post of the year! (And the decade!). Today I'm featuring a variety of dance styles. :) Daret El Ayam by Bonita First up is some belly dance. This is a dance to Daret El Ayam by Bonita, a dancer who I know personally. :) It's a classical style dance inspired by the stars of the Golden Era and the modern dancer Serena Ramzy . The video was uploaded last month.   Follow Bonita here: And check out more belly dance here: Veil dance class by Janelle Jalila Isis: Bongyoung Park Sunflower Choreography This is a choreography by Bongyung Park to the song Sunflower by American rappers and singers Post Malone and Swae Lee . The song is from the 2018 film Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse . Bongyoung is a choreographer and videographer from South Korea. Watch the music video for Sunflower here:

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is M'ke rrejt by Butrint Imeri . He is a German born Albanian singer and dancer who started his career in Germany, and debuted in Albania in April 2015 with the single Ki me lyp featuring Real &Blunt . Some of his other songs are Merre zemren tem, Eja Eja, Delicious with Eleni Foureira , Xhanem and DREAM GIRL.  M'ke rrejt was released in December. For more on Butrint visit these links: Official FB: Instagram: Video for Delicious with Eleni Foureira (Albanian born Greek singer who was Cyprus' 2018 Eurovision entry ): Want more Albanian music? Check out these posts: Albanian Music feature: Era and Nora Istrefi- Nuk E Di video: Dhurata Dora- Jake Jake: https://starsparklex.

New Music for 2020- Part 1

For the past two years I've done posts featuring new music for the new year. Now we're at the start of a new year once again (and a new decade) so here is some music for 2020! You can read the posts for 2018 and 2019 here: New Music for 2018- Part 1: New Music for 2018- Part 2: New Music for 2019:- J-pop: New Music for 2019- K-pop: New Music for 2019- Western: I will do a couple of posts and feature music in a variety of genres this time (last year I split them up), so here is Part 1. :) Niza x Young Zerka- LET ME THRU First up is LET ME THRU by Swiss producer Niza and Albanian reggae sing

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Playing Games by American singer Summer Walker and featuring Bryson Tiller . Summer is from Atlanta, Georgia and released her first single Girls Need Love in July 2018, followed by her debut commercial mixtape Last Day of Summer in October. A remix of Girls Need Love with Canadian rapper/singer Drake came out in February last year. In 2019 Summer released an EP called CLEAR  in January and her debut studio album Over It in October. She has also toured with American rapper/singer 6LACK . Playing Games is the first single from Over It and was released last August. It has nice, chilled vibes. If you're a  Destiny's Child fan you'll notice some familiar lyrics from their hit song Say My Name ! :) Note: Last year Summer cancelled her tour due to suffering from social anxiety and was treated horribly with people not believing her. I don't normally discuss these subjects on a music/entertainment blog, but as someone who has anxiety mys

C-pop Saturday

C-pop Saturday is a feature I started in 2018 and it became "semi-regular", since I only did 3 posts that year! Last year I did 5 which was better, lol. I plan to make this a regular feature during 2020, so here is the first C-pop Saturday post of the year! :) JJ Lin- Wonderland First up is Wonderland by Singaporean singer and songwriter JJ Lin . His full name is Lin Jun Jie Wayne and he is from a Kim-mui Hokkien family.* He released his debut album Music Voyager in 2003 and since then has brought out 12 more albums, including Haven (2004), Sixology, (2008), She Says (2010), Lost N Found (2011), Genesis (2014), From M.E. to Myself (2015) and Message in a Bottle (2017). I don't think he's released so many singles but there have been some such as Resurgence of Us, The right Time, Wonderland and his latest, The Story of Us. JJ Lin, who sings in Mandarin, Cantonese, English and his native dialect Hokkien, has written songs for  other artists, such as Taiwanese s

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Breathe Again by CORBYN . His birth name is Cory Hong (or Hong Joo-hyun) and he is a Korean American singer who used to be the leader of K-pop boyband 24K . CORBYN (who used to go by Cory professionally) was born in Daegu, South Korea and later moved to Oregon in the US where he grew up. He left 24K in January 2019, went solo in February and has released 7 digital singles to date, including M$D (Million Dollar dream), BlackWhite, Criminal and Breathe Again. He is also a producer, who produced 24k albums. He and his friend ZZOO run the music platform and brand 28 LABORATORY. Breathe Again was released in December and is self produced. It's an English language song. For more on CORBYN visit these links: Kprofiles: Instagram: Twitter: 28 LABORATORY YouTube channel:

New Teen Mom: YP + Teen Mom Australia

There's more Teen Mom coming to the UK for the start of 2020! First up is a new season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant , and then we'll get Teen Mom Australia later this month. Sometimes we get the new series straight after America but YP has taken longer to come here this time, since it started in the US in October. Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Young and Pregnant started last year, following in the footsteps of the original Teen Mom (itself a spin off of the American reality series 16 and Pregnant which followed pregnant teens), Teen Mom 2 and the short lived Teen Mom 3 . At the start it followed 5 girls- Lexi Tatman, Ashley Jones, Brianna Jaramillo, Jade Cline and Kayla Sessler. The show returned later in 2019 . Now it's back for S2  but there have been some changes. It was revealed a year ago that Lexi had been let go from YP and replaced by new girl Kiaya Elliot. I think it's a shame that we won't see her anymore. MTV reportedly felt that her storyline

Weekly Music Video

Hope everyone had a good New Year! Since yesterday was New Year's Day, I'm posting the Weekly Music Video on Thursday instead. :) The first video of the year is The Karma Theme from the Telugu and Tamil (Indian languages) bilingual thriller film U Turn , which was released last September. It's about intern journalist Rachana (played by Samantha , a leading South Indian actress) and crime reporter Aditya ( Rahul Ravindran ) who are investigating accidents due to illegal u-turns on a flyover and get drawn into a murder mystery. It's a remake of the 2016 Kannada language film of the same name. The Karma Theme is composed and sung by Anirudh Ravichander , son of Kollywood (Tamil) actor Ravi Raghavendra . Anirudh sang both versions and they were released in September. The video stars the actress Samantha. Telugu Here is the Telugu video: Tamil And here is the Tamil version: Follow Anirudh at these links: Official FB page: