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More Fave Female Solo Singers

Just over a year ago (I didn't realise it had been so long!) I did a post on my Top 10 Female Solo Singers. Now I thought I'd do a follow up post on more female solo singers I like. Hope you like it! :)

Namie Amuro

Namie (known as Namie Amuro or Amuro Name in the Japanese way with the surname first) is one of my favourite Japanese singers, along with Koda Kumi (see Top 10 Female Solo Singers post). She's had a long running career, starting out with the girl group Super Monkey's in the early 90s and then releasing solo singles from 1995 onwards.

Her latest album is _genic which came out last June. It's her 12th studio solo album and her first with mostly English songs. I have it and my favourite song is Golden Touch. You can watch videos from _genic here:

Namie's latest single is Red Carpet (her 41st solo single). It has a B-side, the song Black Make Up and was released in December.

Here's the video for Red Carpet. It's not the full version since Namie's record company Avex don't always release full music videos.


Hadise is a Turkish Belgian singer (from Belgium but with Turkish heritage) who I featured in my post Singer of The Month back in 2011. (I was going to do one each month but I later changed my mind, I think because I started featuring music videos every week instead). I discovered her through Eurovision. Check out my original post on her here:

Her last album was Tavisye (Advice) which was released in 2014 and has spawned several No 1 singles in Turkey,  Nerdesin Aşkım, Prenses (Princess( and Yaz Günu.  Her latest single is Bu Aralar, which is also on Tavisye.

This is Bu Aralar. It's my fave song from Tavisye. :) The video was uploaded in January; I hadn't seen it before today.


BANKS (real name Jillian Banks) is an American singer who to date has released 2 EPs, Fall Over and LONDON (both 2013) and 1 solo album, GODDESS (2014). I have both of these and they're good. :) BANKS has brought out 5 singles including Warm Water, Brain, Drowning, Beggin For Thread and her latest, Better.

Here's Warm Water which came out in May 2013 and is on the deluxe version of GODDESS.


Ameriie (full name Amerie Mi Marie Rogers and formerly known professionally as Amerie) is an American singer. Her mum is Korean and her dad is African American. She was born in Washington in America but also lived in South Korea for 3 years and other places as well due to her dad's military career.

Ameriie released her debut single Why Don't We Fall in Love in July 2002 and her debut album All I Have the same month. Both single and album were a success but it was her 4th single 1 Thing (released in January 2005) which really launched her career. It's her most successful single to date, reaching No 8 in the US Billboard Chart and No 1 in the US R'n'B Chart. It was No 4 in the UK Singles Chart. There was also a remix featuring rapper Eve. 1 Thing is from the film Hitch and was the first single from Amerie's second album Touch.  She brought our 2 other singles from Touch; the title song and Talkin' About.

Ameriie has released 4 albums altogether, her others are Because I Love It (2007) and In Love and War (2009). Her other singles include I'm Coming Out (from the film Maid in Manhattan), Take Control, Gotta Work, Why R U and Pretty Brown featuring singer Trey Songz and What I Want.  She has been working on a project called BILI (Because I Love It Volume II) and What I Want is on that. I'm not sure whether it's an album or an EP. She's also been working on her 5th studio album Cymatika Vol. 1.

A year ago Ameriie released new singles OUT LOUD (with her friend and producer Rich Harrision) and Mustang, both of which you can hear on her official Soundcloud:

She has also appeared on singles with other artists including Paradise with American rapper LL Cool J, I Don't Care with  Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin and American rapper Fat Joe and a new version of Take Control with Korean singer Se7en.

In addition to singing, Amerrie has acted in the film First Daughter (2004), writes books and runs a YouTube channel called Books Beauty Ameriie.

My favourite Ameriie albums are Touch and Because I Love It. I also like In Love and War and one of my fave songs from that album is Why R U. It was released as a single in June 2009, although I don't think it actually came out in the UK.

Christina Milian

Christina Milian (birth name Christine Flores) is an American singer and actress who started a career as a host on the Disney Channel but became really known after featuring on rapper Ja Rule's hit single Between Me and You in 2000. She also co-wrote Jennifer Lopez's single Play and sang backing vocals on it. She went on to sign a record deal with Def Soul (an offshoot of Def Jam) and released her debut single Am To PM in July 2001. AM To PM was successful in many countries.

Christina released her debut self titled album here in the UK on October 2001. It did fairly well here and also in Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan and France but its release was postponed in the US due to September the 11th. I wasn't sure if it ever did get released in rhe US but according to Wikipedia, it did eventually, in 2004. When You Look At Me was the second single from Christina Milan outside the US and was another hit for Christina.

In April 2004 she released the single Dip It Low which is one of her most successful singles to date, reaching high positions in charts worldwide. The American rapper Fabolous features on the song (although his verse isn't in the video) and there's also a remix with American rapper Shawnna. I just read on Wikipedia that there's another remix with German rapper Samy Deluxe that was released in a few European countries. Will have to check that out.

Dip It Low is from Christina's second album It's About Time which was actually her first American one. It was released in July 2004. The second single from the album was Whatever U Want featuring rapper Joe Budden. Her last album release was So Amazin' in 2006. The only single from the album was Say I featuring rapper Young Jeezy.

Christina has featured on a few other singles including It's All Gravy with British rapper Romeo from So Solid Crew and Start A Fire with her current boyfriend, American rapper Lil' Wayne. Her latest release is the EP 4U which came out in December. Rebel is the first single from 4U.

Christina's acting and TV career has also taken off. Her films include Love Don't Cost a Thing (2003), Man Of The House (2005), Pulse (the 2006 remake of the Japanese movie), Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (2009), Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (the 2009 sequel to Bring It On) and Baggage Claim (2013). She's also appeared in TV shows such as Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, Cousin Skeeter, Smallville and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and starred in the TV movies Christmas Cupid (2010) and A Snow Globe Christmas (2013).
In 2015 she starred in reality TV show Christina Milian Turned Up, along with her mother Carmen and sisters Liz and Danielle.

 Here's the video for Dip It Low, my favourite Christina song.

That's it for now! There are more singers I like, so I may do another post later. :) Who are your favourite female solo singers?


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